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    Chapter 1402 Money More Than Anything Else

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    At seven oclock in the evening, Yan Su got a call from Ye Yunchang after dinner.

    "Susu, have you eaten yet?" Ye Yunchang asked breezily as if everything was between them was hunky-dory.

    "I just ate. Is anything wrong, Brother Ye?" Yan Su asked innocently.

    "I just wanted to apologize." He sounded very sincere over the phone. "After that interview in Beijing last time, I didnt expect the reporters to take my words out of context like that. I have no ill intentions or any hard feelings against you. Susu, I know you well. The media is just getting a little bored, and theyre using you to increase their viewership."

    Yan Su laughed warily, but she didnt say anything.

    Ye Yunchang continued, "There are a lot of international stars in the production crew who stepped up to testify for you. I didnt expect your connections to be so wide. There are a lot of netizens online, leaving me to hate messages. Susu, would you do me a favor and clarify things online for me? I know its a lot to ask, but Im left with no choice. Look, we did work together once. We still have to see each other when we promote the film together"

    "Brother Ye" Yan Su interrupted. "Im still calling you brother out of politeness. Youre saying that youre a victim in this whole episode as well and that someone was using you. But I distinctly remember that you didnt come out to clarify anything the first day when the photos were released. You were silent when the netizens were hating me. On the second day, when you did that interview, you left me in a lurch. Even when I was nearly kicked out of the entertainment industry, you refused to vouch for me. Youre only apologizing to me now after people came out to support me. I have to be honest; youre coming across as a hypocrite."

    "I was overseas. I wasnt following the news"

    "Enough," Yan Su said abruptly. "I knew you were upset with me in Beijing. You were unfriendly and rude; we both know that. Theres no need to put on an act."

    Ye Yunchang was angry now. "Yan Su, dont think youre all that big just because you went to Venice and participated in Asias Top Singer. Are you disregarding to me now? Back when you first started, you called me Brother Ye and were so respectful to me. Fine. If you want to make things ugly, I can tell you that Im not going to credit your authorship for that song Fearless that we collaborated on."

    Yan Su tightened her grip on her phone. "What do you mean?"

    Ye Yunchang snickered. "I wrote the lyrics for Fearless, and I arranged the music score. You have no rights over the single other than the fact that you sang along with me. From now on, you only have the performance rights to this song. You wont be getting a cent from the earnings."

    "Fat chance!" Yan Su, who was well-tempered by nature, was furious now. "Shameless! Thats right! You wrote the lyrics and the score, but I made sixty percent of the changes later on!"

    "How come I dont know about that?" Ye Yunchang sneered. "Do you have any proof of your claims?"

    Yan Su was quiet a moment. She had made the changes in his hardcopy manuscript then, but she didnt keep a copy of that manuscript. "We signed a contract. If youre going to do this, Ill have no choice but to press charges."

    "Bring it on."

    After she hung up, Yan Su called Xiang Wan. "Ye Yunchang is despicably shameless, but I understand. Youre so popular now, and when the movie screens, the theme track will be hitting the charts, no doubt. If he claims the masters to the track, he will be reaping all the earnings, too. At his age and without any reputation left, hes trying to secure the money part of the show business."