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    Chapter 2830 Treasure Of Fire

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    Chapter 2830 Treasure of Fire

    Shi Feng couldnt help growing ecstatic as he looked at the Purification Crown.

    Finding the Seven Treasures wasnt easy. Even though he could use the Golden Stigmatas Detect Skill to locate the Seven Treasures, the Skill had a limited range. Moreover, there were many ways one could block the effects of the Skill. Take the Purification Crown in his hands, for example. Neither Detects active or passive detection effects were reacting to it at all.

    Hence, obtaining the Treasure of Fire from killing Beast Emperor came as an absolute surprise to Shi Feng.

    He tapped his finger on the Purification Crown and called up its Attribute Panel, curious about the functions of this legendary Treasure of Fire.

    [Purification Crown] (Fragmented Legendary Rank Item)

    A fragment of the Treasure of Fire. However, due to being sealed by the Evil God, the fragment is incapable of exhibiting its true power.

    Skill 1

    Seed of Flame: Can control and transform all flames into Seeds of Flame. Upon absorbing the Seed of Flame, the user will be able to manipulate the flame used to create the Seed of Flame. (Can transform up to Tier 4 flames)

    Cooldown: 3 days

    Skill 2

    Purification Fire: Expend 300 fire-attributed Magic Crystals to produce a Purification Fire. The Purification Fire has a 20% chance of elevating a creatures Life Rating and an 80% chance of thoroughly extinguishing a creature.

    Skill 3

    Divine Purification: Expend God Crystals to purify the Purification Crown. (A total of 20 God Crystals are required to purify the Purification Crown. Current number of absorbed God Crystals: 0)

    This item is corroded by the Evil Gods power. The Golden Stigmata can purify the evil energy corroding this item with the help of God Crystals.

    Cannot be destroyed.

    Has a chance of dropping on death.

    No wonder Beast Emperor was able to create so many Mythic Faux Saints. Hes been relying on this crowns ability. Realization dawned upon Shi Feng when he finished reading the Purification Crowns Attributes. He had to admit that every one of the Seven Treasures was heaven-defying.

    The Purification Crowns Purification Fire Skill was an absolute treasure when it came to elevating a creatures potential. Its only flaw was the 80% chance of causing the death of the target creature. Unless one had already exhausted their latent potential and were still seeking further improvement, making use of the Purification Fire should be their last resort.

    Only someone like Beast Emperor, who could mass-produce Faux Saint monsters easily, could use the Purification Crown without worries. So long as he managed to produce even one Mythic ranked Faux Saint monster, it wouldnt matter even if he expended hundreds of Grand Lord ranked Faux Saint monsters in the process. After all, producing Grand Lord ranked Faux Saint monsters was an incredibly simple process. The only real problem Beast Emperor had was finding the necessary fire-attributed Magic Crystals. If the Purification Fire Skill required ordinary Magic Crystals instead, Beast Emperor wouldve most likely had tens or even hundreds of thousands of Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters. This also explained why Beast Emperor had created an organization like Saints Hand to support him. This Purification Fire really is a gem. Even though its success rate is only 20%, the possibility of elevating a creatures Life Rating makes the risk completely worthwhile, Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he looked at the effects of the Purification Fire.

    The term "creature" did not refer to just Faux Saint monsters. It encompassed Mounts and NPCs.

    In fact, the Purification Fire worked on players as well, only with significantly diminished effects. At most, it could raise a players Basic Attributes and physique. It couldnt help players in getting promoted to Tier 4 or above.

    However, it was a different story for Mounts and NPCs. For Mounts and NPCs, improving their Life Ratings would significantly increase their chances of completing their promotions.

    At this time, though, Shi Feng dared not experiment with the Purification Fire. At the very least, he wouldnt do so while the Skills success rate was only at 20%. After all, Flying Mounts and Personal Guards with high Growth Potential were not easy to find. If he got unlucky and ended up burning one out of existence, he would definitely die of regret.

    Subsequently, Shi Feng set his sights on the Purification Crowns first Skill.

    This Seed of Flame is good stuff.

