The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 333 - TAE 333

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 333

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    Chapter 333

    A few weeks after I had a coming-of-age ceremony, the High Priest, who I was waiting for earnestly, finally arrived at Marquis Monique’s mansion. And Tia, who might have lost her life, barely regained consciousness in three months.

    When I saw her golden eyes whose light came back, I could also go back to my normal life.

    Hugging her warm body after a long time, I was deeply moved. I felt as if I got some heavy stuff off my chest finally.

    I wished she could take some more rest, but she was very busy after perking up again.

    She was busy even before she was poisoned, but after she got well again, she was much more busy. When I stopped by her house on the pretext of coaching her fencing skills every day, I often didn’t see her there.

    Then one day, I heard a shocking story from my elder brother who just returned from the Imperial Palace. He said all the members of the pro-emperor faction deserted her.

    I was really upset and frustrated to know that even my father gave her up. As I was worried about her who must have been hurt a lot, I went to see her after deep thinking.

    My heart was crushed by the words that even my believing father did, but I was worried. No matter how much she wanted to cut off her ties with the imperial family, she must have been offended when she heard such insulting words as a woman.

    But her response was much harsher than I expected. She said calmly that the Monique family would take a different political line from my family’s. Hertone was very icy.

    My heart sank all of a sudden. My little girl, who resembled a sword, had a tender heart, but at the same time she had a cool, sharp look like a sword. Tia was the type of woman who could reject anything right away if she felt it was not in her interests, no matter how painful it was. So, it’s no wonder that she didn’t treat me as comfortably as she used to because I was a member of the Lars family.

    I returned home, feeling like I was going insane, and met my father. When I thought about how he would react if I mentioned it, I felt sad a bit, but I took a deep breath and declared, “I will move out.”

    “…What? Did you say you’re going to move out?”


    “What is the reason? Is it because of that girl?”

    “That’s right.”

    “How stupid!”

    Once again I took a deep breath and knelt before him who was upset. Although I thought that I had tried my best, I had no power except that I became a full-fledged knight. I was powerless in a situation where I had to wage a complex political struggle.

    “Please allow me to move out.”

    “Get up! What are you doing to me because of that girl?”

    “I am not behaving like this because of my affection for her. She won’t definitely hold out if nobody defends her.”

    “What the heck are you talking about?”

    “I swore at the Monique family’s estate that I would never let her space out. I promised her that I would protect her, so she could smile all the time. I can’t sit on my hands like this when I know clearly that she will collapse while struggling alone.”


    “And, and…Oh, yes! And, if she collapses like that, Marquis Monique won’t look on idly. You know what kind of personality he is, right? Are you going to turn against him?”

    When I appealed to him desperately, he said after being silent for a moment with a pensive expression, “… Got it. So, stand up now.”

    “Then, are you allowing me to move out?”

    “I told you I got it, but I didn’t say I approved it. Your moving out is a separate matter.”


    “I am saying this because I care about you. Let’s say that I approved your decision. Even so, what could you do for her? Do you think you can exercise enough influence to help her on your own? ”

    I was speechless at that moment. He was right. If I declared I moved out and joined the political world, I could not influence anything related to Tia. She was already stigmatized as an infertile woman by the nobles, which even the emperor could not do anything about. How can a mere knight like me overturn the situation?

    My father, who slightly clicked his tongue at me when I lowered my head, said after remaining silent for a moment, “…If you really want to help her, let me show you one way. ”

    “What is it?”

    “Whew! You know that the tyranny of the Lisa kingdom is getting worse. This is a top secret. The emperor is thinking of waging a war with the kingdom in the worst case. We had several dialogues with the kingdom to defuse the crisis, but given their inflexible attitude, it’s my judgement that the emperor will dispatch knights within the next six months if they can’t solve the problem.”

    “If so…?”

    “The fastest way to get a promotion as an army officer is to make a major achievement in a war. So, if the war breaks out, let me make sure you stand at the front of the knights. If you distinguish yourself in the war and move out after obtaining the title, you can proudly stand before Marquis Monique and his daughter, right? Besides, you can have the influence you want.”

    He was right. I would not be a big help to her even ifI I vowed to move out now. But if I made war-time achievements like my father said, they would certainly treat me differently.

    As the Monique family requested the breakoff of her engagement with the crown prince, I would not have to worry about it. Although I was bothered by the fact that I would be estranged from her while her family would take a different political line from ours, my father’s proposal was certainly attractive to me. So, I nodded slowly after agonizing for a moment.

    “Okay. Are you allowing me to move out then?”

    “Oh, yes, but…”

    “Please go ahead.”

    “Whew…Do you really have to? As you are asking for it so desperately, I’ve approved it, but I really wish you wouldn’t do it.”

    “I’m fine. I have already made up my mind.”

    “…Got it. You can go out now.”

    “Yes, Dad.”

    I politely bowed and left the room. After looking at the rose-shaped cufflinks she gave me, I headed for the training field, clenching my fists tightly.

    The next six months will be crucial for me.

    Although the emperor’s war plan was quite up in the air, I made up my mind to do my best to improve my skills. It would be the biggest opportunity for me to make her my woman because she formally requested to break up with the crown prince.


    “Hi, Tia.”

    “… Hi, Sein, I’m surprised you are my guide.”

    “Oh, that’s true. Your father has asked me to be your guide.”

    I smiled at her, who asked me hesitantly. My heart began to pound when I saw her wet silver hair, but I cracked a joke casually, chuckling at her. I felt good today because I felt a bit more relaxed than before.

    In the next few hours, namely in late afternoon, she would be freed from the imperial family after passing the knight test. After confirming it, I was planning to confess my love to her.

    At first I thought that I would not confess unless I distinguished myself in a war first, but I could not delay it forever. Moreover, the relationship between the two families was restored, and she would be able to end her relationship with the imperial family, so I felt I would feel much more comfortable even if I confessed to her now.

    Drying her wet hair, I was reciting in my heart what I would confess. I thought hard how best I could confess, but at the same time, I agonized over what I should do if she rejected me. Thinking to myself how good it would be if she accepted my confession with a smile, I waited for the knights inauguration ceremony to come to an end.

    Yes, I really looked forward to it. But…

    “An oath of blood? It’s funny. I won’t accept that kind of oath. I will never agree to it. I will reject it on my name. ”

    I spaced out to hear that. Watching the emperor walking away with a cold expression and the royal knights following him, nothing came to mind. It was after she disappeared from the training field where the ceremony was held that I realized a strange silence in the field and that I was so frustrated with my belated discovery of what really happened.