The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 355 - TAE 355

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 355

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    Chapter 355

    When he looked at her words in the letter, cautiously asking for my approval of her request to stay a little longer, he felt bitter, but my bitterness melted away the moment he read her next sentence. Although it has been almost ten years since he got married, it was very hard for him to hear from her that she still loved me.

    After smacking his mouth a bit, Rublis put the silver stationery back into the folder and took out a new quill pen and blue stationery from the drawer. He already sent a reply to her latest letter, but he had nothing else to do today because he put off his official schedule until tomorrow. Besides, he had to keep the promise that he had made on the day he discovered that she was pregnant with Diana.

    He quickly skimmed over what he wrote, then crumpled it without any reservation.

    ‘This is not the way I can convey my feelings to her.’

    He again dipped the quill pen into the ink.

    Don’t worry about Diana. She is doing well. Today, she woke me up early in the morning, begging me to allow her to play with Gradis.

    By the way, Tia. Diana is now seven years old. Can I let her play with a boy? Actually, I don’t like Gradis. He is Carsein’s son, but his name is similar to Verita Jr’s name…>

    He again crumpled the letter after writing it, then put down the quill pen with a sigh. He really couldn’t complete the letter because what he wrote reflected his honest feelings about her fully. Of course, as he gave her a bunch of letters reflecting his affection for her, he had nothing to hide at this point. But he felt uncomfortable about expressing his jealousy of Carsein and Allendis in the letter.

    He leaned against the chair, squeezing his dry eyes with his fingers. When he was with her, time flew like an arrow, but he was so bored for the past month, which seemed to pass so slowly.

    ‘Can I just go there and bring her back to the palace?’

    Suddenly he even thought as far as that. His reason was shouting at him that he should not leave the capital and leave Dia behind who was still very young, but his complicated thoughts strongly tempted him to leave for her estate right away.

    When he was troubled by this growing confusion in his mind, the Lord Chamberlain knocked on the door and came in, “Your Majesty, Marquis Penril, is asking to see you. What shall I do? ”

    “Let him in.”

    Swallowing sigh, he replied. A little later, a man in a white uniform came in and bowed deeply, “I, Isteron la Penril, am honored to see you, the Sun of the empire.”

    “Come on in, Marquis Penril. What business brought you here?”

    When he asked in an embarrassed tone because of his confused thoughts a little while ago, he hesitated for a moment and said with a hardened expression, “Your Majesty, I have something to tell you.”

    “Please go ahead.”

    “I’m sorry, Your Majesty. In fact, I could not tell you early on because the empress issued a gag order, but I want to let you know that she already left the estate two days ago…”

    “What did you just say? Did the empress leave the estate?”

    “I heard she left two days ago, so I think she might have arrived in the capital by now…Your Majesty?”

    What the heck?

    He sprang to his feet, then ran out of the room, ignoring Marquis Penril’s urgent calling.

    ‘Gag order? How could she play such a trick without letting me know?’

    In fact, he even thought of running to her estate to escort her back because he could not stand waiting for her anymore.

    Watching him darting out of the palace, the palace affairs people hastily showed due manners, but he picked up his pace, totally ignoring them, and got out of the Central Palace. He didn’t care when they hastily followed him for his security. Only Marquis Penril’s words that she had probably arrived in the capital by now were hovering into his head.

    By the time he picked up his pace and began to run, he saw a strong wall that separated the outer palace and inner one at a distance. Since it was still in the afternoon, the gate was still open, so he was trying to rush through it when he suddenly stopped him. Somebody was emerging from the shadow of the wall.

    “Your Majesty?”


    “How did you know? I was going to surprise you. By the way, why does your face look so pale? Are you sick?”

    When he saw her rushing to him and examining his condition carefully, he realized that his wife that he missed so dearly was back. He immediately pulled her and held her in his arms. His nervousness and anxiety went away when he basked in the gentle lavender scent of her body.

    Only then did he feel fully relax.

    “Your Majesty?”

    “How come…”

    “… ? ”

    “Didn’t I tell you that you’re my breath? Never leave me alone again, please.”

    She remained silent for a moment while he was rambling, then patted his back gently as if to comfort him. He tightened his arms holding her, for fear he might lose her, then whispered,

    “I missed you more and more as time passed by, and I thought I was going to die like this. If you had come back even one day later, I would have stomped out of the palace to your place.”

    “Your Majesty.”

    “I missed you, Tia. I am afraid that one month without you was too long for me, so I was afraid I would never see another tomorrow. Don’t leave me so lonely again, please. ”

    “Okay. I’m so sorry, Your Majesty. I should have sent you a message in advance. I was narrow-minded.”

    While she found it rather uncomfortable because of his tight hugging, she gave him apologies instead of trying to get out of his arms.

    “In fact, as soon as I got your reply, I packed my luggage, but I had more things to pack than I thought. I’m sorry, Rube. I wish I had come a bit earlier…”

    Was it because he calmed down a bit?

    When he saw her offering sincere apologies nervously, he began to conjure up all kinds of feelings that he had felt for the past one month.

    He gently relaxed his grip on her arms and looked down at her, who kept babbling.

    Her warm golden eyes, straight silver eyebrows, and pink lips that looked very attractive.

    Looking at her lovely figure after a long time, he recalled his vow last night that he would confine her to the bedroom for several days and make love to her, which again made him have an erection. Strongly holding back the sexual urge, he whispered into her ears, “Are you really sorry?”

    “Yes, Your Majesty.”

    “Well, don’t you think you should apologize properly instead of paying lip service to me?”

    “Apologize properly?”

    When he looked at her who was asking him curiously, the fatigue that he had accumulated seemed to disappear all at once. He smiled at the dramatic change in his mood, but he hid his sexual drive by disguising his uncontrollable laughter with a gentle smile.

    “Let’s talk about it slowly. Shall we go in first? You must have been exhausted from a long journey.”

    “Pardon? Ah, yes, Your Majesty.”

    “Thank you guys for escorting her here safely. I’m going to reward you for your excellent job tomorrow. So, go back and take a rest,” he told the royal knights in charge of her security.

    Then he moved toward the empress’s palace with his arms around his lovely wife’s shoulders.

    He felt like he could have a sound sleep tonight…In various aspects.