Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2834 - ROTSSG 2834

    Chapter 2834 New Zero Wing City

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    “The city disappeared?”

    “What’s going on?”

    “Wasn’t Zero Wing supposed to get promoted into a Main City?”

    The players gathered at the Witch’s Hill were inevitably confused when they saw Zero Wing City disappear all of a sudden.

    “It just vanished into thin air. Did Zero Wing transfer the city elsewhere?”

    “That shouldn’t be possible, right? This is a Main City we’re talking about. I looked into it before. If a Main City will relocate within the borders of a country, transferring it requires not only an Advanced City Transfer Order but also the permission of the host country. This is because a Main City is deeply involved in the governance of the region it is in.”

    A heated debate promptly arose over Zero Wing City’s disappearance. Star-Moon Kingdom’s various powers, in particular, were nervous. After all, Zero Wing would automatically gain the ruling rights of whichever location Zero Wing City was transferred to. If this location happened to fall within their territory, they would have to say goodbye to their territory.

    Meanwhile, as Star-Moon Kingdom’s various players and powers were discussing this matter

    Level 140 neutral map, Arctic Canyon:

    A majestic and wealthy city suddenly appeared on a cliff near the coast of this map, instantly occupying nearly half of the 20,000-yard coastline. The city faced a boundless, snowy forest and had its back to the frozen sea.

    It’s finally my turn to control this region in this life. Shi Feng couldn’t help being a little excited as he looked at the ocean view outside the city.

    The Arctic Canyon was a Level 140 to Level 160 neutral map, one of the few neutral maps on the main continent connected to the sea. The Sea of Death was near the Arctic Canyon, and by crossing the Sea of Death, one could reach the western continent. The Arctic Canyon was one of the eastern continent’s closest shores to the western continent.

    In addition, the Arctic Canyon also lay close to the Top of the World!

    This was a new continent that countless experts in God’s Domain sought to conquer!

    Not only was the Arctic Canyon one of the few maps that led to the Top of the World, but it was also the easiest entry point to this continent, which was 100,000 meters above sea level.

    In the past, every inch of land in the Arctic Canyon was worth its weight in gold. It was a place where the various superpowers sought to establish a foothold, no matter the cost. However, as most of the Arctic Canyon’s terrain was uneven, the map could house only a limited number of Guild Cities, especially Guild Cities at the Main City standard.

    The Arctic Canyon could house four Main Cities and 22 ordinary Guild Cities at most. Guild Towns couldn’t survive in this place at all. Even if the town received protection from a Tier 5 player, the blizzards here would still reduce it to a pile of ruins in an instant. For a shelter to survive here, it would need to be at the Advanced City standard at a minimum.

    With such limited space, first-rate Guilds and weaker would be dreaming if they thought they could establish a foothold here. In fact, most superpowers failed to do so in Shi Feng’s previous life. The four plots of land that could house Main Cities, in particular, were so heavily contested that even the Five Great Super Guilds met with failure. In the end, the Five Great Super Guilds had to share two of these lands, while the various superpowers shared the remaining two.

    Yet, Shi Feng had now claimed the Arctic Canyon’s best plot of land for himself. How could he not be excited by this situation?

    After all, any player that had reached Level 150, Tier 4 would have to visit the Top of the World. This was because this new continent held plenty of ancient treasures and Legacies, all of which were crucial for these players to further improve themselves. Back then, the Top of the World was such a tempting place that even Tier 3 players had come to challenge it.

    Unfortunately, due to the Top of the World being too distant from Star-Moon Kingdom, it had been completely outside Shadow’s sphere of development. Hence, Shi Feng never actually set foot into the Top of the World in the past. He had only ever heard stories about it.

    The Arctic Canyon, though, was a place he had visited in his previous life.

    This was because the Arctic Canyon served as a trade hub for the two main continents. Over 20% of the ships traveling between the two continents would stop at the Arctic Canyon. After all, not everyone had a Flying Mount, and neither was everyone capable of reaching Tier 4. The intercontinental magic arrays available had also been monopolized by the various superpowers. As a result, most trades conducted between the two continents were still seaborne.

    With this place serving as Zero Wing’s base, the Guild would no longer have to worry about matters relating to funds, resources, and leveling up. Even the various superpowers working together wouldn’t be able to suppress Zero Wing.

