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    Chapter 2829 Beast Emperors Loot

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    Chapter 2829 Beast Emperors Loot

    Fire Dragon Empire, Flame Dragon City:

    "The Faux Saint army got annihilated, and Hundred Ghosts surrendered? How is that possible?"

    When the various superpowers learned about the outcome of the battle at the Secret Covenant Tower, they were dumbstruck.

    After all, the forces attacking Zero Wing had included 1,000 Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters and the top combatants of Hundred Ghosts, a mysterious Guild that even the Five Great Super Guilds feared. Nevertheless, such a force had actually lost. Moreover, the loss had been an utter rout, a one-sided massacre.

    The various superpowers were especially shocked when they saw the video of the purifying light vaporizing a large chunk of the Faux Saint army and heavily injuring every one of the Faux Saint Saboteurs. They felt as if the system was playing a cruel joke on them when they watched this attack.

    Meanwhile, inside Frost Heavens Residence

    When Muxin read the report her subordinate sent her, she exclaimed in shock, "Amazing! As expected of Zero Wing!" Frost Heaven had considered helping Zero Wing out of its predicament. However, after gaining a reserve spot for the Twelve Great Guilds, Frost Heaven had faced many problems. Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire were especially troublesome. The two Super Guilds had clashed with Frost Heaven on numerous occasions in the Fire Dragon Empire after the competition.

    In addition, superpowers like Mythology and Miracle secretly interfered with Frost Heavens operations. This made it incredibly difficult for Frost Heaven to spread its influence across the Fire Dragon Empire.

    If not for Frost Heaven garrisoning various major NPC cities in the Fire Dragon Empire and gaining a home-ground advantage, the Guild wouldve long since gotten torn to shreds. After all, Sky Dragon House and Pride Empire had incredibly deep roots in the Fire Dragon Empire. In fact, some of the Fire Dragon Empires NPC forces had even allied with the two Super Guilds.

    Fortunately, Frost Heaven had also occupied the Snow Lion Kingdom, a coastal country. The kingdom provided Frost Heaven with a continuous supply of resources and funds, allowing the Guild to keep fighting in the Fire Dragon Empire. "A Mobile Fortress, is it?" Hong Xinyuan also couldnt help feeling a little envious when he read the information regarding the Small Mobile Fortress. "I wonder when we will be able to obtain one of our own?"

    According to the reports, with the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Mobile Fortress, it could survive in a Level 140-plus neutral map. This made it a dream facility of all superpowers at this stage of the game.

    Not only did Level 140-plus neutral maps allow players to level up much more quickly, but they also held various rare resources, Legacies, ancient ruins, and even Seven Luminaries Crystals.

    Originally, players could acquire Seven Luminaries Crystals from only a few specific maps. However, all maps above Level 140 had a considerable chance of spawning Seven Luminaries Crystals. This was because the random Team Dungeons and time-limited Regional Dungeons that appeared in these maps all had a small chance of dropping Seven Luminaries Crystals.

    However, Level 140-plus maps were incredibly dangerous. Not only did foreign energies that would rapidly corrode a players body permeate these maps, but powerful monsters were also rife in them. Although Level 140-plus maps were not as dangerous as forbidden lands, beast tides frequently occurred there, regardless of night and day. Even Tier 4 experts would perish if they accidentally came across one of these beast tides and got surrounded.

    Most importantly, Level 140-plus maps were the main hunting ground of NPCs.

    Now that Zero Wing had the Mobile Fortress, Hong Xinyuan could already imagine just how much of an advantage the Guild would have in the future. In fact, its complete control over the Secret Covenant Tower already provided it an advantage not even Super Guilds possessed. At this point, all Zero Wing needed to do was wait until it had a sufficiently large number of Tier 3 players. With ample strength, the Guild could begin occupying various resource spots and NPC cities in Gods Domain. Eventually, Zero Wing might even become an existence rivaling the Five Great Super Guilds.

    At the same time, Cold Shadow, in the distant Apocalypse Empire, also received this shocking piece of news.

    "Interesting. Even the Faux Saint army and Hundred Ghosts are helpless against them." Cold Shadow revealed a rare smile on her face when she read the report her subordinate sent her. "After suffering such a miserable loss, Lu Xingluo will most likely lose his position as heir."

