The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 329 - TAE 329

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 329

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    Chapter 329

    Hey, butler. Please stroke my hair a little longer. Yes, right there. I’ve put up with that noisy woman’s babbling. I feel sleepy.

    Ugh? Oh yes, she loves me so much. Look, she can’t take me out of her arms even now… Ugh?

    “I’m going out, Luna.”

    Man, you’re bad, butler. I wanted to play with you since it’s been so long. If you are in a high position, you just relax and deserve to be served like me. Why are you so busy? Besides, you don’t play with me much these days. You are not serving me, either. I’m mad at you now. I’m serious. I won’t give you a pass this time.

    Ugh? Are you asking me to follow you?

    Well, I can be generous enough to go along with you, but no thank you. I’m not going.

    Why? Well, in fact, I secretly followed you to the palace to surprise you. But I felt so dizzy when large houses passed by me so quickly… What?

    Nope! It’s not because I was scared at all. Nope! You wanna smack in the face?

    That’s enough. Do you think I’ve got nobody to play with other than you? I’m Luna. I can get by without you, my butler!

    Let me see who is here I can play with.

    Oh, yes, come on, maid. Let me take time out to play with you…Where are you going? You arrogant servant! How can you sigh at me when you are the butler of my butler?

    Damn it, I’ve got no other choice then. I’ve got to go and see something that smells sweaty. Hey, you, look at how I’m doing. Okay, let me move to that tree and jump.

    Ugh? You can’t do it by simply moving your body?

    Hey, I’m a cat, not the wind! This is something that ordinary cats can’t do!

    Sorry because you didn’t know that? It was cool?

    Of course. Only now do you appreciate my dexterity!

    Wait a minute. Where am I now? Oh, yes, I’m so smart!

    Hey there, you sweaty man. Come on and serve me. Put down that glowing lump of iron.

    Why are you avoiding me again? Be grateful to me when I take time out to play with you? Are you running away from me?

    Damn it, I’m really angry. I’m serious. I’m going to be very unruly starting today. You won’t get away with this. Let me get even with my butler first who betrayed me. What’s the best punishment? It seems she values the music box very much these days. Can I smash it? Or can I leave my paw marks on her favorite hair tie? Hey, you, give me your opinion instead of sitting there blankly.

    “Did you escape the mansion again? What if you get lost?”

    Oops! Why did you find me now? My hair was also dishevelled. What should I do? I must look ugly. Oh, no. Let me wash my face first…Oh, shucks!

    I love my butler’s arms, but this is the best. Warm, secure and broad… I really like it. His touch is warm and his arms are really strong.

    Meowing, I’m so excited! I’m happy.

    Ugh? Who is this man I’m talking about?

    Didn’t I tell you before? I don’t fear anybody except for one person. This is she. I hear she has a very high position. Besides, she is so good-hearted and kind. I feel jealous when I look at the way she treats the butler.

    How about it? It’s only natural I feel envious of her, right? Besides, her hair color is silvery like mine. Yes, this is what they call a perfect match!

    By the way, why are they looking at me like that? Is this the first time you guys have seen a cat? How come you guys who look busy all the time are gathered here?

    Oh no, it’s important I should be with my butler now. I’ll see about you later.

    Meowing! I like it so much here. Wow, she really looks nice. I can’t take my eyes off her. Yes, I mean it…By the way, I feel so sleepy. I should not go to sleep yet. I want to keep looking at them…

    “Shush…” Where am I now?

    Ugh? I didn’t go to sleep. Yes, I’m serious. By the way, where is my butler?

    Hey, wind, do you know where she is?

    What? She left a while ago?

    Hey, you should have woken me up … Oh, wait a minute. I didn’t sleep.

    Then why didn’t I see her leaving? Well, that could happen.

    Oh, maybe I dozed off briefly. So what? Is it a crime for a cat to doze off? Why are you trying to pick a fight with me?

    Wait a minute. Why are they avoiding me again? Do you think I can’t catch up with you? Look, I’ve got four legs when you guys have only two. I can quickly catch up with you if I make up my mind…By the way, what is that? That red and round thing.

    Ugh? Guess what?

    Well, let me see. What the heck is this? Strange. I didn’t hit it hard, but why is it running away?

    Hey, you red one, stop there! You’re running again! Can’t you stop there? I won’t hit you.

    I got you! There is no point in you running. By the way, what the heck is this? I feel good because it’s fluffy, but it’s not as soft as my hair.

    Ugh? You’re running again? Stop there!

    Hey, help me! Bad butler. Why don’t you appear when I’m in difficulties like this? You don’t have the qualifications to be my butler. You’re not qualified!

    Well, I can’t stand it anymore. Let me have it out with you today. I’ve been telling you all along. I’m really mad at you. I’m not going to play with you anymore. And I won’t call you my butler anymore. You know, once I make up my mind, I really mean it.

    “Luna, you are here. How are you today? ”

    Oh, she is my butler. Umm…Smells good. Oh no, I’m really mad at you! Don’t pretend to be friendly to me. Don’t touch me! God away!

    … Ugh? Are you really going? Oh my…

    How can you go away like that? You are so mean. A cat can get mad like you.

    Wait a minute, are you crying, butler? Are you sad because I didn’t play with you?

    Hey, my butler, please don’t cry. I’m going to forgive you because I’m a good cat. But don’t do it again next time. Got it? I won’t scold you even if you leave me alone. So, please don’t cry.

    Now, look at this. This is what I caught. It’s become smaller, but I caught it. Why don’t we play with this?

    Look, if I hit it like this, it moves away like that. I can hit it like this, then I can snatch it by quickly grabbing it like this. I’m cool, right?

    “Oh, Luna, you were playing with the wool. Won’t you play with me?”

    Oh, you stopped crying, butler? You won’t cry anymore, right? See, you need me beside you. Even though you are not satisfied with me, what can you do? I’m generous enough to understand you.

    Oh, butler, you are good at throwing it. Wait a minute. Let me catch that red thing for you. This is easy… Hey, don’t throw it again. It’s hard for me.

    “Why don’t you sleep, Luna?”

    Oh, yes. You looked a bit poor today, so I’ll protect you today. Trust me, Luna.

    I feel so warm, and smell good too. You’re my best. Sure, you are my one and only butler.

    Oh right. I’ll bring you something delicious tomorrow. Let me give it to cheer you up. So, take it with gratitude, okay?

    Ha-am. I really want to go to sleep today. Good night, butler. Today, I’ll allow you to dream.

    Ugh? Who are you? I thought you left already, but you didn’t? I didn’t know it because I was busy playing with my butler.

    What? Are you upset? Who cares?

    Hey, go away quickly. Otherwise, you will wake up my butler. Don’t hang around a lady’s room.

    Good. Goodbye. Let me allow you to have a dream, too.

    What? Do you want to come here to play with me sometimes?

    Of course. You know I’m so busy, but I can play with you once in a while. Take it as an honor. I, Luna, don’t play with just anybody.

    Okay. Good bye.