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    Chapter 2828 Skyrocketing Levels

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    Chapter 2828 Skyrocketing Levels

    In a towering temple built within a gloomy and silent mountain

    A black flash suddenly appeared on the altar in the center of the temple. When this black flash disappeared, Beast Emperors bandaged figure stood in its place.

    Apart from Beast Emperors aura being slightly weaker, his level actually remained the same. He was still at Level 132, Tier 4, despite Shi Feng having killed him just a moment ago. "Black Flame! You thought you could land a blow on me using the Abyssal Curse? Dream on! I received the Immortal Body Curse from the Evil God! Dont even think you can harm me so easily!" When Beast Emperor recalled the moment Shi Feng killed him, he sneered. "Just you wait! I already have the foundation to evolve a Tier 5 Faux Saint monster. Once I gather enough materials, Ill let your Zero Wing feel the fear of death!"

    The Tier 4 Curse Immortal Body allowed him to get resurrected instantly at his designated Evil Gods Temple without penalty once a day. He could also use the Curse to kill himself, and even being under restraints wouldnt stop this Curse from activating.

    This move was the trump card he prepared in case of capture by NPCs. After all, if he got caught by NPCs, particularly the War Gods Temples NPCs, he would be doomed eternally.

    It was also because of this Curse that he no longer had to live in hiding and didnt have to fear capture.

    Its a pity I didnt manage to rescue Lu Xingluo. With his help, I could produce the Tier 5 Faux Saint monster much sooner. Once again, it seems I have nobody but myself to rely on, Beast Emperor thought to himself. Unlike himself, Lu Xingluo was only at Tier 3. Shi Feng could easily capture Lu Xingluo.

    Moreover, Lu Xingluos previous escape from Sky Spring City had tainted his body with evil energy. If Shi Feng handed Lu Xingluo over to the War Gods Temple, then it would be game over for the latter. Not only would Lu Xingluo have to create a new account, but he would also have to wait over a dozen days before he could do so.

    But so what if I have to rely on myself? Now that I have that great treasure, let alone 1,000 Mythic Faux Saints, I can create even 5,000 Mythic Faux Saints in a short time!

    After thinking up to this point, Beast Emperor opened his Spatial Bag to take out the great treasure he obtained recently.

    Panic surfaced on Beast Emperors face a moment later.

    "Its gone?" After looking through his Spatial Bag three times, Beast Emperors mind went blank. "It couldnt have"

    At this thought, Beast Emperors face turned ashen.

    "Black Flame! I wont rest until youre dead!" Beast Emperor bellowed. The deafening roar echoed throughout the silent cavern.

    At the same time as Beast Emperor got resurrected, near the distant Secret Covenant Tower, Shi Feng restrained Lu Xingluo with a Darkness Bind and captured him with a Mobile Prison. He gave Lu Xingluo no opportunity to escape or commit suicide.

    The entire process of Shi Feng killing Beast Emperor and imprisoning Lu Xingluo took only five seconds, and watching this scene play out made Hundred Ghostss members break out in a cold sweat.

    This was because Shi Fengs attack was astonishingly fast.

    Even Windshadow, a Tier 4 Shadow Dancer, had reacted to the attack only when Shi Feng was already standing in front of Beast Emperor.

    Moreover, the power of Shi Fengs attack was equally incredible. Apart from Tier 4 defensive classes, any other Tier 4 player would most likely die instantly if struck.

    Meanwhile, after Beast Emperors death, the Faux Saint army fell into chaos, and the remaining hundreds of thousands of Faux Saint monsters began fleeing in all directions. Only the Mythic ranked Faux Saint Saboteurs remained relatively calm. Knowing that they couldnt break the barrier sealing the map, the 300-plus Saboteurs promptly swarmed toward Shi Fengs group in a last-ditch effort.

    "Foolish resistance!"

    Seeing the Saboteurs reaction, Shi Feng took out the Ring of Gospel, injected 5,000 Magic Crystals into the ring, and activated Miniature World.

    Immediately, the space within a 5,000-yard radius of Shi Feng froze. Simultaneously, a powerful pressure descended from the sky, increasing the weight of all Faux Saint monsters present and reducing their Basic Attributes and physique drastically. In the blink of an eye, the Faux Saint monsters had their combat power halved.

    "World Suppression?" Long Day exclaimed in astonishment when he noticed the Faux Saint Saboteurs physique and speed plummeting. "How many trump cards does this Black Flame have?"

