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    Chapter 307 Fair

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    Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 2.

    It is not the peak season for holidays, but the airport is still packed. Dong Xuebing is walking in front with his boarding pass, looking for Gate 15. Yu Meixia, in a fur coat and a thick white face mask, follows behind closely. She is very tense and nervous.

    "Xiao Bing" Yu Meixia looks at Dong Xuebing. "Do we really have to go?"

    Dong Xuebing replied. "Why are you still saying this? We have to go."

    "I I am still not prepared. I" Yu Meixia is confused.

    "Whats wrong?" Dong Xuebing smiled.

    "Not Nothing" Yu Meixia bit her lips. "Lets go."

    Dong Xuebing is not Sister Yu, but he can understand what she is thinking. She wants to do the operation but is also afraid the operation might fail. Furthermore, this is her first time on a plane and her first time traveling out of China. Dong Xuebing did not get impatient with her and comforted her by telling how confident he is about the operation.

    Waiting for the flight is boring.

    The flight to Seoul is later at night, and the gate opens around 9 pm. Beijing Airports gate has sky bridges connecting to the planes, and it is different from other airports where passengers must board a bus to the planes. This is very convenient for passengers.

    After the airline staff checked their boarding pass, Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia boarded the plane.

    This is a small plane, and there are three seats on the left and three seats on the right.

    Dong Xuebing had arranged for him to sit with Yu Meixia nearer to the back of the plane. Dong Xuebing let Yu Meixia sit beside the window, before putting their luggage into the overhead compartment. After he sat down in the center seat, he took out a packet of poker cards to play with Yu Meixia.

    Soon, all the passengers boarded.

    A spectacled man sat down beside Dong Xuebing. He should be Korean as he is speaking in a foreign language with the three men in front. They should be friends, and Dong Xuebing saw their Taekwondo uniforms in their translucent bags when they are placing their bags in the overhead compartment. The man in his forties is a blackbelt, and the man in his thirties is a red belt. They should be from some Taekwondo gyms in Korea.

    Dong Xuebing did not mind about them at first and continued to play cards with Sister Yu.

    But after a while, Dong Xuebing noticed the young man kept looking at Yu Meixias face. He kept glancing over every few seconds and spoke in Korean with the men in front of them. The men sitting in front turned and look at Yu Meixias face. The scars on Sister Yus face is very long, and her face mask cannot cover everything.

    Yu Meixia saw so many men looking at her, and she quickly covers her face.

    Dong Xuebing was pissed. "What the f**k are you all looking at?!"

    Kim Hee Jin frowned. Even when he doesnt understand Chinese, he also knows Dong Xuebing is not saying anything nice. He stared at Dong Xuebing in his eyes, and coldly replied in Korean. "What are you talking about?"

    Dong Xuebing stared at him. "What the f**k are you saying?! Can you talk like a human being?!"

    Kim Hee Jin replied in Korean. "Are all Chinese uncultured like you?"

    Dong Xuebing does not understand Korean, but others in the plane can understand. A young man stood up immediately and scolded in Mandarin with Beijing accent. "Bangzi! Who do you think you are scolding?!"

    Dong Xuebing looks at the young man. "Bro, what did he say?"

    That young man replied furiously. "He scolds us Chinese are all uncultured!"

    "Bastard!" Dong Xuebing points at that Korean. "You had been staring at my Sisters face the moment you sat down! We are uncultured?! Do you even know how to write the characters for culture? Ah?! Shameless!" Dong Xuebing looks at the three Taekwondo men sitting in the row in front. "You all are in your thirties and forties, and dont you all know how to behave?! Yet, you all still dare to talk about culture?! F**k you!"

    That Beijing young man laughed. "Thats right!"

    The rest of the Chinese passengers onboard and started scolding this group of Koreans.

    "This group of Bangzi is too much! They deserved to be scolded!"

    "That ladys face is injured, and you all are still staring at her face?! You all should be beaten to death!"

    Han Shangyu and Park Eunji, who are sitting in the row in front of Dong Xuebing, look at Dong Xuebing. "What is wrong with you?! Why are you scolding Hee jin?!"

    Dong Xuebing looks at them. "Stop staring at me! You all also want to be scolded?"

    Kim Hee Jin saw Dong Xuebing scolding his teachers and immediately stands up and grabbed Dong Xuebing by his collar.

    Dong Xuebing laughed, and also grabbed Kim Hee Jins collar. "You want to pick a fight with me?! You think you are a fighter because you learned some Taekwondo?! Fine! Lets spar!"

