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    Chapter 2827 Surrender And Death

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    Chapter 2827 Surrender and Death

    Obeying Beast Emperors command, several hundred Faux Saint Saboteurs swung their weapons at the dense mist before them.

    Although these Saboteurs were heavily damaged, with their extraordinary techniques, they still managed to exhibit power at the Mythic standard in their attacks.


    Every one of the Saboteurs attacks opened a tear in space upon impact, the spatial tears bringing momentary darkness to the area.

    When the spatial tears disappeared, though, both Beast Emperor and Lu Xingluo were thunderstruck.


    Defying expectations, the Saboteurs all-out attacks not only failed to crack the barrier, but the barrier didnt even fluctuate in the slightest. It remained perfectly intact like before.

    Hundred Ghostss members were also surprised.

    "Do these Saboteurs not have enough power to shatter this barrier after being heavily injured?" Jade Leaf wondered when she saw that the layer of mist remained dense despite the Saboteurs attacks.

    Being able to envelop an entire map and hinder teleportation and communication was already plenty amazing for a magic barrier. Yet, it was now revealed that this barrier could actually withstand the attacks of so many Faux Saint Saboteurs. This was simply unbelievable.

    Nodding in agreement, Long Day, the golden-armored Giant, said, "They probably dont have enough destructive power. Lets make a move ourselves."

    "It seems that is our only option," Windshadow said.

    Under Windshadows manipulation, the Ancient Demonic Serpent immediately opened its mouth and released a Breath of Darkness. The power of the breath attack far exceeded that of the Faux Saint Saboteurs attacks, the attack eradicating everything in its path.


    Upon collision, the space within a several-hundred-yard radius of the point of impact turned into a dark void. The mist layer at that point also trembled violently, the vibrations extending several thousand yards away. Only after several seconds had passed did the mist layer revert to normal. "Its still standing?"

    Like Beast Emperor and Lu Xingluo, Hundred Ghostss members now had dumbfounded expressions on their faces. They couldnt believe what had just happened. After the Ancient Demonic Serpent got promoted to Tier 4, its all-out attack had power at the entry level of Tier 5. Even Superior Mythic monsters of the same level wouldnt dare take this attack head on. In fact, this attack could one-shot the defensive magic arrays of Guild Cities. Yet, when this attack struck the barrier enveloping this entire map, it failed to create even a single crack.

    At this time, let alone Hundred Ghostss members, even Unyielding Heart and illusory Words, who had just caught up with the rest of the Faux Saint army, were stunned by this scene.

    Both of them could tell that the Demonic Serpents attack was on par with the all-out attack of Todelya the Soul Singer, a Realm Lord of the Ruined Mountain Range. Nevertheless, the Demonic Serpents attack had failed to break through the seemingly flimsy layer of mist surrounding the map. The strength of this magic barrier was simply unheard-of. Since this magic barrier enveloped the entire map, its withstanding Tier 4 attacks was already unbelievable, all the more Tier 5 attacks. With the combination of this magic barrier and the Mobile Fortress, Zero Wing was most likely invincible in Gods Domain already.

    However, Beast Emperor and Hundred Ghostss members evidently had no intention of giving up. After snapping out of their daze, they promptly bombarded the mist layer in a frenzy.

    In their opinion, even if their attacks failed to destroy the barrier, their attacks had most likely exhausted a significant portion of the barriers energy reserves. If they pressed their offensive, the barrier would crumble in no time at all.

    For a time, the Faux Saint army and Ancient Demonic Serpent blitzed the magic barrier. Meanwhile, Shi Fengs group mowed down the Faux Saint Saboteurs they came across.

    One minute Three minutes Ten minutes

    At this time, Shi Fengs group had already killed over 600 Saboteurs. From the EXP they gained, Shi Feng had reached Level 146, while Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, Unyielding Heart, and Illusory Words had reached Level 141. Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine were now at Level 143.

    When Shi Feng and the others stood only 500 yards away from the Faux Saint army, Beast Emperor and Hundred Ghostss members finally snapped out of their trance and stopped assailing the barrier. They then looked at Shi Fengs group and the distant Mobile Fortress warily. "It seems we meet again," Shi Feng said, smiling as he looked at Beast Emperor and Windshadow. "Now, will you surrender quietly, or do you want me to send you on your way?" "Black Flame, dont get too full of yourself! My Saboteurs have fully recovered already!" Beast Emperor snarled as he glared at Shi Feng. "Although I only have around 300 left, at this distance, killing you bunch wont be difficult!"

    Beast Emperors heart was practically bleeding from Shi Fengs group killing nearly 700 of his Faux Saint Saboteurs. If not for his fear of the Mobile Fortress, he wouldve long since had his Faux Saint army surround and kill Shi Fengs group already.

    However, unlike Beast Emperor, Windshadow was exceptionally calm.

