The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 320 - TAE 320

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 320

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    Chapter 320

    “That’s not the way you deal with that problem, Earl. If you refuse to accept the refugees because the situation is rather disturbing, how would other kingdoms view our empire? I think that we have to show the generosity of our empire as the big power in a situation like this.”

    “But Your Highness, some kingdoms, including the kingdom of Lisa, are protesting more strongly. What if they rebel against us…”

    “Do you underestimate the power of our empire? Don’t you know that’s why the emperor has kept them at bay since his days as the crown prince?”

    Rublis watched her waging a fierce debate with the earl without yielding an inch.

    He once felt jealous of her sharp intelligence that shone like a jewel. He felt envious of her when the late emperor and his masters, who never appreciated his hard efforts, unusually praised her performance so much. So, he was jealous of her without realizing that they intended to train me and her further.

    But he didn’t feel jealous or envious of her now because he knew how much sweat and toil she put into developing her brilliant intelligence, graceful posture and perfect manners.

    Now he knew that she was not an emotionless doll, nor a puppet made by the nobles. Although he could not deny that she was made for the emperor, he also admitted the fact that she loved him as a man now.

    When he saw her hair decorated with the jewelry tiara, a smile came to his lips in spite of himself. He could not understand the situation well, but he was very pleased with his current situation.


    “Well, Your Majesty?”

    “What’s the matter?”

    “What I mean is…”

    “What’s going on, Empress? Do you have any bad news? ”

    Rublis raised his eyebrows as she hesitated to say something. What the hell was going on?

    The longer she hesitated, the more he was worried.

    In the end, he let the servants and maids out of the room and asked softly, “Tia, what’s the matter with you? You’re very nervous now. Tell me what’s going on.”

    “Well, do you remember what you told me the other day?”


    “Whew! You told me that when I make food, I should serve you first…Do you still remember it?”

    “Of course I do. But why are you suddenly bringing it up? Ah…”

    Suddenly something came to my mind. Only then did I feel relaxed and smiled at her.

    With her face blushing as she was at a loss about what to do, she looked so lovely.

    Touching her cheeks softly, he said with a smile, “No way! Have you made…?”


    “Where is the dish? I’m very curious about it.”

    “… Well, I’ve brought it here, but I’m nervous…”

    “That’s fine. Just show it to me. ”

    Rublis looked at the small cake she presented hesitantly.

    White cream and various sliced fruit on it, he instantly gave it a passing grade.

    Putting it into his mouth with her expectant gaze, he hardened his face subtly. But he made a forced smile when his eyes met her trembling golden eyes.

    “It’s delicious.”

    “Are you sure, Your Majesty?”

    “Of course. It’s very sweet and it melts softly in my mouth…I really like it. ”

    “Oh, I’m glad to hear that. What a relief!”

    As if pressured by her bright smile, he quickly emptied the cake plate and lifted her in no time.

    He embraced her small body, then walked into the bedroom, holding her who was screaming with her arms around his neck. Then he lay her on the bed and showered her with kisses.

    She opened her eyes wide, surprised by his sudden kiss, but closed them in no time. Although he put his tongue into her mouth roughly, she readily opened her lips without any resistance. She was so lovely.

    Feeling his heart was full, he looked down at her. Her silver eyelashes trembled at his lovely touch. Opening her golden eyes again, she said, “Your Majesty.”


    “Thank you.”

    “For what?”

    “The cake you had was too sweet, right? You probably didn’t like it, but you ate it all…”

    “How did you know that?”

    At that moment, her cheeks blushed. As she murmured something, he put his ears close to her mouth. Her voice, whispering something hardly inaudible, was a little excited, unlike her usual, always calm voice.

    “Because it tasted too sweet when you kissed my lips…”

    “Ha… Aristia, Tia, you …”


    “How lovely you are… You are really turning me on.”

    His burning heart made him impatient. He now began to touch her quickly. Her satin dress that showed off its gorgeous and elegant curves was removed, and the corset that made her plump waist look sharper fell off.

    Looking down as if she was shy, she hugged his neck tightly. She moved her attractive pink lips quietly, “I love you.”

    “… Tia. ”

    “I really love you, Rube.”

    “I love you, too, Tia. ”

    “Your Majesty.”


    “Please get up now, Your Majesty.” She spoke to her in a quiet and calm voice.

    He knitted his brows at her familiar voice. She is here standing in front of me. But why am I hearing another voice?

    As he slowly closed his eyes then opened, she, blushing lovingly, was gone!

    Instead, another woman was standing in front of him, looking at him anxiously, with her wavy hair neatly tied. She was not wearing a thin chemise, but an ultra-blue uniform.

    “You must have been very tired.”


    “Your Majesty?”

    Slowly straightening up, he looked around carefully. A three-story tall glass window and a huge bookcase adorning the walls on three sides caught his eye. He also saw a pile of documents piled up on the table.

    ‘Oh my…’ He uttered exclamations in spite of himself. He thought he didn’t care, but he still wished he was in the real world a little while ago. Was it just a sweet dream?

    “Well, are you not feeling well?”

    She was asking him with the same expression she made in his dream. Just like he did in the dream, he reached out to her.

    He smiled bitterly when she flinched at his touch. Unlike her in his dream who was held in his arms without any resistance, she stiffened whenever she felt his physical touch. This was the real world he was in now.

    “… I’m fine. It looks like I didn’t wake up fully.”


    “So, what did you do until now? Please explain. ”

    “Oh, I’ve pondered over the matter of dispatching knights to the border area while you were handling other matters. Here you are.”

    Rublis sighed, watching her focusing on her work again as if she wasn’t worried about him at all. As he kept thinking of her in his dream, he couldn’t concentrate. When he saw her pink lips whispering something, he felt the strong temptation to kiss her. He wanted to feel her sweet and soft lips again that he kissed in his dream. It seemed that he could not control my feelings if she stayed a little longer. So, he said, putting down the documents hard on purpose, “… Let’s stop here today.”

    “But Your Majesty…”

    “I am a little tired. I can’t focus at all.”

    “I see.”

    When he saw her golden eyes, who looked at him with a puzzled expression, he felt a growing lust in his heart, but he barely put up with it because she in front of him now was different from the version of her in his dream. Unlike her in a dream who neither refused nor avoided him, the woman in front of him would certainly run away if he reached out to her. Besides, she would never come back again.

    “By the way, Your Majesty.”



    He raised his eyebrows when he felt the coming recurrence of the situation he experienced in his dreams. Her hesitant attitude resembled hers in his dream.

    ‘Hummm… I guess she was not going to make food as she did in my dream.’

    Although he didn’t think she would do so, he just asked her casually, “What’s the matter? Did you bring any food for me?”

    “Oh my God! How did you know that…?”

    While she was restless and nervous, she suddenly stopped moving. Then her small face blushed.

    After putting down a small box on the table hurriedly, she showed due manners quickly, then left his study as if she were running away. He was as embarrassed at the unexpected situation as her. He came to his senses a little later and opened the box.

    “Is this also a dream?”

    White cream and various sliced fruits. It was the same fresh cream cake that he saw in his dream.

    ‘I wonder if it tastes the same.’