    Yu Meixia quickly pulls Dong Xuebing back. "Xiao Bing stop fighting its fine"

    The air stewardess heard the commotion and quickly ran over to stop the fight.

    Dong Xuebing is not stupid, and he is not in Yan Tai County now. He knows he must not create trouble, but this concerns Sister Yu. She was just disfigured, and those men were staring at her as if she is an exhibit. Who can tolerate this? This is basic courtesy! Anyone with morals will not do such things! These Koreans had not only insulted Sister Yu, but they also scolded the Chinese! Dong Xuebing cannot tolerate their behavior!

    Dong Xuebing has always been an Angry Youth.

    Although China and Korea did not have any serious diplomatic disputes, some Koreans had incurred the wrath of the Chinese. A while ago, an incident was reported in the papers and the internet. This incident was related to some incidents that happened a few years ago and pissed off many Chinese youths.

    The plane took off.

    Two stewardesses managed to stop the argument between two parties.

    Kim Hee Jin controlled his anger and returned to his seat. He fastened his seatbelt and continued to speak to his two teachers in the front row.

    Han Shangyu and Park Eunji scolded the stewardess in English before giving Dong Xuebing a stare and returning to their seats.

    "Scums!" Dong Xuebing scolded.

    "Xiao Bing Stop Im fine" Yu Meixia whispered.

    Dong Xuebing patted Yu Meixia. "Just ignore these uneducated scums!

    Yu Meixia nodded.

    The plane touched down in Seoul International Airport, two hours later.

    Dong Xuebing and Yu Meixia got off the plane. Dong Xuebing exchanged a few angry stares with Kim Hee Jin and his teachers when they passed each other, before leaving the airport with Sister Yu. He had made arrangements with the hospital but had not booked any hotel rooms. He needs to look for a hotel near the hospital, but have problems communicating with the taxi drivers.

    "Hey bro, do you need any help?" The Beijing young man who had helped translated on the plane walks over to Dong Xuebing.

    Dong Xuebing took out a piece of paper. "Do you know this hospital? I want to go to a hotel near this address."

    That young man smiled. "No problem. I will help you get a taxi."

    "Thank you. How do I address you?"

    "Li An. I am attending university here."

    "Im Dong Xuebing. I am bringing my Sister to visit the doctors here."

    They chatted as they waited for the taxi. They are both from Beijing and about the same age. After a while, the taxi arrived, and Li An spoke to the driver in Korean and turned to Dong Xuebing. "Brother Dong, I told the driver where you are going, and he will bring you to a hotel there."

    Dong Xuebing patted Li Ans shoulders. "Thank you."

    "We should help each other when we are overseas." Li An laughed. "Furthermore, I like how you scold those people on the plane. I will train how to scold people when I get back."

    Dong Xuebing smiled embarrassedly. He is a government leader, and yet he had quarreled with others in public. This is not right.

    Four Seasons Hotel Seoul.

    Dong Xuebing used his limited English to book a room at the hotel. He had not used English since his university exams two years ago and had almost forgotten everything. Luckily, the front desk staff has a high level of understanding and gave him a room.

    Dong Xuebing took the key and entered the elevator.

    Yu Meixia followed behind, blushing.

    "Whats wrong?" Dong Xuebing noticed Yu Meixias face was all red. "Did you change your mind again? We are already in Seoul."

    "No" Yu Meixia blushed. "You did you only book a room? We are we going to sleep together?"

    Dong Xuebing realized Yu Meixia had misunderstood him. "I had booked a suite, and there are two bedrooms inside."

    Yu Meixia was relieved. Sorry I I dont know."

    "Its fine. Lets go upstairs."

    Dong Xuebing had thought nothing about this, but after Sister Yu mentioned this, he started feeling awkward. Although they will be sleeping in separate rooms, they still feel weird. He did think about booking two rooms but changed his mind as he is worried about Sister Yu.

    Ninth floor. Room 918.

    After entering the suite, Dong Xuebing noticed the grand decor of the room. He does not know how many stars this hotel had when he booked the suite, but it should be at least four or five stars. Dong Xuebing helped to bring Yu Meixias luggage into her room after they entered.

    "Are you tired? Do you want to take a shower first?"

    Yu Meixia blushed. "You can go first. I am not in a hurry."

    "Alright." Dong Xuebing rubbed his palms. "I will take a hot shower to warm myself up."

    Yu Meixia had been living in the countryside village all her life and is even not familiar with life in the County, let alone in first-tier cities like Beijing and Seoul. She felt tensed and dare not touch anything in the room. She is afraid that she might damage somethings and had to pay for it. So, she just sat on the bed, looking around the room.

