The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 347 - TAE 347

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 347

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    Chapter 347

    I woke up when I felt tickled and floated in the air. Someone was slowly sweeping my disheveled hair. I unwittingly smiled because he was stroking my hair carefully as if he was touching a valuable artwork. I felt really good because I felt he treated me so preciously.

    While I was tossing and turning in a dreamlike condition, I opened my eyes, surprised by the feel of his strong muscles that I felt through his thin pajamas.

    Where am I now? Who the hell dares to lie on my side… Ah.

    “Did you have a good sleep, Tia? Good morning. ”

    Since it was early in the morning, his voice was somewhat subdued and soft. My face blushed suddenly when I saw his warm blue eyes up close.

    I hurriedly looked down and hid my face under the blanket. As I was very embarrassed, I couldn’t meet his eyes face to face.

    I felt a bit relieved under the blanket when he pulled me into his arms strongly, removing the blanket and revealing my face again.

    Looking at me mischievously, he said, kissing my temple gently, “Honey, you’re so cute!”

    “Your Majesty.”

    “Didn’t I tell you to call me Rube when you’re alone with me? You called me Rube well last night. Did you forget it already?”

    “Your Majesty!”

    Although I screamed not to think about last night, I already found myself recalling what happened last night. I felt heated up, recalling that he teased me several times when I hesitated to call him Rube. Even though I called his nickname repeatedly, he kept pressing me to repeat it, as if he didn’t hear me.

    So, I called his name several times, moaning in unbearable sexual pleasure. On such occasions, he hugged me more tightly and licked my wet eyes.

    ‘Oops! Hey, wake up, Aristia. What are you thinking about in the morning?’

    Barely pulling myself together, I raised my aching body, he stopped for a moment while reaching out to me with a smile. I noticed him making a little frown, so I quickly got close to him, stunned, forgetting to avoid his eyes.

    “What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?”

    “Oh, it’s nothing. I think I’ve got a cramp.”

    “Pardon? How come you had a cramp all of a sudden? Ah…”

    Only then did I realize that I had been lying on his arm until then.

    If that’s the case, I could understand the situation. Even if he was diligent in physical training as a rule, it was possible that he would have a cramp in his arm because he pillowed my head on his arm all through the night.

    Suddenly, I felt very sorry, so apologized to him hesitantly.

    “Sorry, Your Majesty. You had a cramp because of me …”

    “Shush! As I told you recently, don’t say anything like “I’m sorry” to me.”


    “That’s enough. My heart sinks whenever I hear you say that.”

    I could not say anything further at his disapproving look. Come to think of it, he might have been sick and tired of the way I habitually said that to him. Even when I had to express thanks. I told him I was sorry.

    “Okay, Your Majesty. I will never say that again. ”

    When I replied with a smile, he nodded as if he was satisfied. Then he lightly clasped and unclasped his hands, and wrapped my neck with his hands.

    Then he laid me down again and kissed me softly, saying, “By the way, where are you going now?”

    “Well, the sun is already in the middle of the sky…”

    “High sun? What are you talking about? It’s still midnight in my eyes. ”

    I was speechless at his innocent playing. How come he could say it’s still midnight when it’s so bright outside the window?

    But he pretended not to have noticed my puzzled look, and swept his disheveled hair. I was thrilled when his breathing touched my ears, but I took pains to push him gently and pulled the string hanging at the bedside. I really had to get up.

    “I pulled the string, so please get up. In no time, the maids will come in.”

    Although I tried to say more, I couldn’t because he again showered me with kisses. I gently closed my eyes when something fluffy tickled my mouth softly. I naturally stretched my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

    When I let out a hot breath, stroking his soft hair with my fingers, I vaguely heard a maid saying something at the entrance of the door, “I’m sorry, Your Majesty. Let me get out of here right away!”

    I came to my senses immediately. What have I been doing until now? When I hurriedly pushed him aside and turned back, I saw several maids running out of the room, blushing. Among them was Lina.

    I was overwhelmed by unbearable embarrassment.

    ‘How can I see them face to face? What should I do? It’s all because of the emperor. I clearly told him that the maids would come in anytime, but he turned me on like this!’

    I pulled off the blanket and went down the bed, pouting at him. When I was about to turn after looking at him with a sullen face, he quickly grabbed my wrist and said urgently, “Are you angry?”


    Although I didn’t see him face to face, I could feel he was very embarrassed by my firm reply. Although I giggled as my anger faded away at his embarrassed look, I turned my eyes away from him, pretending I was still upset with him. I was now being mischievous for fun.

    “…I’m sorry. I did not intend to embarrass you. ”

    “Huh! What should I do?”


    “Then I’ll head out first, Your Majesty.”

    Speaking more firmly, I gently pulled my hand from his, controlling my unbearable smile at the moment. Although I heard him calling me urgently from behind, I headed for the dressing room, pretending not to have heard him.

    It was the start of a refreshing morning.

    Well, I can understand that because I see lovers doing it even these days. But what they did in the morning after their wedding day crossed the line, I think, even if I fully understand their deep affection for each other.

    According to what I heard, the emperor kept apologizing all day long outside the door of her room where she was in hiding, saying she was so ashamed. And then he didn’t even get dressed up in a formal robe. In the end, this ridiculous event was wrapped up when the empress reluctantly accepted his apologies for fear he might get sick. This is really something to lament as a member of the dignified imperial family… Excerpt from Adrian’s Diary>


    The sun of July was shining brightly. After looking out the window, which was very bright even in the early morning, I walked, taking care not to drag the hem of my skirt.

    In the middle of my room was a bed with a white curtain draped over it. The crest of a roaring golden lion came into my view as I approached it. Watching the familiar crest for a moment, I carefully removed the curtain and looked inside the curtain.

    His thick eyelashes were forming a shade under his dark blue hair. As if he dreamt a good dream, his face, which always looked expressionless, looked relaxed and comfortable. A smile came to my lips because I felt happy by just looking at him.

    Carefully sitting on the bed, I reached out to him. Although I felt sorry to wake him up because he was fast asleep, I had no other choice but to wake him up because I heard there was an important political meeting today. It was time to wake him up, so he could attend the meeting on time.

    When I was about to call him, caressing his strong arms, I suddenly recalled what he told me in passing. He kissed me softly when I strained my eyes, asking me to kiss him first just one time.

    What should I do? Shall I try?

    When I saw his slightly open lips, my heart beat fast. But I took pains to cautiously grab his hair together in a way that I didn’t touch him. Then I tried to put my lips to his cautiously, closing my eyes. The closer my lips got to his, the more my heart beat like crazy. When I felt his warm breathing between his slightly open lips, blood was flowing through my whole body as if it were sprinting. A little closer and I could kiss his lips, but I still felt like his lips were still far, so I bowed my back further, calming my throbbing heart.