Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2837 - ROTSSG 2837

    Chapter 2837 Holy Land

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    Zero Wing City, Teleportation Hall:

    Accompanied by a bright flash, several hundred players suddenly appeared on one of the teleportation arrays in the Teleportation Hall. With the arrival of these players, the teleportation array, which was the size of a basketball court, instantly became overcrowded.

    However, despite this uncomfortable situation, none of the people present raised a fuss. On the contrary, they all stood blankly on the spot as if petrified.

    How is this possible?! How can the Mana here feel so dense?! Cleansing Flame, who stood among the crowd, was shocked and confused when she sensed the Mana surrounding her.

    The ambient Mana clearly wasn’t a mist, yet she felt as if she had sunk into a lake the instant she arrived.

    This was the first time she found Mana heavy. Even Mana that had taken on a mist form could not compare to the density of the Mana she was experiencing. The two were worlds apart from each other.

    After thoroughly experiencing the calm and empty feeling brought about by the surrounding Mana, the astonished Cleansing Flame muttered, “Training in this magical environment will probably yield double the results compared to training in other Guild Cities.”

    Although there were many items in God’s Domain that could help players clear up their minds and invigorate their thoughts, the effects of these items paled significantly when compared to the effects of Zero Wing City’s Mana.

    “Double? You’re severely underestimating this place. The Mana here isn’t just incredibly dense,” Divine Shadow said, shaking his head. With his face blank with astonishment, he continued, “My Mana affinity feels like it doubled or more. I can perceive the operating principles of Mana with much greater clarity. If we train here, our training efficiency will quadruple at the very least. Moreover, this place should also be of great help toward reaching Tier 4.”

    What made the Tier 4 Promotion Quest challenging wasn’t just the troublesome process of finding a Tier 4 Legacy Land. Having to learn a Tier 4 Skill or Spell within a short time was also a huge hurdle. This condition placed an incredibly high demand on players’ understanding of and familiarity with Mana.

    This was akin to asking a programmer to create a game of epic proportions within a limited period. While most programmers knew the programming language necessary to create the game, not every programmer had the skill and understanding to complete the game within the time limit.

    Hence, apart from a small number of geniuses gifted in this regard, everyone else would face great difficulty completing this condition.

    In this situation, the only thing players could do to remedy this problem was improve their familiarity with and control over Mana. Only, doing so was easier said than done, as very few external items in God’s Domain could help in this regard.

    Now, Zero Wing City made this possible.

    Upon hearing Divine Shadow’s words, Cleansing Flame also focused on her affinity with the surrounding Mana. Immediately afterward, an indescribable sense of shock overwhelmed her.

    At this time, her perception of the operating principles of Mana had undergone a massive transformation. Previously, whenever she tried perceiving the operating principles of Mana, it was as if a dense layer of fog hindered her perception. Without assistance from Legacies and graphical introductions, she wouldn’t have understood anything.

    Now, when she tried perceiving how Mana operated, her perception was no longer as foggy as before. Instead of a dense layer of fog, it was more like a thin gauze hindered her perception. Even without concentrating, she could still perceive the operating principles with great clarity.

    With this improvement in her perception, she quickly found answers to the problems previously plaguing her.

    “Now, I know why Guild Leader Black Flame dared to collect Magic Crystals so wantonly and even called this city a Guild benefit.” When Divine Shadow perceived his improved control over Mana, he couldn’t help a bitter smile. “With the Mana density here, he doesn’t need to worry about nobody visiting the city at all. In fact, countless Tier 3 experts will probably want to enter the city.”

    The special nature of Zero Wing City’s Mana simply couldn’t be found in any other Guild City in God’s Domain. This was especially true for the improved perception of the operating principles of Mana. This effect could hardly be found anywhere in the continent. It also wasn’t something that training could offset.

    At this time, Divine Shadow wasn’t the only person with such thoughts. The other people standing on the teleportation array shared his outlook.

    “Amazing! This is simply amazing! If I can stay here long-term, aside from improving my combat standards, I can probably rapidly unlock my Mana Body to 100% Completion Rate, too!” the Tier 3 Summoner youth from Crimson Wolf exclaimed.

    Although he had already reached Tier 3 for some time now, he was still far from fully unlocking his Mana Body’s potential. Meanwhile, the difference between fully unlocked and partially unlocked Mana Bodies was significant.

