Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2843 - ROTSSG 2843

    Chapter 2843 Shocking The Upper Zone

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    Shi Feng’s words seemed to stimulate Yi Kui, the latter’s face immediately turning ashen.

    Yi Kui was indeed surprised that Shi Feng had blocked his punch, but that was merely because he had not expected that Shi Feng would actually be a neutralizing grandmaster. Moreover, although his previous punch seemed fierce and domineering, he had actually used only about half of his strength. After all, he would be in big trouble if he created too much of a scene. At that time, even Lu Tiandi wouldn’t be able to protect him.

    However, Yi Kui never thought that Shi Feng would take advantage of this fact and turn him into a laughingstock in the eyes of the crowd.

    He was a dignified Henglian grandmaster. Even the owners of international corporations would have to be polite to him and treat him as a VIP when meeting him. As for neutralizing grandmasters, they could only cower in fear in front of him. He had never once suffered such humiliation before.

    “You bastard!”

    Yi Kui took a step forward and punched with his other hand.

    Half-step Collapsing Punch!

    This time, Yi Kui did not hold back at all. The only thing on his mind was to make Shi Feng regret his words.

    Shi Feng responded to this second attack in a similar manner, extending his other hand to catch the punch. He didn’t seem to have noticed that Yi Kui’s present punch was different from the one before.

    Upon seeing this, Yi Kui sneered.

    A punch carrying 50% of his strength indeed wouldn’t pose a threat to a neutralizing grandmaster. A neutralizing grandmaster could easily block the attack by relying on technique. However, it was a different story for a punch carrying his full strength. A neutralizing grandmaster who tried blocking such an attack would definitely end up with broken bones. Yet, Shi Feng was ignorantly trying to receive his punch using the exact same method.


    A loud explosion rang out as Yi Kui’s fist collided with Shi Feng’s palm. The shockwave generated by the impact this time was much stronger than before.

    Nevertheless, Yi Kui was still dumbfounded as he looked at Shi Feng. This was because the result of his second punch was exactly the same as his first. Shi Feng had still caught his fist without fail.

    Did I subconsciously hold back in fear of getting into trouble?

    Inevitably, such a thought occurred to Yi Kui. After all, this was the only reasonable explanation he could think of for this situation. Otherwise, how could a neutralizing grandmaster possibly receive his full-powered punch?

    However, Shi Feng did not give Yi Kui any time to react at all. Immediately, he pushed Yi Kui’s hands aside and executed a palm strike on the latter’s chest. The palm strike was so fast that the attack had already connected with Yi Kui’s chest before he realized what was going on.

    However, even after noticing the attack, Yi Kui paid no attention to it at all. As a Henglian grandmaster, he had long since developed an instinctual defensive mechanism. Whenever his body received an attack, his muscles would tighten, giving them a toughness resembling steel and neutralizing the attack’s impact.

    If neutralizing grandmasters were proud of their techniques, then Henglian grandmasters were proud of their physical bodies’ toughness. In simpler terms, a Henglian grandmaster was someone trained to take hits and dish out devastating blows. Even if a Henglian grandmaster managed to land only one out of 100 attacks on a neutralizing grandmaster, this one attack would end the fight instantly.


    Yi Kui stood steadily even after receiving Shi Feng’s palm strike. He also looked at Shi Feng in silent contempt.

    Nobody present found it surprising that Shi Feng’s attack had no effect on Yi Kui, either.

    This was because Henglian grandmasters were precisely this powerful. They were truly monsters in human skin, and trying to harm these monsters with the hands and feet of ordinary humans was an utter joke. This was also why the various major corporations in the Upper Zone would desperately try to recruit or befriend Henglian grandmasters.

    “Kid, I admit that you’re strong. However, you can’t hurt me.” Patting his clothes, Yi Kui said disdainfully, “On the other hand, how long do you think your stamina can hold out against my attacks?”

    A neutralizing grandmaster’s ability to exert complete control over their physical body was indeed extraordinary. However, when it came to stamina, a neutralizing grandmaster was far from comparable to a Henglian grandmaster.

    A Henglian grandmaster could fight three days and three nights without rest. In contrast, a neutralizing grandmaster would be fortunate to last even half a day.

