Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2835 - ROTSSG 2835

    Chapter 2835 News Of Zero Wing City

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    Sky Spring City, Zero Wing’s Residence:

    At this time, more than 10,000 Tier 3 experts had gathered in Zero Wing’s Residence in Sky Spring City. Such a force was already enough to overwhelm even first-rate Guilds. Moreover, this number continued to increase as time passed.

    This development inevitably shocked the various powers operating within Sky Spring City.

    “What’s going on with Zero Wing? Why is it gathering so many of its Tier 3 members in its Residence?”

    “Is Zero Wing planning some kind of big operation?”

    “That might be possible. After the battle at the Secret Covenant Tower, Saint’s Hand declared an all-out war on Zero Wing. Meanwhile, since the popular Orc Empire is Saint’s Hand’s home ground, other Guilds have stopped visiting Silverwing City lest they offend Saint’s Hand and get targeted by those Faux Saint monsters. So, there’s a good chance that Zero Wing is gathering its forces for a counterattack.”

    The various powers secretly discussed Zero Wing’s purpose in gathering its forces. Many of them guessed that Zero Wing wanted to make use of its current advantage to launch a big operation. After all, now that Zero Wing had the Secret Covenant Tower as its foundation, nobody was capable of threatening the Guild’s existence.

    With Zero Wing’s ability to produce a large number of Tier 3 players continuously, it wouldn’t necessarily be impossible for the Guild to confront Saint’s Hand in the Orc Empire.

    At this time, the people in the outside world weren’t the only ones confused by Zero Wing’s sudden decision to gather its Tier 3 members. Even the players in Zero Wing’s Residence were confused by this situation.

    “Fire, have you found out what is going on?” Solitary Sword, the red-haired commander of the Crimson Wolf adventurer team, asked curiously as she looked at the Tier 3 Summoner youth hurrying toward her.

    It would be hard not to notice the sudden appearance of so many Tier 3 experts in the Residence. This was especially true now that so many top-tier Epic Weapons and Equipment had appeared in Zero Wing’s Warehouse.

    In less than a day, eight of the 100-plus Epic Weapons and Equipment in the Guild Warehouse had already been claimed. And this was only the beginning. As more time passed, the various adventurer teams that had recently joined Zero Wing would accumulate more and more GCPs. Then, more and more of these Epic items would get taken away.

    Although she had already managed to exchange for an Epic Headgear for Swordsmen, she still had her eyes on an Epic Weapon. So long as she could obtain this weapon, her combat power would definitely undergo a qualitative transformation.

    If all of these many Tier 3 experts, who had suddenly appeared in the Residence, were aiming at the Epic Weapons and Equipment, the competition would intensify sharply.

    “Boss, I asked around. I even asked some of the adventurer teams I have friendly relations with. However, none of them know what’s going on. Even the Guild’s core members have no clue about this situation,” the Summoner youth replied, shaking his head. “However, I did find out why so many Tier 3 members have gathered in Sky Spring City. It seems there’s an emergency summons from the Guild Leader’s assistant. Also, the ones summoned are all veteran members of the Guild.”

    “The Guild specifically summoned these core members?” Solitary Sword frowned at this information. “If that’s the case, the Guild is most likely undertaking a large-scale operation.”

    Guilds would generally award a generous amount of Contribution Points to members who participated in their large-scale operations. Now that Zero Wing was gathering its veteran Tier 3 members for a large-scale operation, the competition for the Epic Weapons and Equipment would undoubtedly intensify.

    While Solitary Sword worried over this situation, a large group of players suddenly entered the Guild Residence. Not only did none of these people wear Zero Wing’s emblem, but they all exuded astonishingly powerful auras. The man leading the group even had an oppressive aura that verged on the aura of Tier 4 players.

    “Why is Heaven’s Blade’s vice commander here?”

    “I heard rumors stating that Heaven’s Blade became Zero Wing’s subsidiary after the incident on Dragonheart Island. It seems these rumors were actually true.”