    Previously, he thought that the remaining 300-plus Faux Saint Saboteurs would still bring Zero Wing a lot of trouble. However, seeing the present situation, he found his earlier thoughts laughable. World Suppression was different from the suppression effect of ordinary magic barriers. It suppressed a person from all aspects, and even Tier 4 existences with a Mana Domain couldnt resist it. And if a Tier 4 existence did not possess a Mana Domain, they couldnt fly within the frozen space. As a result of Shi Fengs Miniature World, the Faux Saint Saboteurs now possessed combat power at only the entry-level of Tier 4. Every one of them had also fallen to the ground after losing their ability to fly. At this time, let alone Tier 4 players, even Tier 3 peak experts could put up a fight against these Mythic monsters.

    "Ladies and gentlemen from Hundred Ghosts, can you take action now, as per our agreement?" Shi Feng asked, smiling as he turned to look at Hundred Ghostss members. "Or were your words from before merely a joke?"

    "You jest, Guild Leader Black Flame. We will certainly adhere to our agreement," Windshadow replied, chuckling. With a wave of his hand, he commanded, "You bunch, get moving!"

    Obeying Windshadows command, the Black Knight Legions members promptly intercepted the Faux Saint Saboteurs.

    Although these Black Knights were only at Tier 3, they sported Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment. In terms of raw power, they surpassed even the Faux Saint Saboteurs when these monsters were at their peak, let alone now.

    The next moment, the Saboteurs could be seen getting repulsed after just one exchange. They were no match for the Black Knight Legion at all.

    After glancing at the Black Knights, Shi Feng turned to Fire Dance and said, "Fire, have Summer and the others join the fight as well. Everyone should get at least three Saboteur kills."

    These Faux Saint Saboteurs were absolute treasures. Although they did not drop any loot, the dark-gray mist that they released was of incredible value not only to Tier 4 players but also Tier 3 players.

    Now that the era of Tier 4 had come, it would be best if he helped Alluring Summer and the others reach Tier 4 as well.

    "Okay, Ill have them come right away." Fire Dance nodded and promptly contacted the Mobile Fortress.

    As Fire Dance was summoning Alluring Summer and the others, Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words suddenly approached Shi Feng.

    "Guild Leader Black Flame, is it possible for you to sell us a dozen or so of these Saboteurs?" Unyielding Heart asked in embarrassment. "We are willing to pay one complete Tier 3 Legacy for each of Saboteur."

    There was no way the two of them wouldnt covet these Faux Saint Saboteurs. With the help of that gray mist, they could increase their Guilds peak experts chances of reaching Tier 4 by a significant margin. At this stage of the game, the various superpowers were all in urgent need of Tier 4 combatants to defend their territories. If their two Guilds could gain a few more Tier 4 players within a short period, they would survive these difficult times much more easily.

    Looking at the embarrassed expressions of the two people before him, Shi Feng chuckled and said, "Say no more. Your Guilds have sacrificed a lot in helping Zero Wing resist the superpowers. You can each take 30 Saboteurs as compensation. I dont need you to pay anything for them."

    Truthfully, he felt very grateful to Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor.

    If not for the help of these two Guilds, Zero Wing couldnt have held the Secret Covenant Tower until he returned. Thus, he didnt mind giving away a few Faux Saint Saboteurs. Not to mention, if the two super-first-rate Guilds grew stronger, they would be of much greater help to Zero Wing as well. Most importantly, Zero Wing didnt have that many Tier 3 players who could make use of the Saboteurs gray mist.

    The gray mist could be described as icing on the cake. Like the Crystal of Souls and Soul Water, the gray mist was useful only to players with the potential to reach Tier 4. Meanwhile, there were fewer than 20 such players in the present Zero Wing.

    It also wouldnt serve any purpose to let these players gain more than one stack of the gray mist. The help they could gain for their promotion from one stack would be the same as what they could gain from multiple stacks. Hence, it would be much better to use the additional Saboteurs to raise the levels of Fire Dance and the others instead.

    "Thank you, Guild Leader Black Flame."

    Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words were jubilant upon hearing Shi Fengs words. Sixty Saboteurs would be more than enough for their two Guilds peak experts.

    Subsequently, after around an hour of battle, Shi Feng and the others annihilated the Faux Saint army. By then, Shi Fengs level had risen from 146 to 148, while Fire Dance and the other Tier 4 members of Zero Wing had risen to Level 145. As for Alluring Summer and the other Zero Wing executives who were still stuck at Tier 3, they had risen to Level 130 and above. Everyone had leveled up remarkably from this battle.

    After killing the Faux Saint army, Windshadow handed a Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment Forging Design to Shi Feng as agreed. And after receiving the forging design, Shi Feng released Awakened Abyss from Sky Spring Citys prison and let Hundred Ghostss members leave intact once the World Mirror deactivated.

    With the end of the battle at the Secret Covenant Tower and the disappearance of the World Mirror, news of this battle spread like wildfire.