Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2838 - ROTSSG 2838

    Chapter 2838 Astonishing News

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    Orc Empire, Crimson Flame Fortress:

    "How arrogant of Zero Wing. Arent they afraid of suffering a backlash for pulling such a stunt?" Snow Scar, who was now a Level 130, Tier 4 Berserker, sneered as he looked at the information displayed on the conference table. "They probably arent aware that Saints Hand has already established a city in the Black Hills, together with over a dozen superpowers."

    The Black Hills!

    This was a Level 130 neutral map connected to the Valley of Death, a forbidden land. Meanwhile, the Valley of Death was also the map that current players had the best chances of exploring successfully. Although the forbidden land was dangerous, according to the reports of the Tier 4 experts who had explored it already, the number of Tier 4 Legacy Lands appearing inside far exceeded that of other places. There were also plenty of ancient ruins hidden in the map, which were of significant help with getting promoted to Tier 4. In fact, even Tier 4 players could reap a lot of benefits from these ancient ruins.

    In response to Snow Scars words, Jing Yang, who was now a Level 131, Tier 4 Great Wizard, turned to the woman exuding a heroic and charming aura, seated at the tables seat of honor. In a respectful tone, he said, "Vice Guild Leader, Saints Hand has sent us an invitation as well. They say they will offer us 10% of their new citys shares once it is constructed. However, we will need to garrison the city with one Tier 4 player and 20,000 Tier 3 players in return."

    "How calculative of Saints Hand. They must be aiming to have us help them deal with Zero Wing in the Orc Empire," a Level 128, Tier 4 female Assassin said, smirking. "However, if they want to use us as pawns, dont you think that the price theyre offering is too low?"

    Snow Scar also nodded in agreement with the female Assassin.

    The Blackwater Guild was no longer the same as it was before. Under Xuanwu Chisas lead, the Guild had grown to a point where it could rival even Super Guilds. Moreover, unknown to the public, the Guild even had six Tier 4 experts already.

    "Jing Yang, tell Saints Hand that they need to show more sincerity if they want to partner with us. We want at least 30% of the citys shares," Xuanwu Chisa said, opening her eyes. "Also, notify Zero Wing of Saints Hands actions. Tell them that Blackwater is willing to partner with Zero Wing to go up against Saints Hands alliance. However, in return, they must allow all of Blackwaters elite members into Zero Wing City."

    "Vice Guild Leader, you know how Zero Wing operates. Theres no way they will agree to such a condition," Jing Yang argued, feeling a headache incoming.

    He had negotiated with Zero Wing for partnership many times in the past, yet he had faced rejection every time. Now that Zero Wing had the potential to rival the Five Great Super Guilds, it had even less need to heed Blackwaters demands.

    "It doesnt matter if they dont accept it now," Xuanwu Chisa said nonchalantly. "Once Saints Hand opens their city and that side arrives, Zero Wing will have no choice but to agree to our demands."

    "I understand." Jing Yang nodded.

    The current Zero Wing indeed had the qualifications to be arrogant. However, once Saints Hand opened its city in the Black Hills, the situation would quickly reverse. After all, mainstream players were currently only at Level 120. Although the Arctic Canyon was also an excellent location, it simply wasnt a place mainstream players could visit. At most, they could only make use of Zero Wing Citys incredible Mana environment.

    Not to mention, Saints Hands alliance consisted of more than a dozen superpowers. With the manpower and resources available to them, the alliance would soon become an existence that even the Five Great Super Guilds had to be wary of.

    At that time, Zero Wings advantage in Tier 4 players would also disappear.

    However, Saints Hands alliance still wasnt the biggest problem Zero Wing would have to face but the world-shattering war looming over the main continent. A Guild like Zero Wing, which had established a base in a Level 140 neutral map, would definitely head the list of cannon fodder for this war.

    Currently, though, very few people in Gods Domain actually knew of this upcoming war. The only reason Blackwater knew about it was Xuanwu Chisas special identity.

    Just when Blackwater was about to notify Zero Wing of Saints Hands actions, Saints Hand actually announced its astonishing plan to the entire eastern continent.

    Moreover, Saints Hand even declared that it would open its city to everyone and charge a cheap entrance fee of only one Magic Crystal or 50 Silver Coins.

    As soon as this news came out, many of the first-rate powers considering partnering with Zero Wing promptly changed their minds.

    After all, although Zero Wing City possessed an excellent environment, the entrance fee it charged was simply beyond the various first-rate powers means. Not to mention, the citys entry slots would be auctioned. In other words, the entry slots wouldnt cost just ten Magic Crystals. By the end of the auction, each slot might actually go for 15 or even 20 Magic Crystals.

    Moreover, this was only the price to enter the city. Once inside the city, they were bound to incur all sorts of other expenditures as well. Rather than spending all those Magic Crystals, it would be much better to head to Saints Hands city and explore the Valley of Death for ancient ruins and Tier 4 Legacy Lands. Not only could they save up on a lot of Magic Crystals by doing so, but their potential income was also higher.

    Sky Spring City, Zero Wings Residence:

    "Guild Leader, 90% of the first-rate powers seeking to partner with us and 80% of the adventurer teams seeking to join us changed their minds after Saints Hands announcement," Fire Dance said, a hint of disbelief in her eyes as she read the report she just received. "There wont be any competition for the entry slots. In fact, the one million slots were offering exceed the remaining Guilds demand."

    "It doesnt matter. Let Saints Hand do whatever it wants. Our plan will remain the same. We will still sell one million entry slots during the auction," Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at the statistical report. "When the time comes, just sell as many slots as possible. To begin with, were not doing this to earn Magic Crystals. Were just trying to keep Zero Wing City operational."

    "You might be right, but if we have enough Magic Crystals, we could construct another Mobile Fortress, right?" Fire Dance said regretfully.

    The Magic Crystals Zero Wing earned from its members visiting Zero Wing City were already more than enough to keep the city functioning normally. The only problems remaining were the recruitment and maintenance of the citys NPC soldiers.

    However, resolving these issues wasnt a big deal for the present Zero Wing. This was because many Guild members were willing to develop themselves in Zero Wing City. There were also more than 20,000 Tier 3 experts from Heavens Blade and Asura. In total, Zero Wing City already had an astonishing 50,000 Tier 3 players operating in it.

    At this point, all they needed to do was wait until the Guild accumulated enough Tier 3 members to ensure Zero Wing Citys security. Once the citys security was no longer a concern, they could open up the city to NPCs and begin recruiting NPC soldiers in large numbers.

    However, the Mobile Fortresss power had made a deep impression on Fire Dance. She believed it would be wonderful if Zero Wing could gain another Mobile Fortress.

    "Lets not talk about getting another Mobile Fortress," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "What we can do is further increase the number of Tier 4 players we have to improve the Guilds strength."

    "Further increase?" Fire Dance parroted, confused by Shi Fengs words. "Is that even doable?"

    Producing Tier 4 players was easier said than done. Finding Tier 4 Legacy Lands was one thing; mastering a Tier 4 Skill or Spell within the allotted time was another thing altogether. The help Zero Wing Citys environment provided for this aspect could already be regarded as the best available in Gods Domain. She found it hard to imagine other ways to help Zero Wing produce even more Tier 4 players.

    "Of course." Smiling, Shi Feng said, "Contact Summer and the others and have them gather in Zero Wing Citys City Lords Mansion."

    If it were before he had visited the ancient Gods Domain, he would indeed have no way of accomplishing such a feat. However, after his trip to the ancient era, he did.

    And that was by using the Ancient Beast Sculpture!