Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2839 - ROTSSG 2839

    Chapter 2839 Statues Astonishing Function

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    Alluring Summer, Shadow Sword, Turtledove, Cola, Youlan, Blackie, Flying Shadow, Silent Blade, Stubborn Bone, Ye Wumian, Rampant Blade, Su Qianliu, Minor Wind, and Graceful Moon gathered in the second underground floor of the City Lords Mansion after receiving Fire Dances summons.

    Looking at Fire Dance, who was guiding their group, Cola asked curiously, "Commander, why did the Guild Leader suddenly have us come over?"

    At Colas question, the others in the group also looked at Fire Dance curiously.

    For the sake of raising their chances of getting promoted to Tier 4, they had all focused on training in the Battle Arena recently to improve their control over Mana.

    In Zero Wing Citys Mana environment, their control over Mana had improved at a noticeable rate. Among them, Alluring Summer had become a Master Magician and even gained her own Mana Domain. Her achievements had spurred the rest of them to train even more zealously.

    Yet, instead of letting them focus on their training, Fire Dance had suddenly summoned them here.

    "Its a secret," Fire Dance answered with a smile. "Moreover, this trip will be beneficial for you. You might even increase your chances of getting promoted to Tier 4 by a large margin."

    Fire Dance naturally knew of everyones desire to get promoted to Tier 4. After all, Zero Wing Citys environment was greatly beneficial to even a Tier 4 player like herself, let alone Tier 3 players.

    Moreover, in the current Gods Domain, Tier 3 players couldnt make any waves at all. Only by reaching Tier 4 would a player have an impact on the big picture.

    "Are you trying to trick us, Commander? We already have Zero Wing Citys environment to help us. Is there really another way to increase our chances of promotion further?" Shadow Sword asked skeptically. However, he couldnt help growing a little eager and excited at Fire Dances answer.

    He understood very clearly that with his current standards, it would be incredibly difficult for him to get promoted to Tier 4even with the support of Zero Wing Citys excellent environment. It would most likely take him several attempts before he could get promoted.

    And worse, players who failed their Tier 4 Promotion Quest had to wait for a long period before they could rechallenge their Promotion Quest. Even if he could find another Tier 4 Legacy Land quickly, he would still have to wait up to a month. If he suffered consecutive failures, it could very well take him up to half a year or possibly more to reach Tier 4.

    If he were to hover at Tier 3 for half a year, he simply couldnt imagine how far he would fall behind the current Tier 4 players.

    After all, there were still many places in Gods Domain that only Tier 4 players and above could set foot in. Meanwhile, the opportunities, Legacies, and items available in these forbidden lands were far superior to what other maps provided.

    "That was what the Guild Leader said," Fire Dance said, nodding. "Otherwise, he wouldnt have interrupted your training spree and called you here."

    After saying so, Fire Dance stopped before a stone door sealed by a magic array. Standing guard beside this stone door were four Level 140, Tier 3 Fine-Gold Guards. Even if a Tier 4 player came here, they shouldnt think of getting past these NPCs quickly.

    When the four NPCs saw Fire Dance, they promptly removed the seal on the stone door.

    Subsequently, the stone door parted slowly, revealing a room the size of a basketball court. Many magic arrays isolated the room. Even if a Tier 4 player made a ruckus inside the room, their actions would go unnoticed in the outside world.

    Shi Feng was waiting inside the isolated room.

    After glancing at everyone, Shi Feng said, "Come on in."

    In response to Shi Fengs words, Fire Dance entered the room curiously, followed by the rest of the group shortly afterward.

    After everyone entered the room, the four guards outside the room closed the door and quietly stood watch by the door, none of them daring to relax for even a moment.

    Having entered the room, Fire Dance and the others couldnt help looking at Shi Feng in confusion.

    This was because even after entering the isolated room, they failed to sense anything special about it. In fact, the Mana density inside the room even seemed slightly lower compared to outside.

    Upon seeing everyones confusion, Shi Feng smiled and said, "You must be wondering why I summoned you to such a place, right?"

    "Guild Leader, the Commander said you have a way to further increase our chances of getting promoted to Tier 4." Unable to hold back his curiosity any longer, Cola asked, "Is that true?"

    Truthfully, Cola didnt have much confidence in getting promoted to Tier 4 since his combat standard was still stuck at the Flowing Water Realm even now. His control over Mana was also only at the Advanced Magician standard. It was basically impossible for him to learn a Tier 4 Legacy Skill within a short period.

    "Its true. However, how much improvement you gain will depend on yourselves," Shi Feng said, nodding. He then pointed at the Ancient Beast Statue set up in the center of the room and continued, "This thing is the key to your promotion to Tier 4!"

    "A statue?"

    Everyone present grew even more confused when they heard Shi Fengs words. Even Fire Dance was no exception.

    Although the statue in front of them looked exquisite, no matter how they looked at it, it did not seem like a tool that could help them reach Tier 4.

    "Observe it from a closer distance," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "But dont use your eyes; use your whole body to perceive it."

