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    Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 1071 - WAO 1071

    Chapter 1071 S9003

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    Gu Qing Shan’s homeworld.

    The S.W. Divine Temple.



    The heavy voice of metal impact sounded.

    Two figures descended from above, landing inside the fortress.

    A heavy male voice came from behind the metallic helmet:

    “The fluctuations of the Abyss have completely stopped”

    A clear female voice replied: “That’s right, we can finally get some rest”

    The metallic bodysuits were swiftly taken off their bodies, revealing their appearances.

    The man was tall and burly, wearing a black leather jacket as well as fingerless gloves. He took out a cigar from his pocket, lit it up, and took a long drag from it.

    The female was short, slender, and stylish, wearing a miniskirt, long black stockings, and a white shirt, her hair was tied into a ponytail as her cat ears lightly twitched.

    Barry and Kitty.

    They had just returned from outer space.

    Kitty stretched and yawned: “Hah, I’m going relax a bit at the spa before going window shopping again”

    Barry also said: “Then I’m going to get a drink, we’ll meet up again when it’s time for dinner”


    Kitty replied and was about to use her spatial warp.

    All of a sudden, their Holo-brains both lit up.

    A cold, mechanical voice resounded from within:

    [Reporting, I’m currently traveling through the Super Dimensional passage, estimated to reach the vicinity of the Justice Iron Fist Club in 1 minute. Requesting permission to enter]

    A scene was displayed on the Holo-brain.

    A small interstellar warship was rapidly traveling through the space vortex.

    Lines of descriptive text appeared on the screen:

    [Transporting war equipment]

    [Transport approved by: Impartial Goddess]

    Kitty was surprised: “You’re heading to the Iron Fist Club?”

    Impartial Goddess’s voice resounded within the interstellar fortress: [The Justice Iron Fist Club is the closest known Super Dimensional world to the Mystic Zones, capable of accommodating transport to the vicinity of the Bramble Bird Kingdom, as such, I am requesting permission to enter]

    Barry also asked: “Goddess, you’re sending a technological war equipment to the Bramble Bird Kingdom?”

    [Correct, Mister Barry. According to the information I received, Gu Qing Shan’s group will soon arrive at the Bramble Bird Kingdom]

    Barry and Kitty exchanged glances.

    Having been here for so long, they know about what happened in this world before they arrived.

    The Impartial Goddess had always been on Gu Qing Shan’s side.

    “Alright, I’ll return to the Club to grant you passage right away” Kitty said.

    Her body flashed and vanished from the interstellar fortress.

    Barry stood there by himself, his expression was cold.

    As Gu Qing Shan’s homeworld had become a Super Dimensional world, it was now connected to the 900 million World Layers and received information from every corner of it.

    The Era of [Chaos] had descended, ravaging the 900 million World Layers.

    Many carriers of [Chaos] did everything they could, some even attempted things they couldn’t, to destroy order and civilization; for the sake of quickly becoming stronger, they spared no acts of villainy.

    Furthermore, they had a Deity on their side, if something truly went wrong, they would simply pay a heavy price to summon the power of their Deity.

    And no one could fight against the Deity of [Chaos].

    Even more importantly——

    [Order] hadn’t returned.

    The Eternal Abyss hadn’t gotten it easy either, having been nearly destroyed by the parallel world, it had only just regained its footing recently.

    The situation was rapidly deteriorating.

    The 900 million World Layers as a whole was speeding down the slippery of destruction.

    Is the ultimate battle approaching?

    Barry clenched his fist tightly, glancing down at his Holo-brain.

    “Tell me, how long until Gu Qing Shan’s group makes it back to the Bramble Bird Kingdom?”

    The Holo-brain quickly responded: [A day and a half]

    Barry nodded: “Tell the guys, we’re all heading there when the time comes”

    [Understood, Mister Barry]

    Barry turned off his Holo-brain, grabbed a bottle of liquor randomly from the void of space and poured it down his throat.


    First, I’ll go to the bar and drink my heart out.

    A day and a half later, I’ll meet up with Gu Qing Shan in the Bramble Bird Kingdom and prepare everyone for a fight

    Barry quickly decided on a course of action.

    The Justice Iron Fist Club.

    Kitty stood at the door of the Club, maintaining the Super Dimensional passage.

    A small interstellar warship slowly appeared from the void of space.

    Kitty picked up her personal Holo-brain and asked: “Goddess, you there?”

    A cold, emotionless electronic voice resounded from Kitty’s Holo-brain:

    [Miss, in accordance with the Goddess’ approval, this operation is being conducted by the S9003 advanced transportation system. Impartial Goddess still remains on the homeworld to manage its every aspect, thus unavailable here]

    “She didn’t come? Alright, I’ve already contacted the Bramble Bird Kingdom” Kitty glanced at the front of the warship and continued: “Destination, Mystic Zones, border of the Bramble Tree world”

    She reached her hand out and abruptly pressed the void of space.

    A circular passage manifested in front of the interstellar warship, the other side could be seen to be a world full of flowers and greenery.

    The warship swiftly made its way inside.

    As Kitty pulled her hand back, the passage soon disappeared.