    Previously, he was already at the brink of despair over fully unlocking his Mana Body. However, he saw hope again after arriving in Zero Wing City. Moreover, he felt that his odds of success were excellent.

    “So, this is why Zero Wing isn’t afraid of making enemies of the various superpowers. With this city, Zero Wing will have to mess up very badly to fail in its development,” Solitary Sword said. She, too, felt incredibly excited when she realized Zero Wing City’s benefits.

    Previously, she had anticipated that Zero Wing City would only provide temporary shelter while she searched for Tier 4 Legacy Lands. Now, however, she could also use Zero Wing City to improve herself and increase her chances of promotion to Tier 4.

    After a brief silence, the several hundred players standing on the teleportation array could no longer suppress the restlessness in their hearts. They charged out of the Teleportation Hall, curious to see what the situation in Zero Wing City was like.

    As soon as everyone exited the building, they were dumbfounded by the sight that greeted them.

    Zero Wing City was practically more developed than NPC cities. Not only was the city filled with high-rises, but there were also all sorts of high-end buildings. Most importantly, this city had a Battle Arena! This was a place where players could conduct PvP to their hearts’ content!

    Originally, the Battle Arena held very little attraction for Tier 3 players. This was because the Battle Arena provided very little benefit to Tier 3 players, apart from the opportunity to spar against powerful experts. Only Tier 2 players and below preferred to visit the Battle Arena for sparring.

    In the present Zero Wing City, however, the Battle Arena had undoubtedly become the place everyone paid most attention to. All of the new arrivals in the city wished they could charge into the Battle Arena and start sparring immediately.

    As more and more players arrived in Zero Wing City, news about the city quickly spread in Zero Wing’s Guild channel. In less than half an hour, Zero Wing’s elite members started flocking to Sky Spring City like a bunch of madmen, crowding the city’s Teleportation Hall. Many of these elite members had to wait for several dozen minutes before they could teleport to Zero Wing City.

    Naturally, the mass gathering of Zero Wing’s elite members resulted in information about Zero Wing City reaching the ears of the various powers and independent players. The various powers couldn’t help wishing they could head to Zero Wing City and take a look at the situation there for themselves. Unfortunately, with Zero Wing’s regulations, they could only watch from the sidelines.

    “Contact Zero Wing immediately! Tell them that the Wind Valley Guild is willing to partner with them so long as they open Zero Wing City to us!”

    “Contact Zero Wing and say that the Draconic adventurer team is willing to join Zero Wing, but Zero Wing must make all our members elite members!”

    For a time, various Guilds contacted Zero Wing for partnership, while adventurer teams sought to join the Guild as a whole. There were even superpowers that made overtures to Zero Wing.

    “Guild Leader, over 40 first-rate Guilds and 200 adventurer teams have contacted us already. We even received calls from five superpowers. All of them are either looking to form partnerships or join us with the condition of receiving access to Zero Wing City,” Fire Dance reported excitedly when she read the statistical data her subordinate sent her. “Some Guilds are even willing to pay an entrance fee of ten Magic Crystals per player. According to our current estimates, we can get an additional 500,000 players entering the city. Should we let them in?”

    If they charged ten Magic Crystals per person, they could gain an additional income of five million Magic Crystals per day. Even superpowers would go crazy from jealousy if they saw Zero Wing City raking in so many Magic Crystals. After all, the average superpower would have a stockpile of only several million Magic Crystals at this stage of the game, while Zero Wing City could earn that amount every day.

    “Now still isn’t the time to let them enter the city,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “However, you can tell them that Zero Wing is willing to conduct some preliminary partnerships. We will offer one million entry slots for now.”

    “Only one million?” Fire Dance asked, confused.

    Zero Wing City was already a Main City. Let alone one million, it could easily accommodate ten million players. Even if they excluded the slots Zero Wing needed, such a tight restriction to the entry slots shouldn’t be necessary. After all, they would be making ten Magic Crystals for every non-Guild member that entered the city.

    “Mhm. Any Guild that has signed a strategic alliance or resource alliance with Zero Wing can purchase these slots,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “We will auction off these slots through Candlelight, with a starting bid of ten Magic Crystals per slot.”

    “Auction?” Fire Dance’s eyes lit up in realization when she heard Shi Feng’s words. “I understand. I’ll notify them now.”