The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 324 - TAE 324

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 324

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    Chapter 324

    Yes, you were a woman like this, a doll-like woman made only for the emperor.

    All right, as you treated me like a stallion, let me sow a seed for you.

    I laughed coldly, hugging her cold body. I sneered at her, who stiffened at the moment.

    Why are you trembling when I want to have sex with you as you wish? Don’t you want it? Do you feel it’s terrible to have sex with a man with a commoner’s blood?

    Well, what can I do? This is my reality. You are made for the emperor, anyway. You can sleep with anybody as long as he wears the crown of the emperor, right?

    Though she got frozen and bit her lips tightly in pain, she didn’t resist when I forced her to make love. Watching tears coming from her closed eyes, I twisted my mouth.

    Damn it. Do you really want to give birth to a baby boy who could be the crown prince? Do you want the baby so much that you had sex with a man you didn’t love and you despised so much?

    Even when I was confused with this kind of thought, my body soaked in sexual pleasure was faithful to its mission. Only after I ejaculated did I get disillusioned with her. What did I do now? How come I had sex with another woman when I had a beloved woman?

    When I thought that the noble faction might take issue with this, my head began to throb.

    I was giddy with the thought of Jiun crying when she discovered this. And…

    I hurriedly raised my body and put on my clothes. I didn’t have the heart to look back. But I flinched when I saw her through the gap of the closed door.

    Are you crying now? Wasn’t this what you wanted? Didn’t you use the pro-emperor faction to put pressure on me to sleep with you, so you could give birth to the next emperor? Then, why are you crying? Why are you so sad?

    Oh, I see. You were upset because you had sex with a man with a commoner’s blood, right? Did it offend your noble pride so much? Was that the reason?

    Gnashing my teeth, I turned around, but after a few days, I visited her palace again because I felt ill at ease. And I was angry at myself because I felt guilty even for a moment.

    As usual, she took off her clothes with indifference. I gave a hollow smile at her. I felt bitter when she didn’t even moan when I hugged her cold body roughly.

    Oh, I see. I was foolish enough to think she had emotions when she would only fulfil her duty when needed.

    I glanced at Jiun who confessed, blushing. I felt something strange. If I’ve got a woman that I love, isn’t it normal that I should be happy as if I owned the whole world?

    But, strangely enough, I wasn’t as happy as I thought. I felt gratified, but I wasn’t as happy as if I had the whole world. I found there was something lacking even though I had what I wanted.

    Did I not love her then?

    Suddenly such a question came to my mind, but I hurriedly shook my head. No way, that’s impossible! Who else could I love without this woman who cared about me only?

    Watching her black eyes trembling anxiously, I made a forced smile at her. Ignoring my growing doubt about my love for her, I whispered into her ears that I loved her. Then I ordered them to hold a grand banquet to prove my affection for her.

    There was joy in Duke Lars’s eyes, who came to see me to congratulate Lady Monique’s pregnancy.

    I nodded calmly because I knew she would get pregnant one day.

    So, are you happy because you now have what you want, Duke? I guess so. How can’t you be happy when I faithfully carried out my role as a stallion?

    Lady Monique stayed calm and indifferent despite congratulatory greetings from many people. She was such a contrast with Jiun who screamed the moment she heard that she got pregnant.

    Raising Jiun who squatted down, I swallowed a sigh. Although I hated it so much, I felt like I wanted to raise Lady Monique’s hand this time.

    Doesn’t this woman think of her pride or dignity as the empress? Why is she so stupid? Right now, there are not many who really feel happy about her pregnancy.

    Although I got irritated, I looked back at her with a feigned smile because she was a woman who loved me, and who I loved anyway. I should put up with her and protect her, I thought.

    That would be the true love I was hoping for.

    I spaced out when I watched her dress getting stained with red. I didn’t want to do this to her. Although I reacted calmly for fear she might harm herself, I thought of promoting Lady Monique’s baby as the crown prince deep down. That’s why I didn’t clearly answer Duke Jena’s question.

    There were many problems with installing Jiun’s baby as the crown prince just because I loved her. Aside from a political sense, she didn’t have any basic education expected of the empress. It was evident that the empire would be handed over to the noble faction if something bad happened to me after her baby was designated the crown prince.

    On the other hand, Lady Monique had both a strong support base and a political sense, so it was certain that if she could mellow her character, she would bring more desirable results for the empire. In that respect, I needed to keep her faction at bay because she was getting on her high horse simply because she was favored by the emperor. For this reason, I told her that her baby could not be the crown prince, though I didn’t mean it.

    Since I couldn’t keep looking at her face that had turned white, I hurried away from the place of sin. My heart ached when I heard from the royal doctor that she had a miscarriage and that she could not get pregnant again. But my growing sense of guilt disappeared when I was briefed about her recent activities.

    I could not believe my ears. She is back to the palace affairs office to do her job?

    Indeed, she was a very strong woman. How could she get back to work even after she lost her baby? Was she determined to hold her position there because she could not get pregnant again?

    Suddenly, I recalled her obedient attitude when I had sex with her. How would she react if I visited her now? Would she react without any resistance like before or refuse? As she could not get pregnant anymore, she had no reason to avoid having sex with me who had a commoner’s blood.

    I shook my head vigorously. What am I thinking right now? These days I was thinking of all kinds of things as my head often throbbed. Anyway, I had a woman who had my love, Jiun who I loved, and who whispered she loved me.

    “Shoot the arrow!”

    Suddenly, I heard some shouting far away. My body that moved regularly swayed from a strong impact. Blood came out again from my mouth, which I thought stopped flowing.

    Someone urgently carried me on his back and began running again. I could feel his unstable movement all over my body.

    “Oh no…hang in a little longer…”

    There was some murmuring heard and something came in my blurred vision, which was silver darkened with crimson like what I saw on the day…

    Was it really true? How could the Monique family, who swore absolute loyalty to the imperial family do that? If they did, the marquis would be executed right away. It was impossible for them to do it without going crazy.

    I dismissed the Monique family’s alleged involvement out of hand and headed to Jiun’s palace. I was almost exhausted from appeasing her who refused all food and drink. After all, I could get out of her after reassuring her repeatedly that I still loved her, regardless of her miscarriage, and that I would catch the culprit and punish him accordingly.

    However, no matter how hard I pondered over the matter, I could not figure out who the real culprit was. So, I gave up agonizing any more and ordered the servant to bring me wine, touching my stinging head. These days I could hardly go to sleep without drinking alcohol because of insomnia, which had become more severe.