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    Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 803 Night In Shanghai City 1 Part 2

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    Mr. Yoshitaka Matsuda continued, "I have one more thing that I'd like to talk to you, sir. The world-renowned Japanese engineer Mr. Sakata Ikuzo requested me to have a meeting with him."

    "Do you know what it is about?"

    "No, sir. He told me that he will talk to me when he sees me."

    "He is a retired engineer. I'm not sure why he wants to meet you. Is that probably about his art exhibition with wood-carved figures?"

    "It didn't seem to be about his artworks. He said it was about something related to GH Mobile."

    "GH Mobile? Well, I guess you will have to see him to find it out."

    "Yes, sir."

    Gun-Ho pulled the 100,000 won worth gift card from his pocket and said as he handed it to Mr. Yoshitaka Matsuda, "Please buy a box of dried persimmon from Shinsegae Department Store with this, and bring it with you when you meet Mr. Sakata Ikuzo. And, tell him that it's Korean dried persimmon from President Goo." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/story-of-a-big-player-from-gangnam_13311963706454205/night-in-shanghai-city-(1)-%E2%80%93-part-2_50924132111536495 for visiting.

    "Hongshigake (dried persimmon), sir?" Thank you. I will get him a box of dried persimmon from the department store."

    It was Monday.

    Gun-Ho was supposed to go to work in GH Mobile in Jiksan Town and Dyeon Korea in Asan City, but he decided not to. He made a call to the secretaries in both companies telling them that he wouldn't be there that day because he had other business that requires his attention. He, instead, headed to Shanghai City. When he arrived at Pudong Airport, Director Woon-Hak Sim was waiting for him at the airport to pick him up.

    "It has been a while, sir."

    "You look great, Mr. Director."

    "I've been doing fine. I thank you for that, sir. I've been feeling alive again ever since my general rehabilitation was accepted by the court."

    "Haha, I see."

    "I haven't reserved a hotel room for you as you instructed, sir."

    "I reserved a room with Grand Central myself from Seoul. I chose it because it's a five-star hotel."

    "Are you not going to visit the office of Huanle Shiji Production Company?"

    "Probably not. The office must be very busy now, and I don't want to interrupt their work. Once I arrive at the Grand Central Hotel and check-in, I will let you know with my room number. Please then tell Huanle Shiji Production Company's President Baogang Chen to come to my hotel room."

    "Understood, sir."

    The car drove on Nanpu Bridge crossing Huangpu River, then it entered Zhongshan South Road. Director Woon-Hak Sim, who was sitting on the front passenger seat, turned around and said to Gun-Ho, "Sir, I saw the news. Congratulations on your company Dyeon Korea becoming a public company."

    "Oh, that? Thank you."

    "When I saw the news about one of your companies Dyeon Korea going public, I was with Huanle Shiji Production Company's President Baogang Chen. He looked startled when he learned the fact. Becoming a public company means that it's no longer a small company, even in China as well. As we have KOSDAQ, China has CHASDAQ (Chuangye Ban)."

    While they were making a conversation, the car arrived at the Grand Central Hotel. Since Gun-Ho reserved a suite room with the hotel, the hotel staff at the front desk was extremely polite with Gun-Ho.

    Gun-Ho said to Director Sim as he gave him his room number, "Is Mori Aikko staying in this hotel as well?"

    "No, sir. She will be here tomorrow though. Since you are here, Huanle Shiji Production Company's President Baogang Chen will move Mori Aikko's place to this hotel."

    "Hmm, really? Has everyone at Huanle Shiji Production Company been nice with you, Mr. Director Sim? Have they ever been mean or unfair to you while you were here?"

    "Not that I know of, sir. I can't tell what they really think inside their mind, but they have been kind to me so far."

    "That's good."

    "I'm giving them a lot of advice about movie technique and technologies, so they have been showing me adequate respect while I'm working with them. Also, I have connected them with the movie directors in Seoul as well if necessary, so they have been using my connections as well."

    "Hmm, I see."

    After Director Sim went back to his office, Gun-Ho went to his hotel room. After changing his outfit into something more comfortable, he had his tea. Since he was staying in a suite room, he could enjoy his tea in the living room next to the bedroom.

    When he was having oolong tea, he received a call from Director Seukang Li.

    "Gun-Ho Goo! I heard that you are in Shanghai City now. Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

    "How did you find it out?"

    "Huanle Shiji Production Company's President Baogang Chen informed me that you would be here."


    "Which hotel are you staying at? I think he told me that you are staying in the Grand Central Hotel."

    "Yeah. I just arrived at the hotel."

    "I was told that the shooting for the movie Menghuan Yinghua will be done this week. I really appreciate your investment into this movie production."

    "Don't mention it. I'm doing this for my own benefit making money."

    "Haha, really? Well, I will stop by your hotel after work today. Let's have dinner together. Grand Central Hotel is not far from the city hall where I work anyway."

    "I'm actually supposed to meet with Huanle Shiji Production Company's President Baogang Chen later this afternoon."

    "Is that right? That's even better. Let's meet altogether and have dinner. Why don't we invite Director Yan Wu and the Korean director Mr. Director Sim as well? I will make a call to Baogang Chen to arrange the dinner."

    "Sounds good. I will see you at 6 pm then."

    When it was 6 pm, Baogang Chen came to the hotel where Gun-Ho was staying. He was with Director Sim.

    "Mr. Chairman, it has been a while."

    Baogang Chen always referred to Gun-Ho as Mr. Chairman rather than Mr. President.

    "I was informed that the movie shooting is almost done. You have been doing a great job."

    "We received a lot of help from Director Sim from Korea. And, also we are getting overwhelming attention from movie lovers already because of the actress who you introduced to us."

    "Is that right?"

    "I received a call from Director Li earlier that we are having dinner together. I've reserved a restaurant nearby this hotel."

    "Thank you."

    The name of the restaurant is Waitan Canting. Director Li and Director Yan Wu will join us at the restaurant."

    "Really? I guess we'd better leave for the restaurant now. It's almost time."

    Gun-Ho, Baogang Chen, and Director Woon-Hak Sim headed to the restaurant called Waitan Canting. The restaurant was huge in size, and it specialized in seafood. A private room was reserved for Gun-Ho's party. When Gun-Ho went into the room, Director Li and Director Yan Wu were already there waiting for them.

    "Hey, Director Li!"

    "President Goo! Good to see you."

    The two men hugged each other and shook their hands in delightedness.

    The food started coming out, and they enjoyed the food with several glasses of Baiju. Director Seukang Li turned his head to see President Baogang Chen and asked him, "So, the movie shooting is done, huh? And you are moving into the editing stage? How long would it take before you could release the movie?"

    "It usually takes 3 months until we could release the movie from the phase where we are right now, but I'm thinking of releasing our movie within 2 months. I want the movie to be shown in theaters at the end of this year."

    "Did you decide which film distributor that you want to work with?"

    "I didn't yet. Speaking of which, I wanted to discuss it with you, Mr. Director Li. We need your help in finding a good film distributor."

    "Are you thinking of Ying Lian Chuanmei Media or Bo Na Ying Ye Pictures?"

    "It would be splendid if we could work with a large film distributor like those two, but I would be satisfied if we could work with a film distributor among any top 20 distributors."