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    Chapter 2832 Popular Warehouse

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    Sky Spring City, Zero Wing’s Residence:

    “Boss, now that we’ve joined Zero Wing, I get the feeling that Zero Wing isn’t so amazing after all,” a Level 121, Tier 3 Summoner commented to the red-haired woman standing beside him. Looking at a few Tier 3 players walking some distance away, he continued, “These core members of Zero Wing aren’t even as well-equipped as the members of our Crimson Wolf adventurer team.”

    Most of the Tier 3 core members in the Guild Residence were equipped with Level 110 Secret-Silver Equipment, with only a few with Level 120 Fine-Gold Equipment.

    In comparison, of the several hundred Crimson Wolf members who had joined Zero Wing, even the most inferior were geared in a mix of Level 120 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment. Their weapons were also Level 120 Fine-Gold Weapons or better.

    Their commander even sported Level 120 Dark-Gold Equipment, two pieces of Epic Equipment, and one Epic Weapon. Although these three Epic items had a maximum level of Level 120, they were still far stronger than Level 120 Dark-Gold items.

    “That’s normal. Zero Wing just finished a fight with the various superpowers. From what I heard, every one of Zero Wing’s Tier 3 experts died at least two or three times, with some dying up to six times. It’s only natural to have subpar equipment standards after suffering so many deaths,” the red-haired woman clad in fiery-red light armor said. Chuckling, she continued, “Also, we didn’t join Zero Wing because of its weapons and equipment but for the sake of grinding in the Secret Covenant Tower and training in the Mobile Fortress.”

    At this stage of the game, the various superpowers were mostly equal in their stockpiles of weapons and equipment. Not to mention, how could the importance of weapons and equipment possibly beat the importance of getting promoted to Tier 4?

    She had been looking forward to getting promoted to Tier 4 for a long time now, all the more after witnessing the battle in Sky Spring City. That battle had driven home how insignificant Tier 3 existences were before Tier 4 existences. Despite being one of the top-ranking peak experts in the Twin Towers Kingdom, she doubted she could last more than one hit from a Tier 4 player.

    However, getting promoted to Tier 4 was incredibly difficult. Even if she could find a Tier 4 Legacy Land, completing her Promotion Quest would still be a struggle with her present technical standards. Meanwhile, the quickest way she could develop her techniques to an adequate standard was by joining Zero Wing.

    This was also the case for everyone else in the Crimson Wolf adventurer team.

    Presently, it was already public knowledge that the Mobile Fortress boasted incredibly dense Mana. Moreover, the environment inside the fortress also enhanced one’s sensitivity to Mana. This would be of great help not only when practicing their Skills and Spells but also for understanding the operating principles of Mana.

    Since more and more players were reaching Tier 4 in God’s Domain, information about the Tier 4 Promotion Quest had also leaked to the public. According to the leaks, a part of the quest required players to learn a Tier 4 Skill or Spell within a limited period. Thus, to complete this challenge, players needed to have a considerable understanding of and control over Mana. Otherwise, even if one managed to find a Tier 4 Legacy Land, one still wouldn’t reach Tier 4.

    While Crimson Wolf’s members were conversing, a commotion suddenly entered their ears, catching their attention.

    “I remember that’s where the Guild Warehouse is,” the Summoner youth said as he looked in the direction of the commotion curiously. “Did Zero Wing’s Warehouse go empty?”

    “No, those people appear excited,” the crimson-haired woman said, shaking her head.

    However, as soon as Crimson Wolf’s commander finished speaking, a few excited voices reached them.

    “Crap! Isn’t the Guild being too generous?! They’re actually letting us exchange for Level 150 Epic Weapons and Equipment! I heard that the other superpowers have only several dozen Level 120 Epic Weapons and Equipment in their Guild Warehouses, yet there are over a hundred Level 150 Epic Weapons and Equipment here! Did the Guild executives make a mistake?”

    “That’s very possible. Even so, our Guild is simply amazing. Other Guilds barely have any Level 130 equipment in their Warehouses, yet we have over 6,000. I even saw quite a few Level 140 Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment in the Warehouse. With this, we won’t have to worry about finding replacement gear after reaching Level 130.”

    The veteran members and new members of Zero Wing standing in front of the Guild Warehouse’s exchange counters all had excited looks on their faces.

    For most players in God’s Domain, nothing was more important than weapons and equipment, especially top-tier weapons and equipment. Those were items countless players dreamed of obtaining.

    At this time, Zero Wing had actually put over a hundred Level 150 Epic Weapons and Equipment up for exchange. No other superpower had ever shown such generosity before.

