Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1343 - RAROTVH 1343

    Chapter 1343 The Methods Used To Defeat A Love Rival

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    Xu Zhenyu stared at Si Yiyan who was standing tall and pridefully in front of him like a bamboo, exuding a commanding aura. He reminded Xu Zhenyu of the waves of the ocean and the grooves of the mountains.

    The waves of the ocean were used to describe a mans aura, and that meant that Si Yiyan was not to be belittled!

    The ridges of the mountains were used to describe a mans character and aura. Si Yiyan was prideful and unmovable!

    Xu Zhenyus face grew petulant and he murmured, "So it was you"

    Xu Zhenyu was no fool and he instantly understood what Si Yiyan meant. Back then, he was painstakingly pursuing Wen Xinya but felt that he was too inferior to her. Due to the fact that he was young and immature, he was easily influenced by those around him. Hence, he got coerced into joining the Northwest Military Camp.

    However, when he began to miss Wen Xinya during the tough times that he was going through at the camp, he started to feel like something was amiss. However, he did not manage to figure out what was so unusual about things.

    Now, he finally understood.

    Xu Zhenyu had never been so exasperated before. He flew into a rage and hollered like a menacing beast. "So you were the one who plotted against me and made me leave Capital City so that I would be far far away from Xinya. You then took advantage and got involved. You are really despicable and shameless."

    Back then, he was still a spoiled brat from a wealthy family. It was not that he didnt want to join the military, but rather, he was too prideful and rebellious to accept his familys instructions and arrangements. He didnt want to have them micromanage his life and future, for everyone would simply say that everything he had was because of the Xu Family.

    It was his pride and rebellion which made him susceptible to the influence of his friends who supported, spited, and coerced him into joining the Northwest Military Camp.

    At that time, Northwest Military Camp was the best choice for him because he would no longer have to accept the arrangements made by the Xu Family and could stay out of their control, once he was away from Capital City. He would then be able to make a name for himself without the help of his family. He would also grow rapidly enough to become compatible with Wen Xinya, because of the arduous training.

    Yet, he had no idea that he had already fallen into someone elses trap.

    That person was Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyan had seen through his personality and hence, managed to lure Xu Zhenyu with just a few petty tricks.

    Xu Zhenyu thought that he would be able to make outstanding achievements and return home accomplished. Yet, he had merely fallen into Si Yiyans trap and allowed him to get together with Wen Xinya.

    Han Mofeng was right about him deserving to lose

    Without his knowledge, Si Yiyan had already begun plotting against him. However, he only understood everything after such a long time. It was truly pathetic.

    Staring at the man who had lost control of his rationality because of his anger, Si Yiyan said calmly, "Im not despicable and shameless. I simply found out about life earlier than you did. I was desperate, so I resorted to desperate measures to get what I wanted. Everyone has different abilities, its up to you to decide which method to use."

    The greatest difference between him and Xu Zhenyu was that he had always known what he wanted.

    However, things were different for Xu Zhenyu, who had been pampered and spoiled rotten ever since he was young. Hence, he was proud and self-righteous. Despite having fallen in love with Wen Xinya, Xu Zhenyu was too young to know that he had to grasp onto her tightly. Instead, he allowed his pride and arrogance to get the better of him, as he focused all his energy into becoming a hero for his crush.

    Little did he know that time could not withstand tests.

    Si Yiyans words were undoubtedly the cruelest and bloodied knife that stabbed Xu Zhenyu in his heart and rendered him helpless. "Youre so scheming and despicable. How could Xinya fancy a man like you?"

    After returning to Capital City, he regretted his decision to go to the Northwest Military Camp on several occasions. He constantly thought about it, only to bring himself remorse and agony.

    However, he didnt think that his decision to leave Capital City was the scheme plotted by his rival in love.

    After finding out the truth, he could not keep his cool at all.

    Si Yiyan said, "The truth has proven that Xinya chose me over you."

    Si Yiyan made those words sound extremely hurtful because he was speaking to Xu Zhenyu in a condescending tone, as a victor who was carrying about his victory.

    Xu Zhenyus eyes turned red as anger overwhelmed him. "Dont get too smug yet. Theres still a long way ahead for us."

    Seemingly in agreement with him, Si Yiyan said, "Youre right, theres still a long way ahead. Lets wait for the future!"

    Well wait and see!For the first time, Xu Zhenyu realized that his willpower would become weak and helpless when he was in front of Si Yiyan.

    Si Yiyans words were full of hidden meanings. Greatly infuriated, Xu Zhenyu seethed with anger and barked. "Yes, well wait and see!"

    I wont remain the status quo forever and allow Ninth Si to undermine me. One day, Ill be above him.

    Since he had lost in love, he couldnt lose his pride.

    Si Yiyan smirked and said, "You were lucky to have been able to get promoted so quickly!"

    Although the training was tough in the Northwest Military Camp, it was extremely far away from Capital City. Hence, what could the Xu Family have done? Did he really think he managed to get promoted to a Major within two years just because he was outstanding?

    He had to understand that competent soldiers were abundant in the military!

    Si Yiyan had never been one to be trifled with. Those who wanted to vie for him in love would only face his scheming tricks!

    He was well aware that Wen Xinya cared a lot about Xu Zhenyu and that no one could replace him. Si Yiyan never wanted to replace him, anyway. He simply wanted to make use of Xu Zhenyu to give himself an advantage.

    He wanted to make Xu Zhenyu live well.

    Once Xu Zhenyu lived well, Wen Xinya would stop paying so much attention to him and no longer be so worried about him.

    Hence, he contributed greatly to Xu Zhenyus success.

    Of course, he was not that silly as to help his rival out all the time. It didnt match his usual character, either. He wouldnt allow his rival to continue improving and growing, lest his rival become a threat to him.

    He merely thought that it would be a good way to Attack his rival in love.

    *What rights has he got to vie with me? Everything he has was given to him by me!*Given how prideful and arrogant Xu Zhenyu was, he definitely wouldnt be able to affect the harsh reality. He could imagine how agonized and miserable Xu Zhenyu must be feeling now.