    The arrival of Heaven’s Blade’s Tier 3 experts in Zero Wing’s Residence stunned the players idling around outside the Residence. The various Guild players were especially shocked.

    Although Heaven’s Blade was only an adventurer team, it possessed incredible fame. The adventurer team even had three Domain Realm experts. Moreover, many superpowers in God’s Domain had tried recruiting Heaven’s Blade, but the adventurer team had refused all the invitations it received.

    Yet, Heaven’s Blade now appeared in Zero Wing’s Residence. Given the rumors surrounding the two organizations, Heaven’s Blade’s arrival was basically a declaration that the adventurer team now belonged to Zero Wing. This was absolutely bad news for the various Guilds.

    Thus far, Zero Wing could only remain on the defensive due to a lack of manpower.

    However, things would definitely change now that Heaven’s Blade had come under Zero Wing.

    “Vice Commander, Zero Wing really is amazing. It already has so many Tier 3 experts now. At this rate, it won’t be long before Zero Wing overtakes the various superpowers in this regard,” Cleansing Flame said, sighing ruefully as she took in her surroundings.

    She had heard something of the battle that had taken place at the Secret Covenant Tower.

    At one point in the past, Heaven’s Blade had been an existence that could contend against the various superpowers. At that time, the adventurer team had more experts than Zero Wing. Now, Zero Wing had become a true behemoth. Despite not being an actual superpower, it had already surpassed the various superpowers.

    Chuckling at Cleansing Flame’s words, Divine Shadow said, “Alright, let’s hurry up. We shouldn’t make Guild Leader Black Flame wait for too long.”

    Nodding, Cleansing Flame quickly followed Divine Shadow to the Residence’s Guild Hall.

    Personally, she was very curious about why Shi Feng had suddenly called for Heaven’s Blade’s top combatants this time.

    Logically, with the number of Tier 3 experts Zero Wing had assembled in Sky Spring City, it shouldn’t lack manpower here. In fact, the Guild should be sending more manpower to Dragonheart Island instead. After all, the exploration of the World Tower’s fourth underground floor wasn’t an easy task.

    Shortly afterward, Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame reached the top-floor meeting room of Zero Wing’s Residence. At this time, the executives of Zero Wing and the Asura adventurer team had long been waiting here. The arrival of Heaven’s Blade’s members confused these executives.

    However, as Zero Wing’s and Asura’s executives wondered why Shi Feng had invited Heaven’s Blade’s members, Shi Feng and Liang Jing also entered the room.

    After taking his seat, Shi Feng scanned the crowd before him and said, “Sorry for the long wait.”

    At Shi Feng’s words, everyone in the room fell silent and looked at Shi Feng with curious eyes.

    “Liang Jing.” Seeing everyone’s confusion, Shi Feng chuckled and said, “Brief everyone about the specifics of the situation.”

    In response, Liang Jing stepped up to the table and opened the booklet she held. After taking a deep breath, she said, “Everyone, I believe you should know by now that Zero Wing City has been upgraded into a Main City. The reason we have gathered you here today is to discuss Zero Wing City’s future development.”

    “Zero Wing City’s future development?” Divine Shadow found Liang Jing’s explanation strange.

    If today’s meeting was about Zero Wing City’s future development, there should be no reason for the Guild to invite Heaven’s Blade to attend. After all, this was Zero Wing’s internal matter. It should have nothing to do with an affiliated adventurer team.

    “That’s right.” Nodding, Liang Jing said, “Before this, everyone has been wondering where Zero Wing City went. Now, I can tell everyone that Zero Wing City is currently located in the Arctic Canyon, a Level 140 neutral map.”

    After saying so, Liang Jing shared the specifics regarding the Arctic Canyon through the conference table’s virtual interface. “These are the Arctic Canyon’s details. Feel free to study them.”

    At Liang Jing’s words, everyone promptly opened the file they received and began reading up on Arctic Canyon.

    After a short silence, gasps sounded in the room one after another.