Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2841 - ROTSSG 2841

    Chapter 2841 Mental Strength Training House

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    Haitian City, Upper Zone:

    A luxury hovercar slowly landed in front of the Upper Zones entrance. A man and a woman then got out of the car, their appearance instantly attracting the hundreds of teenage boys and girls waiting by the entrance.

    This man and woman were none other than Shi Feng and Muxin. However, all of the teenagers focused on Muxin, their eyes filled with surprise and confusion.

    "Why is the Boulder Corporations heir here at Haitian Citys Upper Zone?"

    "Could she be transferring to our Upper Zone?"

    "Thats impossible. I heard that Muxin broke through recently and acquired Grade 1 authority in Yuantian Citys Upper Zone. Moreover, not only does she have the Boulder Corporations full support, but the base layers supervisor is also quite supportive of her. At this rate, she might enter the middle layer of Yuantian Citys Upper Zone. Why would she want to come to our Upper Zone?"

    The teenage boys and girls began a heated discussion among themselves when they saw Muxin. They couldnt understand why a big shot like her would suddenly come to Haitian Citys Upper Zone.

    Muxin, on the other hand, paid no attention to the teenagers discussing her. She behaved as if these people did not exist at all.

    "Why are there so many people taking Haitian Citys test? Its more than ten times the number I saw at Yuantian City," Shi Feng asked, astonished when he saw the crowd thronging the entrance.

    When he took the test to enter Yuantian Citys Upper Zone, there had only been several dozen other people taking the test with him. Such a huge difference between Upper Zones was incredible.

    "Haitian Citys Upper Zone is more populous than Yuantian Citys Upper Zone. It was also constructed a little earlier." Looking at the teenagers waiting by the entrance, Muxin shook her head and explained, "However, these people arent talents the Green God Company is nurturing internally. They were born inside Haitian Citys Upper Zone. Also, this place is holding its annual evaluation, which is why so many people are here.

    "The corporations behind these people will use the test results to determine their future successors and daily resource allocations. For these people, this period will most likely be the most competitive period of their lives."

    At this point, a hint of frustration darkened Muxins eyes.

    It was precisely because of this competition that her relationship with Kerui wasnt particularly good. Compared to life in the outside world, life in an Upper Zone was much harsher.

    "I see. So thats why these children have such astonishing physical fitness," Shi Feng commented. When he looked at the teenagers before him, he couldnt help sighing ruefully.

    He had to admit that the Upper Zones children were indeed amazing. From what he could see, every one of these teenagers could easily beat up martial artists below the master standard. This wasnt a standard the youths born and living in the outside world could match.

    Having such amazing physical fitness at such a young age, these teenagers would become even more amazing once they entered Gods Domain. Let alone reaching Tier 4, they could very well reach Tier 5.

    At this moment, Shi Feng finally understood why the various superpowers had so many Tier 4 and Tier 5 experts. He could produce many Tier 4 experts just from the group of youngsters in front of him.

    "Lets hurry inside." Taking a look at the time, Muxin said, "If we wait until the Mental Path activates, like last time, itll be even more difficult to find that girl you mentioned. After all, we are residents of Yuantian Citys Upper Zone, not of Haitian Citys Upper Zone."

    Shi Feng nodded in response and followed Muxin straight into Haitian Citys Upper Zone.

    Although a person could freely visit all Upper Zones once they had a registered ID, the Upper Zones operated like independent organizations and competed with each other. In fact, some of the tasks the Green God Company assigned to the various Upper Zones were dependent on the performance of each Upper Zone. Hence, the residents of every Upper Zone were somewhat hostile toward the residents of other Upper Zones.

    Under normal circumstances, an Upper Zones resident wouldnt visit another Upper Zone. After all, one mistake could easily result in a fight.

    Upon seeing Muxin and Shi Feng walking straight into the Upper Zone, the teenagers standing by the entrance couldnt help envying them. This was because people older than 20 who could enter the Upper Zone directly had already obtained IDs in the Upper Zone. These people wouldnt have to struggle to enter the Upper Zone, unlike themselves.

    "Whos that man? Why is a person like Muxin escorting him?"

    "He might be the son of some big shot living on the middle layer. Otherwise, why would someone of Muxins standing guide him?"

    "Dammit! This is too enviable! If I were the son or nephew of a mental strength master, I wouldnt have to struggle here so desperately! I could even enter one of the middle layers mansions for training!"