    The Ancient Beast Statue was an incomparably mysterious object, and it was incredibly difficult for someone to notice its uniqueness. This was because the Ancient Beast Statue would reveal its properties only in an environment with incredibly dense Mana.

    Moreover, these properties were noticeable only at close distance. If one stood too far away from the statue, one wouldnt sense anything special about it. In fact, placing the statue in a room would even cause the density of the Mana in the room to drop.

    In the past, some players had even treated the Ancient Beast Statues as junk and sold them cheap.

    At Shi Fengs advice, Cola and the others approached the statue. And when everyone got within ten yards of the Ancient Beast Statue, their expressions promptly changed.

    "How is this possible?! The operating principles of Mana have become much clearer! Theres at least a 50% improvement!"

    As a Tier 4 player, Fire Dance was the quickest to notice the changes the Ancient Beast Statue brought about, and she couldnt help gaping at the statue in disbelief.

    Assuming that she could view the operating principles of Mana at only 10% clarity under normal circumstances, then in Zero Wing Citys environment, she could view the operating principles at 20% clarity. However, standing beside the Ancient Beast Statue, she could view the operating principles at 30% clarity.

    Cola and the others did not achieve as good a result as Fire Dance since they were still at Tier 3; however, they still managed to achieve a clarity of at least 20%. At this time, their perception of the operating principles of Mana was superior to the average Tier 4 players. Now, they were basically viewing the world around them from a higher perspective than even Tier 4 players. As Tier 3 players, the benefits they could gain from such an experience were immeasurable.

    If this situation leaked to the public, the various powers of Gods Domain would most likely go crazy.

    Fire Dance finally understood why Shi Feng had instructed her to be extremely careful when coming to this place and even limiting the people she could invite to only the Guilds core executives.

    The next moment, the isolated room fell indescribably quiet.

    This was because Cola, Alluring Summer, and everyone else had wholeheartedly thrown themselves into their enhanced perception with no intention of exiting this immersion. Shi Feng did not find this situation surprising, either.

    After obtaining World Authority, his perception of the operating principles of Mana had reached an incredibly high level. Within the Ancient Beast Statues vicinity, he could even achieve a 40% clarity.

    Back when he was controlling Frobero, a Half-step Demon King, he had only managed to achieve a 50% clarity, yet he already had a feeling of invincibility.

    Of course, this was only a misconception arising from suddenly obtaining so much power. Even so, the brief experience of viewing the world through Froberos senses had provided him with immense help in developing his Mana Body and improving his control over Mana.

    Although he didnt get the same feeling when standing next to the Ancient Beast Statue, he was relatively close to that feeling already. And while subject to this sensation, even he couldnt help wishing he could disregard all his duties and focus solely on researching the operating principles of Mana, so what more Cola and the others?

    Shortly after Fire Dance immersed herself in her enhanced perception, the Mana around her body began rampaging. It was evident that she was trying to break through her Mana Bodys 100% threshold.

    Shi Feng was slightly surprised to see this. He then took out a colorful crystal from his bag and handed it to Fire Dance, saying, "Dont rush to break through yet. Do it after you finish learning the Legacy inside this thing."

    In response to Shi Fengs words, Fire Dance halted her attempt to break through and accepted the Memory Crystal. However, after checking the Memory Crystal, she was stunned. She never thought that Shi Feng would actually possess such a precious Legacy. Moreover, the Legacy recorded in the Memory Crystal even contained information on how to reconstruct ones Mana Body. For Tier 4 players like herself, this information was priceless.

    "Guild Leader, this is a Sword Saints Legacy. Giving it to me would be wasteful," Fire Dance said hesitantly.

    She was no fool. Anyone who had gotten promoted to Tier 4 would know what was most important to a Tier 4 playerachieving a breakthrough in ones Mana Body and reconstructing it. This was the basis of getting promoted to Tier 5.

    However, Shi Feng simply chuckled and said, "Relax. This is a complete Legacy Crystal. It can be used up to nine times. Every person will get the best result from the crystal only on their first use. Using it more than once would be a waste. Now that you are one of Zero Wings key combatants, it will be of great help to the Guild if you can further improve yourself."

    Teresa had given him a complete Tier 5 Legacy Crystal that could be used nine times. And although it was a Sword Saints Legacy, as the Swordsman and Assassin classes were both physical classes, an Assassin could still gain significant help from the Legacy.

    If Fire Dance could elevate her Mana Bodys potential to 105% due to this Legacy Crystal, it would be of significant help to the present Zero Wing.

    Since Shi Feng wasnt accepting any argument, Fire Dance eventually gritted her teeth and activated the Memory Crystal.

    After all, what Shi Feng said was true. There were significant differences even between Tier 4 players. Take Violet Cloud, for example. Because she had long since broken through her Mana Bodys 100% threshold, her combat power had surpassed Fire Dances by a large margin as soon as she reached Tier 4.

    If Fire Dance could break through the 100% threshold now, she would be able to hold her ground even against monstrously strong Tier 4 experts.

    Immediately, the colorful crystal in Fire Dances hand released several streaks of light that flowed straight into her eyes. Simultaneously, a large amount of information was transmitted directly into her brain.