    At this time, a line of notification appeared on her Holo-brain:

    [Boss Barry’s group message:]

    [One and half a day later, Gu Qing Shan and the Abyssal King will arrive at the Bramble Bird Kingdom, everyone please make sure to come and provide aid]

    Kitty couldn’t help cracking her knuckles.

    ——so, the real battle is about to begin huh?

    This war will be completely unlike any previous ones.

    The future of the 900 million World Layers, perhaps even the Eternal Abyss, will be decided in this war.

    This would surely be a tough battle, as the other side even has support of a Deity.

    There is only a day and a half left, then

    Let’s go window shopping first.

    A day and a half later, I’ll go with big bro to the Bramble Bird Kingdom to meet up with Gu Qing Shan.

    Kitty quickly made her decision.

    The small interstellar warship made its way to the border of the Bramble Bird Kingdom border.

    The Bramble Bird General Ilya was already here with several guards, waiting.

    Both the Justice Iron Fist Club and Gu Qing Shan were trustworthy allies of the Bramble Bird Kingdom, so she had come to personally receive this matter.

    At this point, an electronic voice sounded from the small interstellar warship:

    [In accordance with Impartial Goddess’ approval, this operation is being conducted by the S9003 advanced transportation system, here to deliver war equipment for his excellency Gu Qing Shan, please provide me positional direction]

    —–who would’ve thought, Gu Qing Shan’s Super Dimensional world was a technological world.

    Ilya thought that as she evaluated the small interstellar warship.

    “Please wait a moment”

    Ilya took out an emerald green leaf and tossed it out.

    The emerald green leaf scattered into specks of light and manifested Laura’s appearance.

    Laura asked some unseen people behind her:

    “It looks like something for Gu Qing Shan, apparently from Impartial Goddess”

    Zhang Ying Hao’s voice emerged from a bit further away: “Impartial Goddess had always been trustworthy, and something that she personally sent must be quite decent, let it come to us”

    “But we’re still quite a bit of distance away——”

    “It’s ok” Ye Fei Li’s voice came: “Our warp technology has already reached maturity a while ago. After Impartial Goddess conducted a joint scientific research with several technological experts from the Blade Edge Pledge, they further perfected it to the point of being capable of warping through World Layers”

    “That impressive? Alright then”

    Laura was apparently surprised and turned to tell Ilya: “Provide it our airship’s coordinates, we’ll remain here, for now, to wait for the delivery”


    As the green light scattered, the conversation ended.

    Ilya then took out a star chart, raised it in her hand, and asked a bit doubtfully: “Can you understand this star chart?”

    A small light shined from the small interstellar warship and scanned the star chart.

    A stiff and mechanical voice replied: [I have all airship routes available within the 900 million World Layers, please do not worry]

    [Then, farewell]

    Layers of light enveloped the small interstellar warship.

    At the next split second, space itself rippled like waves in an ocean as the small interstellar warship simply vanished.

    Having carefully watched this, Ilya muttered to herself: “When it comes to efficiency, technology is truly as impressive as they say”

    Not too long later.

    The small interstellar warship arrived at the position of the Bramble Bird airship.

    Laura was really surprised: “Whoa, it came so quickly, can it take us back to the Bramble Bird Kingdom first?”

    A stiff electronic voice sounded from the interstellar warship:

    [My apologies, the mission of this trip is to deliver war equipment to his excellency Gu Qing Shan]

    Laura asked with intrigue: “I heard that your world’s central technological processing system is called Impartial Goddess?”

    The electronic voice responded: [The Goddess remained on the homeworld in order to manage the situation, I am the S9003 advanced transportation system]

    “Is that so?” Laura didn’t really mind and asked behind her: “Zhang Ying Hao, what now?”

    Zhang Ying Hao calmly replied: “Since we have confirmation from Barry and Kitty, as well as confirmation of the Super Dimensional passage authority from my homeworld and the Justice Iron Fist Club, there should be no issues”

    Laura nodded and called out: “Boss—–”

    “Alright, I’ll do it”

    Boss walked forward, glanced at the interstellar warship, and said: “Open your door, I’ll explain the situation to you inside”

    The door of the interstellar warship swiftly opened.

    Boss went inside, then projected several isolation techniques around the ship before started explaining:

    “We only have a fake Gu Qing Shan here”

    “The real Gu Qing Shan had just left. I can draw out his projected route for you”

    “You need to quickly find him because I only know his airship route up to the border of the Abyss. After that, none of us know for sure what he would do—— this was for the sake of safety and secrecy”

    The electronic voice paused briefly before replying: [Please draw his projected airship route for me]

    Boss gathered a cluster of light at the tip of his finger and said: “Project our current position”

    A screen of light showed up to display the void coordinate chart of this relative location.

    Boss put his finger on the screen and began to draw the route.

    A few moments later.

    “There, quickly go and deliver what you need to deliver, otherwise you might not be able to find him”

    After saying so, Boss left the interstellar warship.

    After the blink of an eye.

    The small interstellar warship vanished from next to the Bramble Bird airship.

    In the void, layer after layer of invisible fluctuations were being passed through by the warship.

    It moved forward, and further forward, passing through countless worlds, and kept moving forward.

    After an undetermined amount of time.

    A joyful female voice resounded on the interstellar warship:

    [I found you!]