Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2825 - ROTSSG 2825

    Chapter 2825 All Encompassing Seal

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    Chapter 2825 All-encompassing Seal

    "A thousand Mythic Faux Saint monsters got done in, just like that?"

    When Unyielding Heart and the others standing on the Mobile Fortresss walls looked at the Faux Saint Saboteurs scattered on the ground and saw that these Mythic monsters had less than one-third of their HPs remaining, they couldnt help gaping in shock. They had all anticipated a bitter fight. They had even prepared themselves to fight day and night and suffer innumerable casualties. After all, the Faux Saint monsters possessed above-average combat standards and cunning minds. Their ability to learn and improve on combat techniques also made them increasingly tougher to fight as the battle went on. Moreover, their high HPs meant these Faux Saint monsters could stay in battle for long periods. However, with just two rounds of attacks, the Mobile Fortress had heavily injured the 1,000 Mythic ranked Faux Saint Saboteurs and killed several hundred thousand lower-ranked Faux Saint monsters.

    This wasnt a battle but a one-sided massacre.

    "No wonder he never paid any attention to the various superpowers from the very beginning. With this Mobile Fortress, even the Five Great Super Guilds would be helpless against the present Zero Wing." Unyielding Heart smiled bitterly when he looked at the land of death below the fortress. Whether it was Starlink or Hundred Ghosts, neither of them mattered in front of the Mobile Fortress.

    Meanwhile, atop the Fortress Lords Mansion, Shi Fengs heart ached once more.

    Activating all eight Magic Charging Towers had cost him 160,000 Magic Crystals. At this stage of the game, even first-rate Guilds would have 400,000 Magic Crystals, at most, in their stockpile. He had burned through nearly half of a first-rate Guilds Magic Crystal stockpile in just one round of attacks.

    On the other hand, outside the Mobile Fortress, Hundred Ghostss members, Lu Xingluo, and Beast Emperor all remained silent for a long time upon seeing the Magic Charging Towers attacks. Beast Emperor was especially shocked by this outcome. Originally, he thought that with his army of a million Faux Saint monsters, he could trample over the entire Twin Towers Kingdom, that nobody short of the kingdoms NPC army would be a match for his army.

    Yet, now As for Hundred Ghostss members, they also felt pressured by this outcome. After all, the Mythic ranked Faux Saint Saboteurs had survived the Mobile Fortresss attacks due only to their high HP. If players like themselves were to suffer a hit from one of these attacks, they would die without question.

    At this time, Jade Leaf turned to Windshadow and said, "Elder Windshadow, this Mobile Fortress is too powerful. If we charge in blindly Im afraid our chances are slim" In air combat, the Ancient Demonic Serpent was indeed powerful. It could even go up against a handful of Faux Saint Saboteurs simultaneously and still hold the upper hand. However, even if the Ancient Demonic Serpent could survive the Mobile Fortresss heaven-defying blow, they, the Flying Mounts passengers, would most definitely be reduced to ashes. Not to mention, despite the mutually destructive blow, the Mobile Fortresss defensive barrier remained intact. Such being the case, even the Ancient Demonic Serpents strongest blow would only exhaust some of the barriers energy reserves.

    After hesitating for some time, Windshadow announced, "Were retreating!" The Ancient Demonic Serpent was a Tier 4 Legendary Flying Mount. Its strongest blow touched upon the threshold of Tier 5-an attack that even an Advanced Guild Citys defensive magic array couldnt withstand.

    Originally, Windshadow believed that, while the Mobile Fortresss defensive magic array might be strong, destroying it shouldnt be a problem for the Ancient Demonic Serpent, given enough time. However, let alone destroying the barrier, just surviving that purifying light would be a problem. Since it was evident they couldnt do anything against the Mobile Fortress, they naturally had no reason to remain here. At this time, Windshadow wasnt the only person with such thoughts. Beast Emperor similarly commanded his Faux Saint army to retreat immediately.

