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    Chapter 2826 Slaughter Time

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    Chapter 2826 Slaughter Time

    "A map seal?" Lu Xingluos complexion darkened when he saw the scenery in the distance blur.

    The Mobile Fortress was an unshakable existence at this stage of the game. If they couldnt leave this place now, only death awaited them.

    "How ruthless of Black Flame. Hes actually thinking of keeping all of us here?" Looking at the dense mist enveloping the entire map, Beast Emperor sneered, "However, he must be dreaming if he thinks he can stop us with such a wide seal!"

    In Gods Domain, the larger the area a magic barrier covered, the weaker it would be. While the map-wide barrier Zero Wing deployed might seem spectacular, only a fool would think that it could stop a force of 1,000 Mythic ranked Faux Saint Saboteurs.

    After saying so, Beast Emperor had a small number of Saboteurs in relatively good condition move ahead of the army and fly straight toward the mist.

    Meanwhile, sharing similar thoughts with Beast Emperor, Hundred Ghostss members remained unfazed, even after seeing the whole map getting sealed. They calmly continued flying toward the maps border.

    Mobile Fortress, Fortress Lords Mansion:

    Seeing the Faux Saint army and Hundred Ghosts members moving farther and farther away, Fire Dance couldnt help growing anxious. "Guild Leader, why dont we go after them? If we let them reach the barriers edge, Im afraid itll become very difficult to keep them here." A barrier capable of sealing an entire map was indeed amazing. However, such an extensive barrier definitely couldnt rival the Mobile Fortresss barrier in terms of defensive capabilities. The seal would most likely break after a few attacks from the Faux Saint monsters.

    Smiling, Shi Feng shook his head and said, "No, let them run for a while longer. Well first clean up the nearby Faux Saint Saboteurs. Have Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words start moving as well. Also, have the Elven Cannons keep an eye on the Faux Saint army. If those monsters think of coming back, strike them down immediately!"

    Other people might not understand the effects of the World Mirror, but he did.

    Including the two additional crystalline mirrors he had obtained after killing those three NPCs from the Secret Hand Association, he now had six of the 12 mirrors that made up the World Mirror. Although he still couldnt utilize many of the World Mirrors functions since it was incomplete, he could isolate an entire map.

    Even Tier 5 existences would have great difficulty breaking out of this isolated region. While the Faux Saint army indeed possessed great numbers, the quality of its combatants was severely inadequate. It would need over an hour of continuous attacking to deplete the World Mirrors energy reserves.

    One hour was more than enough for Zero Wing to do a lot of things. Moreover, even if they couldnt finish off the Faux Saint army within one hour, he could simply inject another 3,000 Mana Stones to replenish the World Mirrors energy. Unlike defensive magic arrays, the World Mirror did not have a Cooldown for replenishing its energy reserves. The only trade-off was that once the World Mirror was activated, it would remain active until it exhausted all its energy. It couldnt be turned off midway the way defensive magic arrays could.

    Most importantly, he had expended a lot of Magic Crystals in this battle. If he couldnt earn some EXP from these Faux Saint monsters, he would eat a huge loss.

    After all, no matter how many monsters the fortresss static defenses killed, none of the defenders inside the fortress would gain any EXP. At most, the defenders would get to collect the loot of the monsters. However, the Faux Saint monsters were basically beggars when it came to items. Even if they did drop items, those items would be of inferior quality. Their only saving grace was the above-average EXP they provided when killed. After Shi Feng finished speaking, he flew out of the Mobile Fortress and chased the fleeing Faux Saint Saboteurs.

    Although the incomplete World Mirror couldnt reduce the Basic Attributes of the hostile units trapped within it, it did reduce their Movement Speed and reaction speed. The Movement Speed of enemies flying in the air, in particular, was at least 60% slower.

    Furthermore, all of the Faux Saint Saboteurs had suffered heavy injuries, which meant their flying speed became incredibly slow.

    After Shi Fengs departure, Fire Dance quickly carried out his commands before leaving the Mobile Fortress together with Violet Cloud.

