The Abandoned Empress
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    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 319 - TAE 319

    The Abandoned Empress Chapter 319

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    Chapter 319

    After letting Duke Jena leave, I strained my blurring eyes and looked at the golden-haired young man coming next to my bed. The brooch in the shape of the imperial crest hanging on his collar was unusually visible in my eyes.

    The golden hawk and the crown necklace around its neck, which was the symbol of the crest of the Marquis Enesil family.

    It was a family built by the first emperor’s younger brother. He was a faithful vassal of the emperor as his relative, but his family had the title Grand Duke forfeited because of the 9th Grand Duke’s attempt to revolt, they had been demoted to the rank of marquis since then.

    “Marquise Ensil.”

    “Yes, Your Majesty.”

    “Is your family still resenting the imperial family?”

    “No, Your Majesty. Your Majesty has given us another chance. ”

    When I launched a massive crackdown on the families of the noble faction ten years ago, the Enesil family swore allegiance to and actively supported me after the Lars family, the Verita family and the Monique family. In return, I changed the crest of their family. Instead of the past crest marked by a little lion kneeling to the crown, which was a symbol of humiliation, the new crest featured a hawk symbolizing patience and a crown necklace indicating his family was a relative of the imperial family.

    Nevertheless, they remained silent, contrary to everyone’s expectations. And now, a decade later, the golden hawk, which had been crouching and looking for opportunities, seemed to be on the verge of flying.

    “I’m sorry I can’t stay with a talent like you any longer.”

    “Your Majesty, please don’t say that. I hope you can get well again quickly.”

    “Oh no. You can’t put new wine in old bottles. So, fly high in the new world where the crown prince rules.”

    “I will, Your Majesty. The Ensil family will always stay with the imperial family. ”

    “Thank you.”

    I felt satisfied when I thought that my son was blessed with so many talented people around him, including the sons of the Lars family and the Verita family as well as Marquis Enesil. During my days I had to try hard to make them my allies. Unlike me, my son seemed to be surrounded with many capable men. I felt he could build a better empire with them.

    “Next, Marquis Mirwa, the No. 6 in the noble hierarchy…”

    “Your Majesty!”

    “Your Majesty, Daddy! Come to your senses!”

    “What are you doing, High Priest? Use your divine power right now…”

    Suddenly, I was short of breath, and my eyes blurred. The voice of the Lord Chamberlain who called the next person was heard faintly, along with the voices of Rublis and Earl Penril. A bright light appeared and disappeared instantly in my vision that was becoming dark gradually.

    Was this the remaining time allowed for me?

    I heard the sound of their calling me fading away gradually. I lifted my weak hand and pointed to the spot where Rublis stood. I heard some trembling when someone held my hand tightly, but I could not feel it in no time. With all my might I barely uttered word by word.

    “Crown Prince.”

    “Don’t try to say anything, Your Majesty! High Priest, please use your divine power!”

    “Hope the empire is in your great hands…”

    “Your Majesty, Daddy!”

    Breathing in for the last time, I held Rublis with all my might.

    Rublis, Rube, my son. I never mentioned it to you… Though I knew you desperately wanted it, I never said it to you. But I would like to tell you at least once at the last moment of my life.

    Thank you, son. Although I never spoke it openly to the empire and the people, I’m proud of you. I believe that you could lead the empire well. And…

    At that moment, I seemed to see something like the color of the sea shining in my darkened vision. Feeling that I was being sucked into somewhere distantly, I breathed out last. The last words I was going to say to Rublis hovered in my head….then disappeared slowly.

    …I love you, Rublis. My son.


    “Your Majesty.”


    “Please stand up, Your Majesty. The sun is already well up in the sky.”


    “Now you really have to get up. You said you would be very busy today. I don’t understand why you are being so lazy today.”

    Rublis knitted his brows at her calm voice waking him up.

    When he carefully lifted his heavy eyelids as she shook him awake, he saw something silvery shimmering in front of his eyes.

    ‘What is this?’ When he blinked slowly, he saw a woman looking at him with a worried expression. With her silvery hair hanging down, she was looking down.

    “Your Majesty?”

    Why is she here? Rublis raised his body slowly and looked around. But no matter how hard he looked around, he was obviously in his bed room. In other words, it was not a place where she was supposed to be, given her sensitivity to manners and her reluctance to get entangled with him.

    Then, who the hell is the woman standing before me now?

    “What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?”

    The woman’s eyes looking at him trembled slightly. She approached gently, sat down next to me and reached out carefully. Her gait, sitting posture, reaching her hand and the fluttering of her skirt showed that she was real.

    Smelling the scent of the woman sitting next to him, Rublis raised his eyebrows. Her calm voice which was not too high or low, her perfect movements that nobody could imitate, and her subtle lavender fragrance all belonged to her. Believe it or not, it was certain that the woman in front of me was Lady Monique.

    “Aristia…? ”

    “Yes, it’s me, Your Majesty.”

    “Why are you here…”

    “Last night, you asked me to wake you up because you had a lot of work to do today. Did you forget?”

    Last night? If so, was she with me since then?

    When I was very frustrated, not knowing the situation, a couple of maids knocked on the door and came in with a wash basin containing hot water and new clothes.

    “Your Highness, how can I serve you?”

    “You may go out. Let me take care of him.”

    “Okay, Your Highness.”

    He knitted his brows at their conversation that he could not understand. What did they just say? Your Highness? Who is the empress? No way! Aristia?


    “Yes, Your Majesty. Did you call me?”

    The woman who let the ladies out looked back with a smile. My heart was throbbing when I saw her elegant pink lips.

    Is this a dream? As he had been longing for this moment so much, is this a dream that God has shown him finally?

    The dream God showed him because he was so desperate?

    She hurried to him when he murmured something to himself, and placed her hand on his forehead with an anxious look. He stiffened at her soft touch. His heart beat quickly at the gentle fragrance of lavender. He was now burning with lust that he had been holding back for a long time.


    “…Tia. ”

    Rublis stretched his arms and hugged her tightly. His heart was full when he called her nickname for the first time. In fact, when he heard her exchanging her nickname with her friends, he vowed, clenching his teeth, that he would never call her nickname unless she allowed him to.

    “What’s wrong with you? I think you are a bit strange today. Your Majesty, are you not feeling well?”

    “… No, no. Just leave me alone for a moment.”

    Even if I’m dreaming now, it doesn’t matter. Here’s the woman I have been longing for for a long time.

    Rublis wrapped his arms around her soft waist and pulled her softly. He felt satisfied when she remained in his arms without any refusal or reluctance.

    Inhaling her unique lavender scent, Rublis buried his face in her finely combed silver hair.

    She was so lovely when she put her arms around his back carefully that he wanted to hug her right away.

    “You’re too late today. You said you had an important meeting today …”

    He put his finger on her little lips, who whispered to him. In fact, his heart was throbbing when he saw her big golden eyes looking at him.

    When he slowly bowed his head, she closed her eyes and hugged his neck. Rublis kissed her soft lips without hesitation. Her pinkish lips that he coveted for a long time always emitted a subtle scent of tea, which he could always smell from her.

    ‘How lovely you are!’

    He felt as if his heart, which always felt empty, was full now. He felt so good and so happy.