    In any other Guild, a Level 150 Epic Weapon or Equipment would have been immediately monopolized by the Guild executives. Normal members of the Guild would never have a chance with these items.

    Of course, exchanging for Zero Wing’s Level 150 Epic Weapons and Equipment wasn’t easy, either. Firstly, one had to be an elite member or above. Secondly, one needed an astronomical number of Guild Contribution Points. This was because even the cheapest piece of Level 150 Epic Equipment cost three million GCPs. According to Zero Wing’s internal market, one GCP was worth 20 Copper Coins; thus, three million GCPs would be worth 6,000 Gold Coins.

    Although 6,000 Gold was an astronomical price even for Level 150 Epic Equipment, it was nigh-impossible to find Level 150 Epic Equipment on the market right now. Guild executives were monopolizing every piece of Level 150 Epic Equipment available.

    Nevertheless, Zero Wing was allowing even its elite members to exchange for these items. This was undoubtedly a great benefit.

    “Boss, I take back what I just said. Zero Wing’s foundation is insane. If we can exchange for a full set of these Epic Weapons and Equipment, we’ll be unstoppable!” Crimson Wolf’s Summoner youth said. When he saw the large number of Level 150 Epic Weapons and Equipment in the Guild Warehouse, he was similarly astonished.

    Even the eyes of Crimson Wolf’s red-haired commander blazed with passion as she looked at the exchange list before her.

    “Fire, notify everyone in the team immediately! Have everyone start accumulating as many GCPs as possible! We need to secure a few of these Epic items before the other adventurer teams clear them out!” the red-haired woman said to the Summoner youth.

    “Okay! I’ll notify them right away!” The urgency of the situation spurred the Summoner youth to contact the other Crimson Wolf members who had joined Zero Wing as fast as possible.

    For a time, many of the new members bustled about, every one of these Tier 3 experts adamant in getting a share of those Level 150 Epic Weapons and Equipment. Some of the adventurer teams that joined Zero Wing recently even exchanged their Level 110 to Level 120 top-tier equipment for GCPs.

    Since the Guild purchased weapons and equipment at 10% to 15% below market value, nobody would normally be willing to trade in their old weapons and equipment for GCPs. They would rather slowly accumulate GCPs through Guild Quests.

    However, the current situation was different. There were only so many Level 150 Epic Weapons and Equipment available for exchange. If they did not secure these items as soon as possible, other people would do so. Meanwhile, trading in weapons and equipment was undoubtedly the quickest way to accumulate several million GCPs.

    As a result, in just half an hour after Zero Wing’s Warehouse was updated, it had gained an additional 2,000 Level 120 top-tier equipment and 7,000 Level 110 top-tier equipment. The Guild’s equipment crisis got resolved in the blink of an eye.

    “Guild Leader, this move of yours worked wonders! With all these adventurer teams contributing their weapons and equipment to us, we should be able to last for a few more days,” Fire Dance said joyfully.

    “It’s still too soon to celebrate.” Looking at Fire Dance’s excited expression, Shi Feng smiled and said, “Notify everyone in the Guild that the Guild will no longer restrict their activity to just the Guild Cities’ and Secret Covenant Tower’s vicinities. Everyone can move freely now.”

    “We’re lifting the restriction now?” Fire Dance was surprised by Shi Feng’s words.

    Currently, NPC forces were running rampant in the fields, robbing and attacking even the superpowers.

    Previously, to avoid these predicaments, Zero Wing had chosen to restrict its members’ movement to just the Guild Cities’ and Secret Covenant Tower’s vicinities. Removing this restriction now would undoubtedly increase the Guild’s expenditure.

    “Mhm.” Nodding, Shi Feng said, “We have fallen behind the other superpowers in raiding Dungeons and acquiring resources. Letting this situation continue will only be detrimental to the Guild. Now that the various superpowers no longer dare have designs on the Secret Covenant Tower, there’s naturally no need for us to continue hiding.”

    “I understand. I’ll make the necessary preparations right away,” Fire Dance said. After giving the matter some thought, she found Shi Feng’s words reasonable. Now that Zero Wing’s existence was unshakable, they indeed didn’t have to lie low anymore.

    Meanwhile, as Fire Dance was drafting this announcement, Shi Feng finished installing the sixth mirror of the World Mirror into the distant Zero Wing City’s City Lord’s Mansion.

    System: Do you wish to bind the World Mirror with Zero Wing City?

    “Bind,” Shi Feng answered without hesitation.

    System: World Mirror bound successfully.

    System: Congratulations! Zero Wing City has reached the requirement to become a Basic Main City. Do you wish to upgrade it?