    An hour later.

    Yu Meixia took a hot shower and was in her room with Dong Xuebing.

    "I had called Doctor Zhang Jingjing." Dong Xuebing laughed. "She asked you to go to the hospital in the afternoon for a pre-operation check."

    Yu Meixia tensed up again and played with her fingers nervously.

    Dong Xuebing smiled. "We are already here. Dont worry."

    " Xiao Bing."


    Yu Meixia lifted her arm and placed it beside her face. "The color of my skin is different from my face. Will it be"

    Dong Xuebing looks at Yu Meixias arm. Her arms are slightly darker than her face.

    Yu Meixia sighed. "Didnt you say the chances of covering the scars will be higher if the skin color matches my face? But my"

    Dong Xuebing thought for a while. "Your arms are always under the sun during summer, and its normal for the complexion on your arm is darker than your face. Also, skin grafting will not use the skin on arms.

    "But my legs are also" Yu Meixia had secretly examined her complexion on her arms, belly, legs, etc. with a mirror. Still, the tone did not match her face. If the doctors used her skin from these parts on her face, it would look ugly.

    Dong Xuebing had overlooked this problem and become anxious. "Is your skin tone very different?"

    "I used to work in the fields previously, and I have tanned complexion then."

    "What should we do?" Dong Xuebing paced around the room, worryingly. "Show me your legs. You might not see clearly with a mirror."

    Yu Meixia nodded and pulled up her pants, showing part of her calf.

    Dong Xuebing said. "Not your calves. Calves have too many hairs, and the skin there is not suitable. Furthermore, how are you going to wear skirts in the future? Show me your thighs."

    Yu Meixia blushed and did not move.

    "This is not the time to be embarrassed. Hurry up."

    " ok."

    Dong Xuebing is more anxious than Yu Meixia. If none of her skin tones matches her face, then it will be impossible for her to cover up her scars.

    Yu Meixia bit her lips and removed her belt and pushed down her pants and long john inside. Immediately a pair of white panties are exposed to Dong Xuebing. Yu Meixias face was burning, and she turned sideways to show Dong Xuebing her thighs.

    Dong Xuebing quickly bend over to look at her thighs and face.

    Yu Meixia lowered her head. "Is the tone the same? Are there any differences?"

    Dong Xuebing looks at her face and her legs a few times. "The difference is not great, but it is quite obvious. Your face is fairer." Dong Xuebing continued. "Show me your back. Your back should have not been exposed to the sun."

    Yu Meixia quickly pulled up her pants and took off her sweater and pulled up her long john top. Her fair and smooth back is now exposed to Dong Xuebing.

    Dong Xuebing moved closer and said. "Turn around for me to compare."

    Yu Meixia turned and asked softly. "Is the skin on my back suitable?"

    " no." Dong Xuebing replied. "Your back is not as fair as your face. Pull your top higher, and let me see your upper back. Hmmm. No your upper back is also the same."

    Yu Meixias eyes turned red. "Does that mean my face will never recover?"

    Dong Xuebing knocked his head and pulled down her top for her. "Oh, skin grafting usually uses the skin from the buttocks. Have you checked?"

    "I tried using a mirror, but cannot see clearly."

    "Can I help you take a look?"

    Yu Meixia hesitated and looks at Dong Xuebing in his eyes. She stood up without saying a word and reaches for the waistbands of her pants and long johns and pushes it down to her knees. She immediately turned away from Dong Xuebing and showed her buttocks to him. She hesitated for a few seconds and pulled down her panties slightly.

    Dong Xuebings heart was racing and started to have naughty thoughts.

    Dong Xuebing quickly suppressed his internal desires and look at Yu Meixias butt closely. When he looks up at Yu Meixias face, he paused.

    Yu Meixia tensed up. "Is it not suitable too?"

    "No. Your face is red, and I cant tell." Dong Xuebing cleared his throat.


    Dong Xuebing replied gently. "Stop imagining things and calm down. Take some deep breaths."

    Yu Meixia also doesnt want to blush, but a man is staring at her butt now. She started taking deep breaths to calm herself.

    A few minutes later, the red flush on Yu Meixias face subsided.

    Dong Xuebing quickly looks at her butt and her face. "Yes!"

    "Huh?" Yu Meixia looked at Dong Xuebing and started blushing again.

    Dong Xuebing laughed. "No problem. Your skin on your butt is as fair as your face. It will not be a problem to use the skin here!"

    Yu Meixia was relieved, but when she saw Dong Xuebing was still looking at her butt, she quickly pulls up her pants.

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