    "What should we do now, Vice Guild Leader?" White Feather asked worriedly. "The Guild Leader sent us here to lay a solid foundation on the eastern continent so that we can dominate both continents in the future. Yet, Zero Wing is growing stronger while Miracle has half a foot in the grave."

    "Dont worry. So long as we complete the task Lord Odin gave us, Mythology will no longer face any hindrances on the eastern continent," Cold Shadow said with a faint smile. "If were lucky, we might even get to take over Zero Wings cities. After all, the eastern continents various powers dont have much time left."

    "Not much time left?" White Feather was slightly surprised to hear Cold Shadows words. However, she quickly recalled something and asked, "Has Lord Odin succeeded on his side already?"

    "Mhm. The eastern continent will become the first battlefield." Cold Shadow nodded. "When that time comes, the eastern continents various powers can only watch as they gradually perish. Even Zero Wing with its Mobile Fortress wont be spared!"

    Twin Towers Kingdom, Sky Spring City:

    Because of Zero Wings landslide victory, the various superpowers that had forcibly occupied Sky Spring City fell into dismay. They never thought that all their efforts would end up being for naught.

    Unlike the superpowers members, though, the members of Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor cheered and celebrated like maniacs.

    After all, the battle at the Secret Covenant Tower had left their three Guilds with complete ownership of the tower.

    Meanwhile, with the Tier 3 Legacies the tower produced, the number of Tier 3 experts in their three Guilds would skyrocket. Eventually, even Super Guilds would be no match for them. In fact, given enough time, their three Guilds wouldnt even have to worry about NPC forces anymore.

    "Elder Windshadow, why did you give the Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment Forging Design to Zero Wing? That will just make Zero Wing even stronger and drastically affect our plans. The Guild Leader will definitely reprimand us once we return," asked Awakened Abyss, who had just been released from Sky Spring Citys prison. He had been rendered speechless when he heard of Windshadows actions.

    The Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment could allow Tier 3 players to combat Tier 4 players. Any Guild that could mass-produce this set would become a huge threat in the game. In fact, the sets forging design could even be considered more valuable than the Mobile Fortress. After all, the Mobile Fortress could secure only one location at a time. In comparison, having multiple Tier 4 combatants allowed a Guild to secure multiple positions simultaneously. "Abyss, do you still not understand Elder Windshadows personality?" Long Day suddenly asked, smiling. "Do you really think he would let Zero Wing take advantage of him?"

    "What do you mean?" Awakened Abyss asked in wonder.

    "With how powerful the Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment is, do you think Zero Wing can mass-produce it just by having its forging design?" Chuckling, Long Day explained, "The minimum requirement to forge the set is an Advanced Master Forger. In addition, the forger in question has to be at the Advanced Magician standard. Most importantly, the set needs incredibly rare materials to produce. Mana Adamantite is hardly available even on our side, let alone here.

    "And even if we assume Zero Wing can actually manufacture the set, there is still the Tier 4 Strength requirement for equipping it. If Zero Wing cant fulfill even one of these points, that forging design will be no better than a piece of scrap paper."

    Upon listening to Long Days explanation, Awakened Abyss immediately came to a realization. Smiling, he said, "In other words, what Zero Wing got is merely a piece of scrap


    "Thats right. That Black Flame thinks that he made a huge profit, but thats far from being the case in reality," Long Day said, nodding. "However, we should leave this place quickly. The Guild Leader notified us that this continent is soon to be doomed. Once we finish our tasks here, we need to return as soon as possible. It would be bad if we got dragged into the mess."

    "I understand. Ill go complete the tasks the Guild Leader gave me together with Jade Leaf," Awakened Abyss said, growing even more excited after hearing Long Days subsequent words. Previously, he had still been entertaining thoughts of revenge on Zero Wing. However, they now seemed superfluous.

    While Hundred Ghostss members were preparing to leave Sky Spring City, inside the distant Mobile Fortress, Shi Feng was shocked when he inspected the items Beast Emperor dropped.

    "How did this thing end up in his hands?"

    For a time, Shi Feng couldnt help doubting his eyes. This was because both items Beast Emperor dropped were extraordinary. One of them was even something Shi Feng had been searching for all this time.

    The Treasure of Fire, Purification Crown!