Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2831 - ROTSSG 2831

    Chapter 2831 Tier 4 Mysterious Flames Effects

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    As soon as Shi Feng chose to absorb the Seed of Flame, the dark-gray seed in his palm turned into streaks of light that merged with his body.

    Immediately afterward, Shi Feng couldn’t help gritting his teeth.

    It hurts so much!

    The pain he currently felt was far beyond what he had felt when he absorbed the Tier 3 Purple Thunder Flame. It was like his blood was boiling and millions of ants were nibbling at his bones. If not for the recent breakthrough in his Concentration, he would’ve most likely failed to endure this pain.

    The next moment, a loading bar showing his fusion progress with the Seed of Hellfire appeared before him. The loading bar filled up at a snail’s pace, increasing by only 1% every dozen seconds or so.

    The pain is already so unbearable even with the help of a Seed of Flame. It’s no wonder so few players managed to control a Tier 4 Mysterious Flame in the past.

    Realization dawned upon Shi Feng as he looked at the slowly rising fusion bar.

    Any normal person would lose their mind if they had to endure this pain for even a second, yet this pain was only the result of absorbing a Tier 4 Seed of Flame. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how much pain directly absorbing a Tier 4 Mysterious Flame would involve.

    At this point, Shi Feng suspected that the people who had successfully absorbed Tier 4 Mysterious Flames in his previous life had done so using special means like he did.

    After all, he had honed his pain tolerance for ten years in the game. In this life, he had even developed his Concentration beyond what he had in his previous life. Despite that, he still found absorbing even a weakened Tier 4 Mysterious Flame unbearable. What would it take to absorb an unaltered Tier 4 Mysterious Flame?

    3% 10% 30%

    Hold on!

    I must hold on!

    At this point, Shi Feng was gritting his teeth, and his eyes were bloodshot. His complexion was also unprecedentedly pale.

    And worse, as the fusion progressed, its rate of increment gradually slowed down. Even after two whole hours had gone by, the fusion bar had reached only 73%.

    In addition, when the fusion crossed 60%, the Seed of Flame within him began radiating powerful mental assaults every second, battering his sea of consciousness.

    The subsequent mental assault that hit him at 74% nearly made him collapse. His consciousness began blurring, and he felt as if he was about to lose control of his body.

    This won’t do. I need to think of a way to resist these mental assaults. Otherwise, I won’t last until the end.

    While fusing with a Mysterious Flame, players had to remain conscious throughout the process. Otherwise, the fusion would be deemed a failure.

    Upon thinking up to this point, Shi Feng began applying his mental defense technique against the Seed of Flame’s mental assaults, gathering his focus into a single point and steeling his mind.

    While this technique worked wonders initially, after the fusion progress reached 80%, the Seed of Flame seemingly noticed his trick. Immediately afterward, the Seed began releasing mental assaults at a much higher rate, going from once per second to twice per second, then even increasing to three, four, five times per second

    The frequency of the mental assaults continuously escalated, the Seed of Flame adamant in breaking Shi Feng’s mind.

    It can even play such a move? Shi Feng was stupefied by this situation.

    Faced with these high-frequency mental assaults, Shi Feng dared not relax for even a moment.

    However, maintaining his mental defense technique also made him feel indescribably uncomfortable. This technique was akin to a person flexing their muscles. While one could harden one’s muscles by flexing them, it would be exhausting to keep one’s muscles flexed for long periods. Likewise, Shi Feng couldn’t keep his focus condensed for long periods. Moreover, as his mental defense technique was much more complex than the flexing one’s muscles, the time he could maintain it was even shorter.

    83% 87% 92%

    The more frequent the mental assaults were, the less time he had to breathe. At some point, his mind even began feeling suffocated.

    Is it still not done?

    Looking at the fusion bar, Shi Feng felt as if he was on the brink of collapse.

    At this time, his body pains already felt insignificant compared to the mental suffocation. In fact, his body was already ignoring the burning pain the Seed of Flame inflicted. Now, the only thing his mind could think of was finding an opportunity to catch a breath.

    Just when Shi Feng felt as if he would die from suffocation, the system’s indifferent voice entered his ears.

    System: The Hellfire’s fusion is complete. The Hellfire is now bound as Player Ye Feng’s personal property.

    System: Congratulations! You have been tempered by the Hellfire. All Basic Attributes increased by 300 points, all Basic Attributes increased by 10%, physique improved by 20%, reaction speed improved by 20%, mental control improved by 40%, Fire and Ice Resistances +150, and control over fire-type Mana improved by 20%.

    Shi Feng inhaled deeply upon hearing the system notification. When air filled his lungs again, he felt revived.

    After relaxing his mind, he could feel the Hellfire’s energy spreading throughout his body. His originally depleted Concentration also began recovering crazily.

    So, this is the power of a Tier 4 Mysterious Flame?