    After ordering a retreat, Beast Emperor looked at Lu Xingluo and said, "Lets go. Theres no point in staying here anymore." Trying to clash with the Mobile Fortress now was simply suicidal. Their only choice was to retreat and figure out other options to deal with the fortress. Securing the Secret Covenant Tower was also no longer possible. So long as the Mobile Fortress remained in the towers vicinity, they couldnt do anything about the tower. "Lord Beast Emperor, dont you have any way at all? Ive bet everything on you!" Lu Xingluo said, looking at Beast Emperor with crazed eyes. Starlink had suffered a massive blow from the battle in Sky Spring City. He would be finished if he failed to secure the Secret Covenant Tower as well.

    "Xingluo, you might not be able to return to Starlink, but with the Starline Corporations financial strength, you can still follow me," Beast Emperor consoled. "Youve seen for yourself how quickly the Faux Saint army expands. It will only grow stronger from now on. Even that old undead backing you wont be able to go up against the Faux Saint army in the future.

    "As for Zero Wing, I will eventually erase its existence from Gods Domain!"

    When Beast Emperor mentioned the name Zero Wing, his voice grew cold.

    If not for Zero Wings interference, his army wouldve long since trampled over Star-Moon Kingdom and the Black Dragon Empire. He wouldnt have had to resort to creating Saints Hand, an organization filled with cunning opportunists, to help him. As for the losses he suffered this time, he didnt place much importance on them. After all, for his current self, Faux Saint monsters below Mythic rank were incredibly easy to produce. As for the Mythic ranked Faux Saint Saboteurs, while they were severely weakened right now, if they focused on fleeing, nobody could stop them. Zero Wing would be able to kill only a few of them at most. In addition, after todays event, he finally understood the reason for Zero Wings confidence. Now, all he needed to do was wait.

    He would wait until he produced a Tier 5 Faux Saint monster! So long as a Tier 5 Faux Saint monster appeared, let alone Zero Wings Mobile Fortress, even Gods Domains various kingdoms and empires would no longer pose a threat to him.

    However, producing a Tier 5 Faux Saint monster wasnt an easy task. It required a large number of Tier 4 Faux Saint monsters to serve as a base, as well as a large amount of resources. Only after fulfilling these two conditions could he produce a Tier 5 Faux Saint monster. Meanwhile, Lu Xingluo, the heir of the Starline Corporation, was the perfect cash cow to help him fulfill these requirements.

    After hearing Beast Emperors words, Lu Xingluo could only nod in frustration, throwing in his lot with Beast Emperor. From today onward, he would stand against the players of Gods Domain and acquire the Upper Zone resources he needed from Beast Emperor.

    This was also Lu Xingluos only option. Otherwise, let alone the position of Starlinks Guild Leader, he might even get replaced as the Starline Corporations heir. After all, there were still several reserve heirs in the corporation eagerly waiting to supplant him.

    Upon seeing the distant Darkfire Crow and Ancient Demonic Serpent turning around and leaving, Fire Dance smiled and said, "Guild Leader, it seems they plan to retreat."

    She found their enemys decision to retreat reasonable. After all, anyone would lose the will to fight after witnessing that devastating blow. Unfortunately, they couldnt deal any additional damage to the Faux Saint army. Although the Mobile Fortress possessed incredible offensive capabilities, it had no means to seal its opponents in place. It would also be foolish to leave the safety of the fortress to pursue the Faux Saint monsters. This was most likely what Lu Xingluo and the others hoped to see the most. "Leave? Since theyre already here, then they shouldnt think of leaving!" Shi Feng smiled when he saw the retreating figures of Beast Emperor and Hundred Ghostss members. He then took out 3,000 Mana Stones he had synthesized beforehand and injected them into the core of the unsealed World Mirror.

    An invisible ripple of energy immediately spread rapidly from the Mobile Fortress to the surroundings. A moment later, a dense layer of mist formed around the edges of the map of the Secret Covenant Tower. If one looked at the map from the outside, the inside of the map would appear illusory, like it was completely isolated from the outside world.