    "Greetings, Guild Leader Black Flame. I am Windshadow, an Elder of Hundred Ghosts." After taking a deep breath, Windshadow continued slowly, "Hundred Ghosts admits defeat this time. We are willing to pay ransom for our release and the release of Awakened Abyss."

    "Elder Windshadow?" Jade Leaf was taken aback by Windshadows words.

    Hundred Ghosts was different from the Guilds of the main continent. Even the Five Great Super Guilds were of no significance to Hundred Ghosts. Yet, their Guild was admitting defeat to Zero Wing. Their Guild would turn into a laughingstock for the main continents various superpowers.

    Moreover, they wouldnt have any way of explaining this humiliation to the Guilds higher-ups.

    Beast Emperor and Lu Xingluo were also stunned by this situation. They never thought that Windshadow would surrender without hesitation. This would undoubtedly reduce their chances of defeating Zero Wings forces. "Elder Windshadow, it seems Hundred Ghosts only amounts to this much. To think you are already afraid of Zero Wing before we even start fighting," Beast Emperor ridiculed.

    "Lord Beast Emperor, Hundred Ghosts operates by its own rules. Moreover, Hundred Ghosts doesnt have much of a grudge against Zero Wing, to begin with. Our conflict simply stems from one of our juniors ignorantly offending Zero Wing in Sky Spring City. It is only right that he is punished," Windshadow retorted nonchalantly.

    "How righteous of you, Elder Windshadow. I am truly in awe." Beast Emperor glared at Windshadow. He had never thought that the man would care so little for Hundred Ghostss reputation. It was evident that Windshadow was trying to disassociate Hundred Ghosts from him in front of Shi Feng. Sneering, Beast Emperor said, "Unfortunately, Black Flame wont necessarily spare you!"

    "Thats right. I doubt Guild Leader Black Flame will let us off the hook so easily." Chuckling, Windshadow added, "But what if I say Hundred Ghosts is willing to use a Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment Forging Design as compensation?"

    "Have you lost your mind?" Beast Emperor exclaimed in shock.

    Beast Emperor could tell how powerful Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment was just by looking at the Black Knights seated behind Windshadow. If not for their lower levels, they could most likely exhibit combat power on par with the Faux Saint Saboteurs. Even without any Tier 4 players, just Hundred Ghostss possession of this Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment would most likely be enough to deter the Five Great Super Guilds from clashing with it.

    Yet, Windshadow was actually using the forging design for this divine equipment as ransom?

    Let alone Beast Emperor and Lu Xingluo, even Shi Feng was stunned by Windshadows offer.

    Originally, Shi Feng had intended to make an exorbitant demand of Windshadow. And if Windshadow refused his demand, Shi Feng would kill Hundred Ghostss members. After all, now that he had the Mobile Fortress, nobody could threaten Zero Wings existence. Naturally, he wouldnt need to care about making an enemy of Hundred Ghosts.

    However, Shi Feng couldnt help being moved by Windshadows offer.

    Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment was something he knew plenty about because its existence was recorded in the Mana Forging Notes. However, the volume he owned did not include its production method. Looking at Shi Feng, Windshadow asked, "May I know if you are willing to conduct this transaction, Guild Leader Black Flame?"

    "Okay, I agree to your offer," Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought. "However, I will need you to cooperate with my side to kill Beast Emperors group. Also, my people must be the ones to land the killing blows on these Saboteurs."

    "Black! Flame!" Beast Emperor had the urge to charge forward and kill Shi Feng when he heard the latters words. "Just you wait! Sooner or later, Ill"

    However, before Beast Emperor could finish speaking, Shi Feng, who had been standing over 400 yards away, suddenly appeared in front of him.

    Tier 4 Legacy Skill, Magic Light Assault!

    Shi Fengs attack was so quick that nobody could react to it. By the time anyone realized what was going on, the Light of Two Worlds had already pierced through Beast Emperors heart!



    Beast Emperor was stupefied when he saw the sword stabbed in his heart. He had never dreamed that Shi Feng would take action so decisively, leaving him with no time for any of his lifesaving moves. And worse, as he was losing all his HP to one attack, he noticed Shi Feng holding a burning, pitch-black scroll. This pitch-black Magic Scroll was something familiar to Dark Players like Beast Emperor. It was the Tier 3 Magic Scroll Abyssal Curse. When activated, the scroll would lock on to a target and increase the targets death penalty by three to five times for three minutes.

    Lu Xingluo was dumbfounded at this scene. He never thought that Shi Feng would have such a frightening move up his sleeve. He also never thought that Beast Emperor would die, just like that.

    The next moment, Shi Feng drew his sword from Beast Emperors corpse and picked up the two items the latter dropped. He then shifted his gaze to Lu Xingluo and smiled calmly. "Guild Leader Xingluo, its time we settled our old debts."