    Next up is to set up the Twelve-array Magic World.

    Shifting his gaze to the control room’s core magic array, Shi Feng took out various materials he had prepared beforehand. Apart from some basic materials, the Twelve-array Magic World also required 300,000 Magic Crystals, 100 Seven Luminaries Crystals, and 200 Magic Elven Stones to set up.

    Once operational, the magic array would need 800 Mana Stones every day to maintain it. Even with the Philosopher’s Stone’s Alchemical Synthesis, it would still cost 40,000 Magic Crystals daily. Just its maintenance could already bankrupt the average first-rate Guild.

    An hour later, Shi Feng finished integrating the Twelve-array Magic World with Zero Wing’s core magic array. Once he injected the necessary Mana Stones into the magic array, he could activate it whenever he wanted.

    However, Shi Feng did not rush to activate the Twelve-array Magic World. Instead, he took out a gigantic, pitch-black heart from his bag. The heart was translucent like a crystal, and one could even see it beating occasionally.

    This crystalline heart was one of the two items Beast Emperor dropped.

    An Evil Demon King’s Heart!

    It was a bona fide Inferior Divine Artifact ranked material!

    The value of this item rivaled a Dragon’s Heart. Back when Shi Feng picked up this item, he had even wondered if he had killed a Tier 5 Evil Demon King instead of Beast Emperor.

    An Inferior Divine Artifact ranked power source was beyond extraordinary. It could even elevate a Basic Main City into an Advanced Main City.

    Of course, the Evil Demon King’s Heart wasn’t suitable to be used as a city’s power source since it contained evil energy. Using it as a city’s power source would contaminate the city’s Mana.

    However, the Evil Demon King’s Heart was perfect to be used as a magic barrier’s core. This was because a magic barrier exhausted the energy it was supplied with to manipulate the power of the outside world. In contrast, a city’s core magic array didn’t consume its supplied energy to generate results but spread the energy to all parts of the city.

    Previously, the Twelve-array Magic World had given Shi Feng a headache since it was only a Master Magic Array. Normally, only Grandmaster Magic Arrays could cover a Main City. Although the Twelve-array Magic World was indeed powerful, it could cover only an entire Basic City at best.

    Let’s hope this thing lets the magic array undergo a qualitative transformation. Taking a deep breath, Shi Feng placed the Evil Demon King’s Heart onto the Twelve-array Magic World’s core. He then activated the magic array.

    Suddenly, he sensed a terrifying and violent energy flowing into the magic array. This violent energy then shattered the space above Zero Wing City through the magic array, creating a dark void with a 10,000-yard radius.

    Upon the appearance of this dark void, the nearby Great Lord ranked monsters promptly fled the covered area, none of them daring to remain there.

    Immediately afterward, boundless Mana surged out of the dark void and cascaded over Zero Wing City like a waterfall.

    So, this is the power of an Inferior Divine Artifact ranked power source?

    Shi Feng was dumbfounded by this situation.

    The present Zero Wing City already had extraordinarily dense Mana due to the presence of the Mana Tower and the Main City ranked core magic array. In fact, its Mana was even superior to Silverwing City’s. Yet, the instant the boundless Mana flowing out of the dark void flooded Zero Wing City, the Mana in the city had turned into mist.

    However, due to the Twelve-array Magic World’s suppression, the misty Mana actually disappeared immediately afterward, hiding within the void of this area. On the surface, it looked as if everything had reverted to its original state. In reality, though, the Mana within the city had undergone a qualitative transformation. At this point, Shi Feng could sense that his perception of Mana had improved by at least 150% compared to before.

    The affinity with and perception of Mana he experienced here practically rivaled what he experienced in the NPC city he visited in the ancient God’s Domain.

    “Guild Leader, how are things coming along on your side?” At this time, Liang Jing suddenly contacted Shi Feng. “I’m already done selecting the first batch of players to send to Zero Wing City. These players are completely loyal to us and have fought dozens of small and large battles for us. Every one of them has reached Tier 3 and possesses great potential. I believe they can adequately handle Zero Wing City’s security and suppress any NPC troublemakers in the city.”

    “I’m done here too.” Chuckling, Shi Feng added, “However, I think it’s best if you come here in person first before deciding on the exact arrangements. I’ve already granted you access to the city. You can teleport here through a Residence now.”