The Abandoned Empress
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    "So, the Emperor wasted money in his investment"

    Where did it all go wrong?

    "Monique, a relative of the Emperor is to get all her family's properties confiscated"

    Why am I here?

    "For all the sins she has committed, such as the attempt of..."

    What did I do wrong?

    "... She shall be beheaded for her crimes"

    The only sin I ever committed was loving you.


    I saw the moment when the ax of the executioner soared up into the sky and was glistening in the sunlight.

    The executioner was smiling.

    Like for the first time, as if he was truly happy, he was laughing to finally throw away someone like me.

    "Haa Ha Ha Ha," he laughed even more.

    In a lonely world that revolved around becoming the wife of the future emperor, you were my only light -- my salvation.  I thought you were the reason for why I was born.

    I have comforted myself that there will be a day that you would finally become interested in me. I was glad to think I maybe i could become useful to you.

    However, it looks like I was just an obstacle to you.


    The ax falls.

    My consciousness gradually starts fading, as a tear falls from my eye. If I could ever repeat this life again... I... you.