Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2842 - ROTSSG 2842

    Chapter 2842 Silent Upper Zone

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    A deathly silence suddenly fell over the area as everyone turned toward the voice’s origin.

    What entered everyone’s sight was an ordinary-looking young man clad in dark-gray casualwear. Besides his ordinary appearance, the young man also felt no different from an ordinary passerby.

    This person was none other than Shi Feng. Although he had grown a lot taller as his physical fitness improved, he still couldn’t change his plain appearance.

    “Who is that guy? Isn’t he a little too courageous?”

    “That guy is dead for sure. Even the successors of the other major corporations here wouldn’t dare blatantly refute Lu Tiandi’s words.”

    “Could this guy be a newcomer to the Upper Zone?”

    The gathered people were astonished as they looked at Shi Feng. They never imagined that such an ignorant person could exist in Haitian City’s Upper Zone.

    If it were the Starline Corporation of the past, there would still be many people who would dare go against it. They definitely wouldn’t let Lu Tiandi, who was merely the corporation’s heir, act so arrogantly.

    Even Lu Xingluo, the corporation’s previous heir, hadn’t dared behave like Lu Tiandi was behaving now.

    However, Lu Tiandi’s background was different from Lu Xingluo’s. Lu Tiandi had caught the eye of one of the middle layer’s big shots at a young age and had been secretly nurtured by this big shot since then. Only after Lu Tiandi had replaced Lu Xingluo as the Starline Corporation’s new successor had this matter gotten exposed.

    Due to this revelation, the Starline Corporation’s status in Haitian City’s Upper Zone had instantly skyrocketed. Now, even the other major corporations operating in the base layer had no choice but to tuck their tails in front of the Starline Corporation.

    Otherwise, Yi Kui, Lu Tiandi’s butler, wouldn’t have dared to be so arrogant, openly making such a bold statement in public.

    Ji Luorong, who had been standing silently in front of the training house all this time, couldn’t help turning to Shi Feng in surprise and confusion. She never thought that someone would be willing to stand up for her. At the same time, though, she couldn’t help worrying for Shi Feng.

    This was because she was well aware of Lu Tiandi’s extraordinary identity. He was destined to live in the middle layer, and even the Green God Company would have to show him a certain degree of respect.

    “Kid, it seems you’re quite courageous, huh? Do you not know who my young master is?” Yi Kui asked as he looked at Shi Feng coldly. “Or do you intend to make an enemy of the Starline Corporation?”

    Yi Kui had just stated that so long as Lu Tiandi gave the word, nobody in Haitian City’s Upper Zone would dare trade resources with Ji Luorong. Yet, no sooner had he made this declaration than Shi Feng announced his intention to trade with Ji Luorong. Shi Feng had basically slapped the Starline Corporation’s face.

    Upon hearing Yi Kui’s words, many people present frowned at Shi Feng worriedly.

    Everyone could tell that Yi Kui was up to no good. The middle-aged man was escalating a trivial matter into a problem that concerned the reputation of the entire Starline Corporation. If Shi Feng dared to say anything more now, the consequences were unimaginable. He might even face a similar end as Ji Luorong’s and get kicked out of the Upper Zone eventually. After all, it was incredibly difficult to live in the Upper Zone without resources.

    When Ji Luorong heard Yi Kui’s words, she gritted her teeth and resolved to stop Shi Feng from championing her. However, just as she was about to take action, a lithe figure suddenly appeared before her.

    “Little girl, you don’t need to worry about him,” Muxin said. Looking at Ji Luorong’s worried expression, Muxin smiled and continued, “Even the Starline Corporation wouldn’t dare do anything against him.”

    Shi Feng not only possessed Grade 1 authority in the Upper Zone but was also a neutralizing grandmaster. Let alone the measly heir of the Starline Corporation, even if the Starline Corporation’s current owner were here, he wouldn’t be able to do anything against Shi Feng.

    Looking at Muxin’s dazzling beauty, Ji Luorong could tell that Muxin had an extraordinary backgroundwhich should mean that Shi Feng did as well. However, she still couldn’t help worrying. “But”

    Before Ji Luorong could say anything more, however, a low voice resounded throughout the area once more.

    “So what if I am?”

    These five simple words instantly created a commotion among the spectating crowd.

