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    Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 792 Win The By Election 2 Part 1

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    Gun-Ho was heading to GH Machines in Baeseok Agricultural and Industrial Complex.

    "Jong-Suk Park said it should be somewhere around here," Gun-Ho mumbled.

    Chan-Ho Eom said, "Oh, over there. I see the business sign; it says Joyang Industrial."

    "That's the one. Let's go there."

    In the front yard of the factory, Jong-Suk Park was talking with a truck driver. When he saw Gun-Ho, he greeted him delightedly.

    "Bro, you came."

    "The factory looks cozy. Did you post job openings? You need workers as soon as possible."

    "Yeah, I posted job openings in WorkNet. Our office manager is very good at things like that."

    "Oh, that's right. I heard you hired an office worker for an accounting job."

    "Yes, I did."

    Jong-Suk then yelled toward the office, "Ms. Gyeong-Ae Han! Would you please come out to the front yard? I want you to meet someone."

    A lady, who looked like she was in her early 30s, came to the yard.

    "This is President Goo. He is the major shareholder of our company."

    "Hello, sir. It's nice to meet you. I've heard a lot about you, sir."

    "It's nice meeting you too. Are you living around here in Cheonan City?"

    "Yes, sir. I graduated from Cheonan Girls' Commercial High School."

    "If you graduated from a commercial high school, you must have extensive work experience in accounting."

    "Yes, sir. As a matter of fact, I used to work at a plastics molding manufacturing company, handling their accounting."

    Jong-Suk Park chipped in, "You know Secretary Hee-Jeong Pak in GH Mobile, right? She is a friend of hers."

    "Oh, really? That's very nice."

    She was a mediocre-looking lady. Gun-Ho liked the fact that she had work experience in a manufacturing company.

    "Since it is a newly established company, things are not organized and arranged well. You might feel not so comfortable working here for now before things are settled. But, if you work hard to assist President Jong-Suk Park in this situation, I'm sure that President Jong-Suk Park will compensate for your effort."

    "Thank you."

    The lady looked up to Gun-Ho Goo as she smiled.

    Jong-Suk said, "Bro, let's get inside. We can talk there."

    Gun-Ho followed Jong-Suk to his office. There were already four desks placed, and two computers were sitting on the two of the four desks.

    "Right now, there are only two people working here the office manager and myself but I placed four desks in the office anyway. I bought two computers, and I brought my own computer. So, we now have three computers in this office. Haha."

    "Which one is your office?"

    "It's this way."

    Jong-Suk showed Gun-Ho the president's office.

    "It looks like GH Mobile's director's office the one that you used to occupy. Why didn't you decorate it like President Song's office?"

    "I can't have an office that looks like President Song's office. I should cut my coat according to my cloth. This office is more than enough for me."

    "What is the one next door? Is it a meeting room?"

    "No, it's your office, bro."

    "My office? I don't need an office. I don't work here."

    "But, you have your own office in GH Mobile and Dyeon Korea."

    "Those two companies are different. They have several hundreds of workers, and they need my presence sometimes. Use this room for something else. I don't need an office here. A meeting room would be perfect."

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yeah. You should use that office as a meeting room."

    Gun-Ho noticed a business sign on the floor, leaning on the wall, in the president's office.

    "Is this our business sign? Good, you need to remove the sign Joyang Industry and hang this one instead."

    "Yeah. It just arrived. I'm going to hang it soon. You want to see my business card? It came with the business sign."

    Jong-Suk's new business sign had the familiar GH logo on it. It said his title as President Jong-Suk Park of GH Machines Corporation.

    Jong-Suk said, "In order to succeed in sales, I need the GH logo in my business card. The potential client companies would recognize the name, and consider it is a stable company. If I don't have the GH logo in my business card, they would think that I was fired from GH Mobile and opened a small company just to make a living."

    "How many workers are you planning to hire?"

    "I posted a job opening for 6 positions for now. Shelves and a milling machine that I ordered will soon arrive too. I'm going to carve some small parts for a machine in this factory. Oh, I also hired a security guard for night work."

    "You need someone guarding the factory at night?"

    "Yeah. The factory will have several expensive machines in place, and I need someone to watch the factory at night. Otherwise, the machines can possibly be stolen."

    "Who's going to steal those machines? They are too heavy to carry. I don't think that would happen."

    "You have no idea. These days, a group of people with a truck stops by a factory to steal and take expensive machines."


    "My father-in-law introduced this person for the security guard position. He used to work at the building where my father-in-law had a real estate office. He worked as a security guard there too. He also has a certificate for electrical safety and managing facilities, which was the decisive factor for me to hire him."

    "Where do you eat? Is there a place where you can have lunch around here?"

    "I saw the workers working next door factory receiving a food delivery during lunchtime. I think we will do the same. They won't provide a delivery service for one person, but if I order lunch for 8 people, they will deliver it. Or, there is a restaurant next to the managing office for this agricultural and industrial complex. We can have lunch there too. It's within walking distance."

    "Hmm, I see."

    "Dyeon Korea's Director Kim came here this morning. I already have a product order for four machines. I will have an interview for the job candidates on Monday, and once I hire workers, I will start building the machines right away."

    "How much do you make by selling four machines?"

    "6 types of machines compose one package of the machine that goes to Dyeon Korea, and it is priced for 150 million won. If I sell four of them, I will make 600 million won. Assuming that I make 600 million won every month, it's going to be 7.2 billion won per year already. Min-Hyeok bro told me that his company barely makes 10 billion won per year. I guess this company will generate that much in no time."

    "Hmm, really? Let me take a look at the production site."

    "There is nothing there yet."

    Gun-Ho followed Jong-Suk Park to the production site. Indeed, there was nothing; it was just an empty space except in the corner, there were those twin screws from West Moulding piled up.

    "Did you receive all of ten twin screws?"

    "Yeah. I haven't paid GH Mobile for them though. I need to pay them soon since they don't make any profit by handing those twin screws to me."


    "The accounting department in GH Mobile requested me to send them the company's business license, so they could issue a tax invoice. So, I sent it to them by email."

    Gun-Ho said as he looked up the ceiling of the production site, "The overhead crane is in place, which is good."

    "Yeah, it's a suspension overhead crane. It has a hoist too. I'm going to place shelves on this side of the wall, and place all machines over there such as a milling machine, cutting machine, and a grinder. I need a shelf where I can store toolboxes and safety materials too. I will do the welding work in the front."

    "Since tools and machines are quickly being developed, you will need to get updated information on a regular basis, right?"

    "Speaking of which, there is an exhibition held every year. It's called IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show). They already had one for this year. I'm going to be there next year for sure."


    "Yeah, it's an exhibition where you can see all sorts of machines from all over the world. The exhibition for this year was held in Chicago, and I missed it; I was busy and all that. I should have been there rather than China"