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    Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 768 Fulfilling Preliminary Examination Requirement To Go Public 2 Part 1

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    After talking with Director Jong-Suk Park at the production site, Gun-Ho came to his office on the second floor. When Gun-Ho was enjoying the tea that his secretary Ms. Hee-Jeong Park brought to him earlier, President Song entered the office.

    Gun-Ho asked him, "Don't you have any meetings or anything with a client today?"

    "I was actually on my way out. I just wanted to congratulate you on the successful progress with Dyeon Korea's registration with KOSDAQ. I've heard that its preliminary application has been approved."

    "I'm just grateful for all the help that we received from the people around us."

    "I'm hoping the price of its initial public offering is determined high."

    "Institutional investors will fairly determine the price based on the company's predictable future and potential."

    "I believe that the price will be set high because Dyeon Korea is the partner of the world-renowned company Lymondell Dyeon as its name implies."

    "I hope so."

    "Have you seen the news on the internet? Minister Jin-Woo Lee is now in a better position for the upcoming by-election. His opponent candidate's comment made in the past became a hot issue now."

    "Right, I read the news on the internet too. It was a very unexpected happening that worked favorably for Minister Jin-Woo Lee. Who would know the comment that he made years ago came out into the open in this timing?"

    "I guess Minister Jin-Woo Lee is a lucky man."

    "I agree with you. Luck certainly plays a critical role in many situations in our lives. Minister Jin-Woo Lee is lucky enough to work as a minister with the government and also become the son-in-law of a conglomerate family. I believe the luck seems to be on his side this time too."

    "Haha, I think so. Their current voting gap is 45:55. I feel relieved even though things can quickly be changed in politics."

    "His campaign camp will handle it well."

    "Our sales revenue has increased as A Electronics increased their product orders from us substantially. Are you sure we don't have to help with his election campaign? Maybe we should visit his election district and do something for him."

    "I don't think that would be necessary"

    "Maybe we should select twenty workers and send them to his election district to help his campaign. What do you think, sir?"

    "I believe a business shouldn't have a close or distant relationship with politics. We could get dragged into unnecessary and undesirable events intertwined with politics. We certainly don't want that."

    "You're right, sir."

    "And, I have GH Mobile's general affairs manager send a flower wreath to Dyeon Korea's maintenance manager Manager Ahn's mother's funeral with your name, Mr. President Song."

    "I'm aware of it, sir. I received the call from him. The flower wreath has been sent already. I won't be at the funeral though, but instead, I'm going to ask Director Jong-Suk Park to convey my condolence money to Manager Ahn for me since he is going there this evening."

    "That's good enough."

    "There is another funeral that I'm supposed to attend. The parent of one of our lady workers passed away. But I won't be able to be there either since it's too far. If I don't attend a funeral for one of my workers, but attend a funeral for an employee of another companyDyeon Korea, our employees won't be happy about it. So, I decided not to attend either funeral, but I will just send my condolence money to both."

    "Where is the funeral for our GH Mobile's worker's family held?"

    "It's being held in Gangjin Town, South Jeolla Province."

    "It is indeed far from here."

    "Since you have several companies that you have to take care of and have a lot of employees who are working for you accordingly, you don't have to attend every single event related to the workers' family. I believe you can just attend family events for executive officers only."

    "Even though I have several companies to run, they are not very large companies. I will pay attention to those events related to the workers whose positions are team lead or above."

    "Director Park will visit our worker's family funeral tomorrow in the afternoon. He will take the manager with him, from the team where the lady worker is working."

    "We now have more than 500 production workers. I guess Director Park will be busy with attending the ceremonial occasions of our workers such as weddings, funerals, ancestral rites, etc."

    "I will see if we can raise Director Park's limit of allowable expenses."

    "Please do so."

    "We made 15 billion won last month August but this month, our sales revenue increased significantly because of A Electronics' additional product orders. I believe we will make more than 16 billion won in September."

    "Hmm, it is a substantial increase. We have Korean Thanksgiving Day coming up this month. Prepare good gifts for our employees to celebrate the Korean Thanksgiving Day this time."

    "Yes, sir."

    "Also, if we maintain the increased sales revenue until the end of this year, see if we can give out a year-end special bonus for our employees as well."

    "Understood, sir."

    After President Song left the office, the general affairs director came in.

    "Sir, we signed the lease contract for the parking space with the storage building owner."

    "Really? Well done. How much rent are we paying?"

    "The monthly rent is 1.6 million won with the security deposit of 5 million won. The property owner also offered us to use the storage building as well for free of charge. It's a very old and shabby storage. I received the key to the storage, but I'm not sure if we would ever use it."

    "Hmm, I see."

    "The storage building is about 60 pyung large. If we need more space to store something later, we will use it."

    "Sounds good."

    "And, I didn't have time to search for a factory building for our third and fourth factories in Dangjin City and Changwon City, so I have nothing to report to you on it yet, sir."

    "Oh, that's okay. As I mentioned before, you can take time for it. It's not an urgent matter at all. Just keep an eye on it, and I would also watch the auction site as well. You can do it next year if you are too busy."

    "Understood, sir."

    After the general affairs director left the office, Gun-Ho continued to have his tea. At that moment, Secretary Hee-Jeong Park entered the office.

    "Sir, someone is here to see you."

    "Me? I'm not expecting anyone today. Who is it?"

    "He insists that he needs to meet you in person, sir. He is a famous actor Mr. K."

    "A famous actor Mr. K? Isn't he the one who was on the historical TV drama that was aired recently? Why does he want to see me? Is President Song in the office?"

    "Mr. President Song is out to visit one of our client companies, sir."

    While Gun-Ho was talking with Secretary Hee-Jeong Park, someone knocked on Gun-Ho's office door. And, a good-looking man, who looked like he was in his 50s, came into the office. He had a sturdy build. Gun-Ho could smell the strong perfume from him.

    "I hope I'm not interrupting you, sir. I'm an actor Mr. K."

    Mr. K gave his business card to Gun-Ho. Gun-Ho looked at his business card. It said he was an actor affiliated with the KBS broadcasting station, and there was a large picture of him on the upper left of the business card.

    Gun-Ho didn't give his business card to the man, but he just asked him to sit down.

    "Please have a seat. What brought you here?"

    "Jiksan Town is my hometown."

    "Oh, is it?"

    "You are not from this town, sir?"

    "No. I'm from Incheon City."

    "Oh, do you commute from Incheon City then?"

    "I'm very busy right now. Can you please get to the point?"