    A powerful flame might be meaningless for ordinary players, but it was a divine tool for Lifestyle Players, particularly forgers and alchemists. Having a powerful flame would increase their production success rate considerably.

    This was especially true for Mysterious Flames. Even a Tier 1 Mysterious Flame would be of significant help to players.

    The only problem was that absorbing a Mysterious Flame was an excruciatingly painful process, something not just anyone could endure.

    Moreover, the stronger the Mysterious Flame, the more painful the absorption process would be.

    Previously, when Shi Feng had bound the Tier 3 Purple Thunder Flame, he had suffered immensely. Given the level of pain he experienced, he doubted that specialized Lifestyle players could absorb a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame. After all, unlike himself, specialized Lifestyle players tended to have less tolerance for pain.

    However, the Seed of Flame Skill could dampen this excruciating absorption process by transforming flames into Seeds of Flame. Absorbing a Seed of Flame was significantly less painful than absorbing a flame directly. Players would have an easier time taking control over a flame.

    Of course, the best part about the Seed of Flame Skill wasnt the fact that it could turn Mysterious Flames into Seeds of Flame. The Skills description clearly stated that it could transform all flames into Seeds of Flame. Flames didnt refer to just Mysterious Flames; there were other types of flames, such as the flames spat out by monsters and naturally occurring flames.

    In other words, the Seed of Flame Skill was a heaven-defying Skill capable of creating Mysterious Flames!

    All Shi Feng needed to do was search for powerful flames and convert them into Mysterious Flames. However, as the Purification Crown was sealed, the most it could create were Tier 4 Mysterious Flames.

    Even so, this was already an incomparably precious ability.

    In Gods Domain, the rarity of Tier 3 Mysterious Flames was on par with that of Fragmented Legendary items. As for Tier 4 Mysterious Flames, they were basically the stuff of legends. Nevertheless, the Purification Crown was actually capable of creating Tier 4 Mysterious Flames. One could see just how heaven-defying this ability was.

    Of course, finding a flame that could be converted into a Tier 4 Mysterious Flame wouldnt be an easy task. After all, existences capable of producing such powerful flames werent a dime a dozen. However, Shi Feng would be satisfied so long as he could produce a couple of Tier 3 Mysterious Flames. For the Candlelight Trading Firms Lifestyle players, being able to own a Tier 3 Mysterious Flame was something that only happened in their dreams.

    Shi Feng took out the Tier 4 Hellfire, an excited expression appearing on his face. I initially planned to wait a little while longer before absorbing this, but I think I can give it a try now. He had been looking forward to absorbing the Hellfire for a long time now. However, he also understood that taking control of a Tier 4 Mysterious Flame would be unimaginably difficult. The process would have an extremely high demand on his Concentration and pain tolerance. If he failed to absorb the Hellfire, he might even suffer a backlash. Hence, after obtaining the Hellfire, he did not dare casually absorb it.

    Moreover, after he had reached Tier 4, his soul had been strengthened significantly, which allowed him to resist the Soul Chains threat for a much longer period. There had been no need for him to take such a risk.

    However, now that he had the Purification Crown, he wouldnt have to worry about the risks of absorbing the Hellfire.

    Subsequently, Shi Feng used the Purification Crown on the Hellfire. The crown immediately released a dazzling radiance, and a golden mist enveloped the Hellfire.

    Upon sensing the threat from the Purification Crown, the Hellfire began resisting violently, its aura flaring until it rivaled that of Superior Mythic monsters.

    However, the Purification Crown was one of the Seven Treasures, an item carefully crafted by the Goddess of Space, an Ancient God. Even if it was only a fragment of the original Treasure of Fire, its power wasnt something a Tier 4 Mysterious Flame could resist.

    Twenty seconds later, the Purification Crown devoured the Hellfire completely and transformed it into a dark-gray Seed of Flame. In its current form, the Hellfires power was drastically suppressed.

    System: Do you wish to absorb the Seed of Hellfire?


    Upon seeing the system prompt, Shi Feng chose to absorb the Tier 4 Seed of Flame without hesitation.