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    Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 801 Fight Against Stock Manipulators 3 Part 2

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    On the way to Dyeon Korea in his car, Gun-Ho checked Dyeon Korea stock with his smartphone.

    Dyeon Korea stock started with the public offering price of 26,200 won, and the price had continuously decreased, and now it was 18,000 won more or less. The number of Dyeon Korea's shares that were available to trade in the stock market was relatively low, and many little people had bought the stock with high expectation for an acute price increase because it was part of the global companyLymondell Dyeon. However, those little people couldn't withstand the downtrend of its price and eventually sold their stocks.

    "Let me check"

    Gun-Ho opened to find out what people would say about Dyeon Korea in a stock discussion forum.

    "Gun-Ho Goo, son of b*tch, you don't even try to manage your company's stock price?"

    "Dyeon Korea is located in Asan City. Let's all go there and overturn their office or something."

    "Where are those stock manipulators? Are they not interested in this stock yet?"

    "Guys, remember the day when Yongpyong Resort's stock became available in the stock market? It started with 15,000 won on the first day, and the price dropped to 9,000 won. Before you lose more money on Dyeon Korea stock, you'd better sell them all."

    "Is something bad going on with Dyeon Korea? What's wrong with it?"

    "Gun-Ho, when are you going to split the share?"

    "The price dropped badly, and it's going down entering underground. You su*kers should know that an underground floor has multiple levels, meaning that the price could drop even lower than now."

    Gun-Ho turned off his smartphone and turned his gaze outside the window. A field filled with wild chrysanthemum came into his view.

    "Maybe it's time that I have to step in. If I get into this game, the stock manipulators who are playing with Dyeon Korea stock right now would be surprised, thinking that some other stock manipulators just join the game."

    Gun-Ho arrived at Dyeon Korea, and he went to the production site. Manager Hee-Yeol Yoo was walking around the production site while tying his hands together behind his back.

    "Mr. Manager Yoo!"

    "Oh, sir. How are you?"

    "Do we have enough work to have all of our machines fully work?"

    "We do, sir. Currently, all of our 16 machines from machine no.1 to machine no. 16 are working 100%."

    "The workers don't have to work overnight though, do they?"

    "No, sir. We don't want that to happen because we have to pay them higher for their work hours at night. We indeed have so many machines now that it takes several people to warm up those machines and change cooling water. Those work used to be handled by the maintenance team's manager alone."

    "Have we received any request for help from our factories in China or India?"

    "No, not yet, sir. Both factories have two machines for each right now, and they requested us to send them two additional machines. GH Machines is working on building machines for them right now."

    "Hmm, I see the location of the maintenance team changed."

    "Right. We moved their location from the front area to the rear area for safety reasons. The maintenance team often conducts jobs that require an isolated area to protect others, such as welding. The workers in the maintenance team feel more comfortable working in their new location."

    Gun-Ho walked to the rear area where the maintenance team was now situated. The maintenance team's manager was building something like a pedestal with two other workers.

    "How is it going here?"

    The manager stopped his work and quickly greeted Gun-Ho.

    Gun-Ho went to his office on the second floor.

    Secretary Seon-Hye Yee brought a cup of hot jujube tea to Gun-Ho's office.

    Being notified that Gun-Ho was in his office, Vice President Adam Castler came to Gun-Ho's office, accompanied by the interpreter Mr. Myeong-Joon Chae. He was carrying the reports that were written in English, sent from Dyeon India and Dyeon China. A translated version of the report was attached to each report.

    "These are the reports that we received from our companies in India and China. According to these reports, they are now successfully producing the products locally, and those products are being sold in the local market. Dyeon China is doing a bit better than Dyeon India since it has established their clientele in its previous location."

    "How much are they selling per day?"

    "The reports are indicating the quantity of their sales on a weekly basis, rather than daily basis. Dyeon India is selling about 15 tons while Dyeon China is selling 25 tons per week."


    "As soon as GH Machines finishes building our machine, we will ship it to Dyeon China first before Dyeon India."

    "That sounds right."

    "I think we should send Director Kim to Dyeon India in the near future, and help them with sales work. There are Korean companies in the area, and with his help, Dyeon India will be able to procure more clients."

    "Hmm, did Mr. Director Kim have a chance to review these reports?"

    "I brought these reports to you for your review first, sir. Mr. Director Kim is in a lower position than mine, and once you finish your review, I will give them to Director Kim."

    "Let's do this. It would be more efficient. When a report from Dyeon China or Dyeon India is received, Mr. Assistant Manager Myeon-Joon Chae, you stamp the approval form on their cover page. You then sign your name there, and give them to Director Kim first. After Director Kim's review, you can give them to Vice President Adam Castler. Director Kim's role is critical here because he is the expert in the sales field."

    "Sure, sir. I will do that."

    Gun-Ho continued, "You don't have to bring the weekly reports to me. Vice President Adam Castler will be the final reviewer of the reports. Please bring me the monthly reports, and any other reports under special circ.u.mstances only.

    "Yes, sir. And I have one more report to make to you."

    "Please go on."

    "The head office stated that they will announce the new appointments on December 15th."

    "Who are they going to send for Dyeon Korea's president position?"

    "We are not sure yet, sir. They are expecting that you will decide the personnel in all of Dyeon Korea's executive positions by that day."

    "I see. We will finish the selections of the people by early December, and we will make the final decision around December 10th through the meeting. Mr. Vice President Adam Castler, please join the meeting too."

    "Yes, sir."

    After Mr. Adam Castler left Gun-Ho's office, Director Yoon came in.

    "We gave away Thanksgiving gifts to our employees with a set of canned tuna and the training outfits from China. They loved them."


    "And this is for you, sir," Director Yoon pulled out an envelope.

    "What is it?"

    "3 gift cards are in the envelope. These are your share of the gift cards, sir."

    "You reserved the gift cards for me too, just like GH Mobile did for me. As I told GH Mobile, you don't have to do this. But, thank you. I will give these away to other people."

    "I will leave it on the desk, sir."

    After a while, the internal auditor came to Gun-Ho's office.

    "We are getting a lot of calls at the accounting department, specifically to the staff who is in charge of the stock matter."

    "They are probably individual investors with a relatively small amount of funds."

    "The calls are not very pleasant. They cursed and yelled at Assistant Manager Kim who is handling matters related to our shares." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/story-of-a-big-player-from-gangnam_13311963706454205/fight-against-stock-manipulators-(3)-%E2%80%93-part-2_50837126811533623 for visiting.

    "I'm sure that they also used bad words while referring to my name."

    "Some of them actually accused you of doing something unlawful or wrongful that resulted in the decrease of the stock price. Assistant Manager Kim protested severely that they were making a groundless accusation, and they'd better stop doing it. And, those people called our Assistant Manager Kim with the word b*tch and stuff. And, Assistant Manager Kim eventually came to me crying and asked me to move her position to some other department."

    "Hmm. Ms. Assistant Manager Kim will be fine."

    "Do you think those investors would make an official disclosure request?"

    "They can if they want. It doesn't matter. As Assistant Manager Kim mentioned, they are making a groundless claim. That would be our answer."

    "I don't understand why the price of our share is decreasing this much. Every single call that we are receiving right now about our stock is saying that we should manage our stock price properly."

    "Our business is doing just fine as usual without any problems. My guess is that some investors are trying to lower the stock price, so they could purchase them at a good price. The price will go up again. Just give it time. That's how the stock market works."