    At this time, the teenagers waiting by the entrance couldnt help gazing at Shi Feng with jealous eyes. As children of major corporations, they might be objects of envy for the people living in the outside world, but they were nothing in the Upper Zone. Only the big shots living in the Upper Zones middle layer would garner respect from the Upper Zones residents.

    After entering Haitian Citys Upper Zone, Shi Feng found that this place was indeed more populous than Yuantian Citys Upper Zone. In fact, one could even consider it more prosperous.

    Not only were there high-rises all over the Upper Zone, but there was also something called the mental strength training house here. Such a facility did not exist in Yuantian Citys Upper Zone.

    The mental strength training house wasnt particularly large. The entire building was only two stories tall, with the footprint of a basketball court. Yet, a crowd waited to enter this small building, including children of major corporations and the Green God Companys talents. There were even direct successors of major corporations standing in line.

    This was a sight that definitely couldnt be found in Yuantian Citys Upper Zone.

    In fact, even Muxin felt an urge to enter the mental strength training house when she saw it.

    However, she could only let this urge fade away.

    This was because the notice outside the training house very clearly stated that only those with Grade 2 authority or above in Haitian Citys Upper Zone could use the training house. People of other Upper Zones would not be allowed entry at all.

    "Arent Upper Zones open to all residents with ID?" Shi Feng was confused when he saw the notice. "Why is there such a rule in Haitian Citys Upper Zone? Isnt this unfair to people of other Upper Zones?"

    The Upper Zone placed extreme importance on mental strength. One could easily imagine how attractive a place capable of helping a person improve their mental strength would be for the residents of the various Upper Zones.

    "Theres no helping this. The mental strength training house is a resource Haitian Citys Upper Zone won after competing with the other Upper Zones. Hence, the Green God Company gave the residents of Haitian Citys Upper Zone exclusive use of it. It is also why many more corporations are willing to invest in Haitian City compared to the other Upper Zones," Muxin said, shaking her head. A bitter smile appearing on her face, she added, "If not for the Boulder Corporation having deep roots in Yuantian City, we wouldve most likely moved the focus of our development to Haitian City already."

    Muxins words didnt particularly surprise Shi Feng. Although he had not experienced the training houses effects, mental strength was everything in the Upper Zone. It would naturally be very attractive to the various corporations. In fact, Shi Feng also felt tempted to transfer to Haitian Citys Upper Zone. After all, his Concentration was currently bottlenecked at the Tier 4 Peak standard. Thus far, he had already used three Phantom Potions, yet he was still nowhere near the Tier 5 Concentration standard.

    While Shi Feng and Muxin were conversing, an argument suddenly broke out in front of the training house.

    "Lu Tiandi, Ive already said my adventurer team will never join you!"

    A fair-skinned girl sporting a double ponytail and wearing light-blue sportswear glared at a handsome and dapper young man in his early twenties, her eyes blazing with indescribable rage.

    However, the young man in question paid no heed to the girls anger at all. Instead, a robust, middle-aged man standing beside him smiled and said, "Miss Ji Luorong, you are free to refuse my young masters invitation, but if you do, you can forget about obtaining resources from anyone in this Upper Zone from now on. You should understand very clearly that my young master has the power to blacklist you!"


    None of the people present dared to refute the middle-aged mans words. In fact, nobody stepped forward to champion the girl.

    This was because Lu Tiandi was the Starline Corporations new heir. With the Starline Corporations influence in Haitian Citys Upper Zone, it would be childs play for it to prevent the Upper Zones residents from selling resources to a specific individual.

    Looking at the girl named Ji Luorong, the middle-aged man chuckled and said, "Miss Ji, I advise you to listen obediently to my young masters words and have your entire adventurer team join us. Otherwise, you shouldnt think of staying in Haitian Citys Upper Zone anymore because nobody here will sell you any resources. You shouldnt even think of asking your older sister for help, either!"

    At the middle-aged mans words, many of the corporate children present looked at Ji Luorong sympathetically.

    In Haitian Citys Upper Zone, even major corporations wouldnt dare to offend the Starline Corporation outright, let alone an individual with no background.

    If Ji Luorong refused Lu Tiandis demand, everyone could already foresee the girl having to leave the Upper Zone shortly after due to a lack of resources.

    However, as Ji Luorong remained silent, the middle-aged man smiled triumphantly, and the spectating crowd sighed ruefully, a low voice suddenly resounded in the area.

    "Is that so? What if I want to sell resources to this young lady?"