    “Is he crazy?”

    “He’s actually openly making an enemy of the Starline Corporation? Does he not know what death is?”

    If it were the Starline Corporation of the past, even the Upper Zone’s ordinary corporate children wouldn’t fear offending it. After all, they were all residents of the Upper Zone’s base layer. Why should they be afraid of each other?

    However, the situation was different now that the Starline Corporation had the backing of a middle-layer big shot.

    That big shot could just make some random excuse and have them removed from the Upper Zone temporarily. Once they were outside the safe haven known as the Upper Zone, the Starline Corporation would have plenty of means to deal with them.

    Upon hearing Shi Feng’s response, Yi Kui was momentarily dumbfounded as well. After snapping out of his daze, he bellowed, “Punk! It seems you really are itching for a beating! In that case, I’ll help you loosen those bones of yours!”

    Although the Green God Company prohibited fighting in the Upper Zone, the company would turn a blind eye to small conflicts in private settings. So long as one did not go too far, the Green God Company wouldn’t look too deeply into the matter. After all, disputes were bound to occur wherever people gathered.

    However, if anyone dared to take things too far, the Green God Company was bound to dish out a severe penalty. In fact, many corporations and forces had gotten banished from the Upper Zone and suffered an early demise because they had crossed this line. Hence, nobody would dare to openly defy the Green God Company’s rules.

    The next moment, Yi Kui stomped his right foot on the ground, and his body shot forward like a cannonball. The impact of his feet shook the ground slightly and even left a deep footprint behind on the cement.

    As his body shot forward, Yi Kui punched, perfectly integrating his fist’s speed with the speed of his moving body. His fist generated explosive noises due to this perfect combination as it collided with the air. Evidently, his punch had already exceeded the speed of sound.

    A sonic boom?! He’s a Henglian grandmaster!

    When everyone heard the explosive noises, they stared at Yi Kui in shock.

    The Upper Zone’s environment allowed one to develop one’s physical fitness rapidly. In fact, even developing one’s physical fitness to the standard of a Henglian master or a half-step Henglian grandmaster wouldn’t be a problem.

    However, those who could actually overcome the final hurdle and become a Henglian grandmaster were incredibly rare. Even in the Upper Zone, such people were considered top-tier experts and treated as VIPs by major corporations. These corporations would even be willing to grant a Henglian grandmaster the position of Elder to rope in such individuals.

    This was because every Henglian grandmaster was no different from a humanoid beast!

    Hence, everyone couldn’t believe that Yi Kui was serving as a mere butler of a corporation’s successor, despite being a Henglian grandmaster.

    Let alone the spectators, even Muxin was astonished by this situation.

    Only two people weren’t surprised by this situationLu Tiandi and Ji Luorong.

    It’s over Ji Luorong reflexively shut her eyes at this sight.

    She had found out that Yi Kui was a Henglian grandmaster only because Yi Kui himself had revealed his strength to her during one of their previous meetings. Hence, she knew that Yi Kui wasn’t just an ordinary butler but was also a terrifying bodyguard.

    If Shi Feng got struck by Yi Kui’s punch, he would be fortunate to leave with only a few broken bones; it wouldn’t be strange if he ended up hospitalized for half a month.


    The next moment, as if a grenade had exploded, the sound of an explosion echoed throughout the area. Even those standing over a dozen meters away felt the intense impact.

    Almost everyone present shut their eyes subconsciously. After all, they could easily imagine the outcome that awaited those struck by a Henglian grandmaster.

    If a Henglian grandmaster managed to land a square blow, they could kill a bull with one hit. Even a neutralizing grandmaster would end up with broken bones if they got struck by a Henglian grandmaster.

    Meanwhile, the sound of an impact meant that Yi Kui’s punch landed on Shi Feng.

    However, when everyone opened their eyes again, they were dumbfounded.

    How is this possible?!

    At this time, not only was Shi Feng completely intact, but he had actually caught Yi Kui’s iron fist with just one hand.

    Yi Kui himself was surprised by this situation. He never thought that his punch would meet with such a result.

    “You’ve made your move.” Holding on to Yi Kui’s fist, Shi Feng looked at the middle-aged man and asked calmly, “Is it my turn now?”