    As for Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine, the two of them had long since followed Shi Feng out of the fortress. After all, Mythic monsters were incredibly rare in the outside world. This was especially true for Level 140-plus Mythic monsters. Now that the 1,000 Faux Saint Saboteurs before them were heavily injured, these Mythic monsters were basically walking sacks of EXP. It would be a huge waste to let them get away. In less than ten seconds, Shi Feng caught up with a group of several dozen Saboteurs. He immediately brandished the Light of Two Worlds.

    Lightning Edge!

    The next moment, a river of lightning washed over the area ahead of him and extended up to 500 yards away. Damages exceeding 100 million then began appearing above the Saboteurs heads one after another.

    After the Skills 7-second duration ended, the Saboteurs that were originally at critical HPs crumbled into ashes.

    Subsequently, Shi Fengs experience bar rose rapidly. In just one second, he broke through to Level 142. Some time later, his experience bar settled at 82% of Level 142. The Saboteurs were far more generous with EXP than the standard Mythic monster.

    As for the 11 Saboteurs that survived his attack, Shi Feng used Formless Blade, a Tier 4 Legacy Skill he had spent 110 Legacy Skill Points to learn, on them.

    The next moment, the 13 sword lights the Skill created transformed into innumerable shooting stars that struck down at the critically damaged Saboteurs. Every one of these attacks dealt over 200 million damage to the Mythic monsters, with critical hits dealing over 400 million damage, killing them on the spot.

    Immediately afterward, another bright glow enveloped Shi Feng as he reached Level 143.

    Meanwhile, following the deaths of these Faux Saint Saboteurs, strands of dark-gray mist escaped from their corpses and flowed into Shi Fengs mind. Every strand of mist that entered his mind increased his affinity with Mana by a small margin, and this bonus could be accumulated continuously.

    What a magical energy! Although I still got Soul Marks inflicted on me, like when I killed that Faux Saint Devourer, the effect of this strange energy is completely different from the white mist from before. It is incredibly attractive to Mana. Shi Feng was surprised when he sensed the changes to his body.

    At this moment, Shi Feng wasnt the only person to notice this benefit. The others who had joined in on the chase likewise noticed the benefit of killing the Faux Saint Saboteurs.

    "These Faux Saint Saboteurs might not drop any loot, but they are truly walking treasure troves! If some of our Tier 3 experts get this benefit, they should have a much easier time getting promoted to Tier 4!" After killing off two Faux Saint Saboteurs, Unyielding Heart was surprised by the benefit he received.

    Some distance away, Illusory Words also killed a Saboteur and noticed the unexpected benefit. Surprised, she exclaimed, "These Saboteurs are probably of greater help to us Tier 4s. If we can continuously boost our Mana affinity, well understand Mana more easily. This will be of great help in breaking through the limits of our Mana Bodies."

    After reaching Tier 4, improving ones Mana Body became of utmost importance. Now, these Faux Saint Saboteurs were providing them with a shortcut for doing so.

    Upon thinking up to this point, the two of them hastened their killing speed. Now, they werent just killing the Saboteurs for EXP but for the sake of further improving themselves. For a time, Shi Feng and the others could be seen frenziedly mowing down the fleeing Faux Saint Saboteurs, their levels rising rapidly. Beast Emperor, who had reached the maps border, couldnt help gnashing his teeth angrily.

    He had gone to great lengths to produce these Faux Saint Saboteurs, only for them to become leveling tools for Shi Feng and the others. At this time, he had already lost more than 300 Saboteurs. If he werent afraid of the Mobile Fortresss offensive capabilities, he definitely wouldve commanded every surviving Saboteur to surround and kill Shi Fengs group.

    "Black Flame! Ill make you pay sooner or later!" Beast Emperor bellowed, a cold glint flashing in his eyes as he glared at Shi Feng, over 10,000 yards away. Meanwhile, Lu Xingluo, who sat beside Beast Emperor, also resolved to make Shi Feng pay, both in Gods Domain and in the real world, for todays loss.

    Turning to the dense mist before him, Beast Emperor commanded the several hundred Faux Saint Saboteurs around him, "Attack! Shatter this damned barrier!"