    Hence, neutralizing grandmasters would frequently curse Henglian grandmasters as merely a bunch of simple-minded brutes with well-developed bodies.

    Spectating from the sidelines, Muxin grew worried when she saw this situation. She never thought that Lu Tiandi would have a Henglian grandmaster as his bodyguard. The Boulder Corporation had to pay a great price just to get a Henglian grandmaster to become one of its Elders. Moreover, apart from the Boulder Corporation’s master, everyone else in the corporation treated this Henglian grandmaster with awe and respect.

    Yet, Lu Tiandi actually had such a powerful expert working as his henchman.

    It was ineffective?

    Shi Feng also couldn’t help looking at Yi Kui in surprise.

    Ever since his Concentration had reached the Tier 4 Peak standard, his control over his body in the real world had improved by a significant margin. After factoring in his improved physical fitness, he now even dared to apply some of the techniques he used in God’s Domain in the world.

    This was also why Shi Feng had provoked Yi Kui. He was very curious to find out where his current limits lay.

    When Shi Feng was catching Yi Kui’s second punch, he hadn’t just caught the attack with an open palm. Instead, he had executed three rapid palm strikes against Yi Kui’s fist. In other words, he had used the Three Extreme Slashes technique, a simplified version of Miracle Dragon’s Six Extreme Slashes.

    As Shi Feng had executed his three palm strikes against Yi Kui’s fist almost in the same instant, it was practically impossible for the human body to tell that it wasn’t just one but three separate attacks.

    Thus, Shi Feng had succeeded in blocking Yi Kui’s full-powered punch. Otherwise, even if his physical fitness had improved a lot after he began living in the Upper Zone, he would still have to avoid Yi Kui’s full-powered attack.

    Meanwhile, the offensive palm strike Shi Feng executed against Yi Kui was currently his strongest attack.

    Four Extreme Slashes!

    From an outsider’s perspective, Shi Feng’s attack would look like an ordinary palm strike. In reality, his attack consisted of four palm strikes executed in rapid succession on the same location. This attack placed a heavy burden on his mental strength, and he couldn’t use it a second time even if he wanted to.

    Looking at Shi Feng’s surprised expression, Yi Kui smiled.

    “Kid! Now it’smyturnto”

    Just when Yi Kui thought to attack again, his body suddenly stiffened, and he collapsed to the ground willy-nilly. His breathing became stifled, and he had difficulty even speaking. In fact, even his vision started to blur.

    These abrupt changes discombobulated Yi Kui. He couldn’t understand what was happening at all.

    “You What the helldid you doto me?”

    Struggling to lift his head, Yi Kui gaped at Shi Feng in confusion. He simply couldn’t wrap his mind around how Shi Feng had managed to injure him so severely with just a palm strike. Now, he found even standing up from the ground difficult.

    The spectators were likewise surprised when they saw Yi Kui collapse to the ground.

    “He defeated a Henglian grandmaster in one strike?!”

    “Who is this guy?”

    At this time, the onlookers eyed Shi Feng as if he were a monster. They even began wondering whether the scene before them was staged. After all, who could possibly believe that a Henglian grandmaster would fall from just one palm strike?

    “I think I know who he is. Some time ago, two people managed to pass Yuantian City’s Mental Path together. One of these people was even someone the Boulder Corporation brought in using its reserve slots. According to the rumors, that person was Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame. Although this guy looks different from God’s Domain’s Black Flame, they should be the same person!”

    “What?! He’s the guy responsible for dragging down the Starline Corporation’s Lu Xingluo?”

    Among the crowd, some people who kept tabs on Yuantian City’s Upper Zone recognized Shi Feng. For a time, the street bubbled with commotion.

    Nobody had thought that Black Flame, the mythical Sword Emperor of God’s Domain, would actually appear in their Upper Zone. Moreover, the man had even defeated a Henglian grandmaster with a single palm strike. His strength was simply terrifying.

    So, he is the Black Flame Big Sis told me about?

    Ji Luorong gaped in shock as she looked at Shi Feng. After all, Black Flame was currently rumored to be the strongest person in God’s Domain right now. He was an existence even the Five Great Super Guilds had to tiptoe around.