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    Chapter 2840 Consecutive Breakthroughs

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    Chapter 2840 Consecutive Breakthroughs

    As information from the Sword Saints Legacy flooded Fire Dances mind, the Mana she exuded strengthened and weakened in intervals. It was evident that she had received a lot of inspiration from the Legacy. Both her control over Mana and understanding of Mana rose at a visible rate.

    Seeing this development, Shi Feng couldnt help growing envious.

    Truthfully, he had constantly been thinking of using the Sword Saints Legacy himself ever since he received it. However, he also understood that he wouldnt benefit much from it.

    This was because the current bottleneck he faced wasnt related to Mana but his Concentration.

    To raise the strength of his Mana Body to a whole new level, he needed to raise his Concentration to a point where he could control his Mana Body with a threefold manipulation method. Hence, using the Sword Saints Legacy now would simply be a waste.

    I should start training and adapting to a threefold manipulation method as well.

    Shi Feng smiled involuntarily when he saw everyone in the room improving rapidly. Then, he sat down and began his own training.

    Back when he was in the ancient Gods Domain, his Concentration standard had only been at the Tier 4 Intermediate standard. Among Tier 4 existences, that wasnt anything to brag about.

    However, merging with the Tier 4 Hellfire had thoroughly tempered his Concentration. He now estimated that his Concentration was at the Tier 4 Peak standard already. He should be only one step away from reaching the Tier 5 standard and achieving World Creation.

    Of course, just elevating his Concentration standard to Tier 5 wouldnt be enough to achieve World Creation. He would still need to become a Grandmaster Magician first. This was also the main reason many players and NPCs couldnt achieve World Creation even after reaching Tier 5. After all, becoming a Grandmaster Magician was incredibly challenging.

    Generally, most people capable of becoming a Grandmaster Magician were Lifestyle Grandmasters. Yet, most of these Lifestyle Grandmasters were unsuited for combat and were incapable of reaching Tier 5, only reaching Tier 4 at best. This situation was especially obvious among players.

    In the past, over 70% of experts that had achieved World Creation were Lifestyle Grandmasters stuck at Tier 4, and many experts who had risen to Tier 5 couldnt help envying those players.

    After all, the disparity in combat power between individuals with and without World Creation was like the difference between heaven and earth. Even at Tier 5, World Creation could still influence a battle.

    Following which, time passed swiftly. In the blink of an eye, half a day had gone by already.

    Amid Shi Fengs repeated attempts at executing a threefold manipulation method, the Mana Fire Dance exuded suddenly skyrocketed in intensity. Her rapid transformation even kicked up a Mana storm, the phenomenon startling everyone in the room.

    "Whats going on with Bis Sis Fire? The Mana shes exuding is so powerful!" Flying Shadow exclaimed. He was thunderstruck when he saw the white mist wreathing Fire Dances body.

    "She shouldve broken through her Mana Bodys limits," Turtledove said enviously.

    "No, this shouldnt be just a simple breakthrough," Alluring Summer said, shaking her head. "Ive broken through the 100% threshold as well, yet compared to Fire Dance right now, the phenomenon my breakthrough created was much weaker. Even if she achieved her breakthrough at Tier 4, the reaction shouldnt be so exaggerated."

    Alluring Summer had much greater authority when talking about breaking through the Mana Bodys limits since she had unlocked her Mana Body to 102% potential already.

    Back when Alluring Summer broke through, her Mana Body had indeed undergone a qualitative transformation and provoked a powerful reaction in her surroundings. However, that reaction was much more subdued than Fire Dances. At this time, the Mana surrounding Fire Dance was already almost liquid. Even if Alluring Summer factored in the special environment of this room and the fact that Fire Dance was at Tier 4, a breakthrough in the Mana Bodys limits still shouldnt generate such a powerful reaction.

    Several more minutes later, Fire Dance finally stabilized her Mana, and an excited expression immediately appeared on her face.

    "Guild Leader, I succeeded!" Fire Dance said as she looked at Shi Feng excitedly. "My Mana Body is currently at a 107% Completion Rate! If you give me a little more time, I can even reach 110%!"

    She had heard plenty regarding the Mana Body from Shi Feng. According to him, after breaking through the 100% threshold, the Mana Body would see further qualitative transformations at the 105% and 110% thresholds.

    Although she had yet to reach a 110% Completion Rate, with the information the Sword Saints Legacy provided and the Ancient Beast Statues effect, she was now confident of reaching that threshold. At that time, her combat power would definitely surpass Violet Clouds. After all, Violet Clouds Mana Body was only at a 108% Completion Rate right now.

    "You reached 107% on the first breakthrough?" Shi Feng was shocked.

    Normally, a player couldnt reach or exceed 105% on their first breakthrough. Even Violet Cloud was no exception. After all, players would need to overhaul the method they used to manipulate their Mana Body to reach this threshold.

    Nevertheless, Fire Dance had skated through this process. The improvement she achieved was beyond remarkable.

    "That Sword Saint had a very thorough understanding of the Mana Body. His explanations were also simple to understand. Its a pity that Im not a Swordsman myself. Otherwise, I wouldve improved even more," Fire Dance said regretfully. "If this Legacy is given to Shadow Sword and the others, they should have a very easy time breaking through the 110% threshold. If you used it, you would probably achieve even more astonishing results, Guild Leader."

    The Legacy actually has such great effects? Shi Feng couldnt help feeling tempted by Fire Dances words. However, he still suppressed his agitated heart in the end and said calmly, "Ill pass for now. However, we can let Shadow Sword and the other Swordsmen use the Legacy once they reach Tier 4. Anyone with a physical class can also use it if they manage to break through the 100% threshold."

