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    Chapter 320 Having Fun

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    Morning at 10 am.

    Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia are about to leave for Quanjude to eat roast duck when their plans were disrupted by a phone call.

    "Qianqian might have gone to Beijing to look for her mother." Luan Xiaoping told Dong Xuebing over the phone.

    "Huh?" Dong Xuebing was stunned for a second. "What time did she leave for Beijing?"

    "She should be taking the long-distance bus to Beijing. She left a note for me when I wake up." Luan Xiaoping grumbled. "You all are too much. She had not seen her mother for almost two weeks, and you did not bring Xiao Yu back to the county immediately. She is just a kid and will get anxious. Hurry and call Qianqian to ask where she is now, and go and pick her up at the bus station! She is still very young, and if anything happens to her, I will hold you responsible!"

    Dong Xuebing quickly replied. "Mum, dont worry. I will go and find her now."

    Yu Meixia, who was waiting for Dong Xuebing at the door, asked. "Xiao Bing, what happened?"

    "Qianqian had come to Beijing on her own." Dong Xuebing replied. "Hurry and call her to ask if she had reached."

    Sister Yu panics and quickly called her daughter. "Hello, Qianqian, where are you now? Bus terminal? You had reached? How did you come to Beijing?"

    Dong Xuebing interrupted. "Thats enough. Ask her to wait at the bus terminal for us and dont go elsewhere."

    After instructing Yu Qianqian to wait for them, Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia rushed to the bus terminal.

    In front of the bus terminal.

    Dong Xuebing saw Yu Qianqian standing there waiting for them. He was worried about her, but when he saw her, he laughed. Yu Qianqian is a smaller version of Sister Yu. Their looks are almost identical, and even their character and movements are the same. Yu Qianqian was standing there, looking around nervously, before looking down at her feet. She was exactly the same as Sister Yu when she was waiting for Dong Xuebing at the Airport.

    "Qianqian!" Yu Meixia ran over.

    Yu Qianqian looked up and shouted. "Mum! Mum!" She ran over and jumped into her mothers arms.

    Yu Meixias eyes were red as she hugged her daughter. "Sorry to have made you worry."

    "Mum! I missed you!" Yu Qianqian cried. She had not seen her mother for more than 10 days, and this was the first time they are separated for so long.

    Yu Meixias tears rolled down her cheeks. "I also miss you."

    "Oh, your your face" Yu Qianqian looked up at her mother and exclaimed. "Ah! Your face is alright now?!"

    Yu Meixia nodded. "Thanks to your big brother. He brought me to South Korea for the operation.

    Yu Qianqian suddenly remembers Dong Xuebing and greeted him. "Big Brother."

    Dong Xuebing laughed. "I have been standing here all this while, and you just notice me now?!"

    "No no" Yu Qianqian panics. "I I was"

    Dong Xuebing laughed and patted Yu Qianqians head. "Alright. Remember to give us a call before you do anything. You are getting more daring now and even dares to travel so far by yourself. Dont even do this again in the future." Yu Qianqian nodded obediently and held her mothers hand tightly. Dong Xuebing waved to them. "Lets go to Quanjude now."

    Lunch is at Heping Gates Quanjude. This Quanjude restaurant serves the most authentic roast duck in Beijing.

    After lunch, Dong Xuebing brought the mother and daughter to visit Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park.

    Yu Qianqian is very excited. She had met her mother after so many days, visited the capital, and they are now at the amusement park. Her cute face is red with excitement. After getting the tickets, she pulled Yu Qianqian, and Dong Xuebing excited into the amusement park. She is eager to try all the rides, like the merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, etc.

    Yu Meixia and Dong Xuebing exchanged looks and smiled.

    After playing for some time, the three of them sat on a bench for a rest and to eat some popcorns.

    Yu Qianqian is panting from her excitement. "Mum, Brother, Beijing is so fun."

    Dong Xuebing laughed. "Where do you want to go later? I will bring you there. Do you want to visit Tiananmen?"

    "Yes!" Yu Qianqian nodded. "I want to visit the Great Wall too!"

    "Huh? There is nothing at the Great Wall other than people."

    After leaving the amusement park in the late afternoon, Dong Xuebing brought Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian to try Beijing street food. But this time, they went to Qian Men food street.

    As the skies become dark, the temperature got colder.

    Yu Meixia brought Yu Qianqian to the toilet, and after they returned, they entered a store.

    Dong Xuebing asked. "What do you want to eat? Just tell me."

    Yu Qianqian blushed and suddenly said. "Ok. Thank you, Uncle.

    "What did you call me?" Dong Xuebing laughed. "You were still calling me Brother this morning, and you are calling me uncle now? Hahaha"

    Yu Qianqian replied softly. "My mum asks me to"

    Yu Meixia quickly grabbed the menu. "Qianqian, I will order a pea flour cake for you, and I want Shumai."