    At this moment, Shi Feng felt reborn. His Basic Attributes might not have increased by much after absorbing the Hellfire, but his acuity of the world of God’s Domain had undergone a drastic change. He felt as if he had stepped into a whole new world.

    His Concentration standard, in particular, had gone from the Tier 4 Intermediate standard to the Tier 4 Peak standard.

    Aside from the improvements to his mind and body, the Hellfire’s active power was similarly astonishing.

    [Hellfire] (Tier 4 Mysterious Flame)

    When activated, improves destructive power by 100% and effects of fire-type Skills and Spells by 100%, grants attacks a 150% mental assault modifier, and increases the success rate of forging, alchemy, and cooking by 25%.

    Upon reading the Tier 4 Hellfire’s active effects, Shi Feng finally understood why Tier 4 Mysterious Flames were regarded as legends in God’s Domain.

    The Tier 4 Hellfire was a heaven-defying tool for both combat and Lifestyle players.

    The Hellfire’s ability to add mental assaults to attacks was especially amazing, far more amazing than purely physical or magical attacks. After all, there was no clear Attribute for mental assaults in God’s Domain. Likewise, there were no in-game methods for resisting mental assaults. Players could only rely on their own minds to withstand such assaults.

    Players lacking in mental fortitude could lose control over their bodies after suffering just one strike. And even if they didn’t, they would still feel disoriented and their bodies uncomfortable.

    Now that Shi Feng had the Hellfire in his possession, he dared to confront even Superior Mythic monsters of the same level directly.

    However, rather than the combat bonuses the Hellfire provided, what Shi Feng paid more attention to were its supportive effects.

    The Hellfire’s 25% increase to production success rate was something even Grandmaster Forgers would desire greatly.

    The higher the quality of an item, the lower its production success rate. Normally, the theoretical production success rate provided by the system was the highest success rate achievable. However, even after reaching the Grandmaster standard, players still wouldn’t be capable of reaching this upper limitand this was after high-quality tools were included in the equation. Not to mention, tools that increased production success rates were less effective the higher the quality of the item being produced was.

    However, Mysterious Flames were an exception. Their effects remained the same regardless of the quality of the item being produced.

    With the Tier 4 Hellfire, I can probably produce Epic Weapons at a 30% success rate now. Shi Feng felt indescribably excited.

    When he obtained the Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment Forging Design, he had decided to set it aside temporarily. One of the reasons for doing so was his disinclination to waste precious materials. After all, Mana Adamantite was incredibly precious. In the modern God’s Domain, its rarity almost rivaled that of Seven Luminaries Crystals.

    Secondly, he wished to use Mana Iron Ore as a replacement. However, he needed Mana Iron Ingots of considerably high purity to accomplish this.

    Although the Tier 3 Purple Thunder Flame possessed excellent smelting capabilities, it still couldn’t smelt Mana Iron Ore into Special ranked Mana Iron Ingots, producing only Advanced Mana Iron Ingots at best. Only a Tier 4 Mysterious Flame could accomplish such a feat.

    Of course, using Special Mana Iron Ingots to produce the Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment would degrade the set slightly. However, the end result would still let Tier 3 players hold their ground against Mythic monsters.

    As Shi Feng was contemplating how to mass-produce the Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment, he suddenly received a call from Fire Dance.

    After accepting the call request, Shi Feng asked, “Did something happen over at Sky Spring City?”

    News of the battle at the Secret Covenant Tower had shaken the entire God’s Domain. At this point, it was no exaggeration to say that no player forces in the Twin Towers Kingdom would dare go against Zero Wing. Logically, there shouldn’t be any problems there.

    “No. It’s just that there are too many people applying to join Zero Wing right now,” Fire Dance replied with a bitter smile. “We gained over 500,000 new members after just half a day, including over 10,000 Tier 3 players. All of the top-tier weapons and equipment we got from the battle in Sky Spring City before have already been exchanged. If we don’t replenish the warehouse, we won’t be able to expand our forces further even if we want to.”

    “I understand.” Shi Feng smiled at Fire Dance’s words and said, “I still have some Epic items as well as a bunch of Level 130-plus weapons and equipment. They should be enough to tide us over for now. I’ll figure out a follow-up solution later.”

    Fire Dance simply responded with a helpless nod. With the number of Guild members waiting to exchange for weapons and equipment, a few hundred pieces of Level 130-plus weapons and equipment wouldn’t make much of a difference. They would most likely be gone in half an hour.

    However, as she was pondering how the Guild could acquire more weapons and equipment, a massive batch of weapons and equipment suddenly appeared in Zero Wing’s Guild Warehouse.

    These weapons and equipment were none other than the Epic Weapons and Equipment Shi Feng had purchased in the ancient God’s Domain. There were also the various weapons and equipment he got from grinding at the Antimagic Volcano, which numbered over 6,000, with even the most inferior piece being Level 130 Bronze Equipment.