    Shi Feng was indeed very tempted to use the Sword Saints Legacy and go beyond his Mana Bodys present 110% Completion Rate. He might even be lucky enough to reach a 115% Completion Rate. If that happened, he would have full confidence in completing the Divine Dragons trial.

    However, his current priorities were developing his Concentration standard and improving his understanding of magic arrays. So long as he succeeded in doing so, combined with the Sword Saints Legacy, he could develop his Mana Body beyond even a 115% Completion Rate. In fact, once he reached Level 150, he could even start trying to create a personalized Mana Body.

    After all, not every Tier 5 expert in the past had started creating personalized Mana Bodies only after exceeding the 110% Completion Rate. Many of these Tier 5 experts had tried and succeeded even at 109% and 110%.

    This was because there was no integral connection between a Mana Bodys Completion Rate and the creation of a personalized Mana Body. Having a higher Completion Rate only meant that a player was more familiar with the Mana Body they currently had. At most, this familiarity would grant the player an easier time in creating a personalized Mana Body; it wasnt essential.

    As for the matter of sharing the Sword Saints Legacy, if it were possible, he would prefer to let only Tier 4 Swordsmen use it. However, given the circumstances, Zero Wing didnt have seven more Tier 4 Swordsmen suitable. Hence, he had no choice but to loosen the condition. That way, the Guild could produce more above-average Tier 4 players.

    "I understand." Fire Dance nodded.

    Over the next ten days, Zero Wings core executives achieved significant breakthroughs one after another, thanks to the Ancient Beast Statue. In addition, as the Guild had discovered quite a number of Tier 4 Legacy Lands in the Arctic Canyon, everyone began challenging their Tier 4 Promotion Quests.

    As for Fire Dance, after reaching a 110% Completion Rate with her Mana Body, she led an exploration team into the Arctic Canyon, drastically increasing Zero Wings income, particularly of top-tier Level 130-plus equipment and materials. The amount of equipment and materials Zero Wing was currently raking in surpassed even that of ordinary superpowers.

    Among the harvests Zero Wing made, the most notable one was Seven Luminaries Crystals. Because the Arctic Canyons Team Dungeons dropped small quantities of Seven Luminaries Crystals, Zero Wing earned over 600 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal in just ten short days.

    Even Shi Feng was astonished by this harvest. He never thought that the Arctic Canyon would be so rich in resources. Fire Dances team was responsible for more than half of the Seven Luminaries Crystals earned. At this time, he could already foresee that once Zero Wing gained more and more Tier 4 players, the Guilds income of Seven Luminaries Crystals would reach staggering levels.

    Meanwhile, Shi Feng had been relatively free compared to Fire Dance and the others these past ten days. He was also only half a step away from successfully implementing the threefold manipulation method on his Mana Body.

    However, during this time, huge events had also taken place in Gods Domain one after another.

    Firstly, there was the appearance of Saint Heart City.

    Secondly, the various superpowers had received news that Lu Xingluo had his qualifications as the Starline Corporations heir stripped due to his numerous failures and that his game account had gotten crippled. This unexpected development placed heavy pressure on the heirs of the major corporations leading the various superpowers.

    Thirdly, the first batch of players belonging to Zero Wings allies had entered Zero Wing City. When these 20,000 players entered the city, Zero Wings allies instantly understood Zero Wing Citys value. For a time, Zero Wing Citys entry slots enjoyed even greater popularity.

    However, the best piece of news for Zero Wing was Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, Zhao Yueru, Yan Tianxing, and Yi Luofeis successful promotion to Tier 4. Their success had instantly boosted Zero Wings overall combat power by a large margin, and exploring the Arctic Canyon became a lot easier.

    Zero Wing City, Candlelight Trading Firm, Special Forging Room:

    Sure enough, breaching the Grandmaster Magician threshold isnt an easy task. A pale-faced Shi Feng smiled bitterly as he looked at the Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment he had just produced.

    After several days of research, he concluded that only two methods would let him achieve threefold manipulation: developing his Concentration to the Tier 5 standard and becoming a Grandmaster Magician.

    For the time being, developing his Concentration to the Tier 5 standard was nigh-impossible since it required fortuitous encounters and undergoing tempering.

    This left him with raising his Magician rank. Producing Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment was one of the ways that could help him do so because the most difficult aspect of producing the set was engraving its magic array. Although the system deemed the sets magic array as only a Master Magic Array, it rivaled even Grandmaster Magic Arrays in complexity. If he could successfully engrave the entire magic array in one go, he wouldnt be far off from becoming a Grandmaster Magician.

    Unfortunately, even after working for several days consecutively and producing more than 200 sets of Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment, he still couldnt engrave the sets magic array in one go. He felt as if an invisible barrier was preventing him from advancing.

    Meanwhile, Shi Feng also happened to reach Level 150the threshold where he could get promoted to Tier 5.

    "Guild Leader, you previously asked the Boulder Corporation to look into Phoenix Rains little sister, right?" At this time, Liang Jing suddenly contacted Shi Feng. "They just sent back news that Phoenix Rains little sister should be staying in Haitian Citys Upper Zone."

    "Alright, got it."

    Nodding, Shi Feng promptly chose to log out of Gods Domain and decided to pay Haitian Citys Upper Zone.

    Apart from checking up on Phoenix Rains little sister, he could also use this opportunity to broaden his business circle to Haitian Citys Upper Zone.

    Every Upper Zone had its own contribution competition. Since the various corporations were placing such heavy importance on this seasons competition, it would be a huge waste not to take advantage of it and make a killing.

    After all, Zero Wing was already a massive organization that had many mouths to feed. A large number of newcomers with great potential had even joined the Guilds headquarters recently. There were also the resources needed to nurture Zero Wings executives. With all the Guilds resource requirements, simply relying on the Five States Corporation would be far from enough.