    Dong Xuebing took a glance at Sister Yu and laughed. "Just call me Uncle from now, like what your mother told you. I dont mind."

    Yu Meixia blushed and quickly explained. "I did not ask her to call you that."

    "Haha alright. Its not you." Dong Xuebing is amused by Yu Meixias cuteness. She cant even tell a lie.

    Yu Meixia lowered her head and stop talking.

    Yu Qianqian could not understand why her mother asked her to call Dong Xuebing, Uncle when they were in the toilet. But to Yu Qianqian, Big Brother or Uncle makes no difference to her. After a while, a few pipping hot dishes were served, and Qianqian forgot about everything. She picked up her chopsticks and started eating like a greedy cat. "Mum, Uncle, hurry up and eat. Its delicious."

    "Then, you should have more."

    "Hmm Ok!"

    Yu Meixia smiled blissfully as she looks at her daughter eating heartily.

    Dong Xuebing picks a Shumai and places it on Yu Meixias plate. "You had ordered this and should eat it while its hot."

    Yu Meixia nodded and look at Dong Xuebing before eating it.


    North Heping Road.

    Yu Qianqian had played too much during the day and was exhausted. She stood in front of the stairs and was too tired to climb up.

    "Uncle, I am too tired to walk up the stairs." Yu Qianqian said.

    Yu Meixia pulled her. "Its just a few more steps. Hurry up."

    Dong Xuebing laughed. "Do you want me to give you a piggy-back?"

    "No." Yu Meixia interrupted. "Dont spoil her, and let her go up on her own."

    Yu Qianqian pretended to climb up a few steps slowly. Dong Xuebing noticed it and squat down to ask her to climb onto his back. Yu Meixia did not stop him and look at her daughter, wrapping her arms around Dong Xuebings neck from his back. Yu Meixia knew her daughter had never treated another person like this in the past. Her dead husband had treated Qianqian badly and made her timid and shy towards strangers. But Dong Xuebing had treated Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian well, and Qianqian found someone to act whiny. This is how a child should behave.

    Back at home, Qianqian ran into the bedroom and laid on the bed.

    Outside of the room, Yu Meixia said softly. "Thank you for today. I seldom see Qianqian so happy before. She is also getting naughtier."

    "She is just a child. All kids love to play." Dong Xuebing massaged his waist. Carrying Qianqian up the stairs is quite tiring.

    Yu Meixia got anxious. "Did you hurt you back? I told you not to spoil her. Let me massage your back for you."

    "No, I did not hurt my back. I just felt tired." Dong Xuebing looks toward the bedroom and said softly. "Do you want to check on Qianqian and see if she is asleep?"

    Yu Meixia blushed and went to the room quietly. After a while, she closed the door softly and nodded to Dong Xuebing.

    Dong Xuebing laughed and pulled Yu Meixia into the bathroom. "Lets take a shower together."

    "Together?" Yu Meixia quickly waved her hands. "No Qianqian is still"

    "She is asleep and will not wake up so soon. We will lock the door, and if she comes and looks for you, we can say I am helping you to apply for medicine on your face."

    Yu Meixia stood there, not knowing what to do. "But"

    "No buts. Quick, undress, and lock the door."

    Dong Xuebing stripped off his clothes in seconds, and Sister Yu quickly turns away and lock the door. She stood there with her back towards Dong Xuebing and heard the sounds of water splashing.

    Dong Xuebing washed his hair and said. "Hurry up. Whats there to be shy? Come over, I will wash your back for you."

    Yu Meixia turned and bit her lips before taking off her clothes slowly. She covered her chest and private parts with her hands as she walks over to Dong Xuebing awkwardly. "I I will just take a quick shower. If you want I can wash your back for you."

    Dong Xuebing pulled Yu Meixia over under the warm shower.

    Splash Yu Meixias fair body immediately becomes wet.

    Dong Xuebing looked at her sexy body and started kissing her.

    Yu Meixia knew Dong Xuebing will do this. She tried to push him away, halfheartedly, and looks towards the door. She is afraid her daughter will knock on the door suddenly.

    About ten minutes later, it was quiet outside.

    Yu Meixia felt slightly at ease and lowered her head to let Dong Xuebing puts her down on the floor.

    Dong Xuebing asked softly. "If you think the floor is dirty"

    Yu Meixia blushed and shook her head. She looked at Dong Xuebing and covered her mouth with her hands, as she is afraid she might moan too loudly.

    Dong Xuebing did not hesitate and started making love with Yu Meixia. He had lost count how many times they had made love today.

    No matter how many times they have done it, Dong Xuebing still felt its not enough.

    Dong Xuebing is getting addicted to Yu Meixias mature body.
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