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    Chapter 2824 Silent World

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    Chapter 2824 Silent World

    At Shi Fengs command, Fire Dance notified the players stationed at the 26 Large Magic Elven Cannons.

    In response, all 26 cannons in the Mobile Fortress began gathering and condensing Mana from their surroundings. The originally mist-like Mana liquefied. The condensed Liquid Mana then flowed into the cannons.

    A short moment later, a crimson, threefold magic array appeared before the muzzles of these cannons, the tremendous power these magic arrays carried distorting the surrounding space.

    The next moment, after the Faux Saint Saboteurs completed their third barrage, 26 crimson beams shot into the dusky sky all of a sudden. These beams of light then burst in midair, and numerous smaller beams rained down on the Mythic monsters.

    Even though the Faux Saint Saboteurs had reacted quickly to the attack, they were somewhat crowded, so most of them still ended up engulfed by the crimson rain.

    When the crimson rain ended, what entered everyones eyes were the Faux Saint Saboteurs battered bodies. Every Mythic monster that got caught under the red rain had burn marks mottling their bodies, with some even on fire.

    Meanwhile, the attacked Faux Saint Saboteurs 7.3 billion HP fell below 5.5 billion, with some even having only around 4 billion HP remaining.

    "Arent those cannons a little too powerful?!"

    Unyielding Heart, who was commanding the battle from the wall, was astonished at this sudden turn of events.

    Normally, killing Mythic monsters was a long and arduous process. Yet, the Large Elven Magic Cannons dealt over 200 million damage per attack. Moreover, their AOE covered at least an 800-yard radius.

    Had the Faux Saint Saboteurs positioned themselves more closely together, just one volley from the 26 cannons might have been enough to reduce the HP of these Mythic monsters to a critical level, and two volleys would be enough to wipe them out of existence.

    At this time, let alone the players inside the Mobile Fortress, even Lu Xingluo and Beast Emperor were thunderstruck.

    "How is this possible?! How can a fortress possess such strong offensive capabilities?!" Lu Xingluo felt his brain freezing when he saw that the Faux Saint Saboteurs had lost a quarter of their HP from just one volley. He had seen fortresses before. He had also seen fortresses dealing with monster tides before. From what he had seen, fortresses indeed possessed incredible offensive capabilities. Even facing an army of 100,000 monsters and over a dozen Mythic monsters, a fortress could easily emerge victorious within an hour.

    However, what was up with this Mobile Fortress in front of him?

    The Mobile Fortresss cannons had actually reaped a quarter of the Faux Saint Saboteurs HP with just one volley. In other words, just four cannon volleys would be enough to annihilate most of the Saboteurs.

    At this time, even Hundred Ghostss members, who were watching the fun from afar, were shocked by this outcome. They never thought that the Mobile Fortress would possess such puissant offensive capabilities.

    Although they had the means to evade the attacks of these Large Magic Elven Cannons, just one mistake would mean an express trip to the afterlife for them. Only the Ancient Demonic Serpent could possibly endure a blow from the cannons.

    Out of everyone on the battlefield, only Shi Feng didnt find this outcome surprising. After all, the Mobile Fortress was a stronghold capable of resisting Tier 5 existences. If it didnt even have the ability to go up against a group of Tier 4 monsters, how could it go up against Tier 5 monsters? However, Shi Fengs heart still ached after this volley. After all, the 26 shots fired cost 156,000 Magic Crystals in total. Converted to Coins, that was 62,400 Gold.

    While Shi Feng was feeling distressed, Beast Emperor hurriedly gave out a command to the Faux Saint Saboteurs.

    "Spread out and attack from all directions! I refuse to believe they can fire those cannons without limit!" The use of any strategic weapon in Gods Domain came at a great price. Given the effects of the Large Magic Elven Cannons, he doubted that Zero Wing could keep on firing those things forever. Following Beast Emperors command, the Faux Saint Saboteurs promptly scattered around the Mobile Fortress. Now, each cannon fire would hit several dozen Saboteurs, at most, simultaneously. In this scenario, it would take several hundred shots from the cannons to annihilate all 1,000 Saboteurs.

    Despite seeing this situation, Shi Feng remained unfazed.

    "Start the Magic Charging Towers as well!" "Yes, sir!" Upon hearing Shi Fengs command, Fire Dance couldnt help feeling a little excited. If the Large Magic Elven Cannons attack was a fusillade, then the Magic Charging Towers attack was a carpet bombing. Moreover, its power reached the Tier 5 threshold! Immediately, the eight Magic Charging Towers scattered across the Mobile Fortress began accumulating Mana, transforming into eight miniature suns that brightly illuminated the entire fortress.

    Before the Faux Saint Saboteurs could react to this development, the eight miniature suns shot into the sky and transformed into eight threefold magic arrays, each covering a 2,000-yard radius. These gigantic magic arrays extended over not only the entirety of the Mobile Fortress but also everything within a 2,000-yard radius of the fortress.

    "What?! Have they lost their minds?!"

    Lu Xingluo was thunderstruck when he saw the eight gigantic magic arrays in the sky. While he didnt know exactly how powerful these magic arrays were, going by the fact that they had drawn in all Mana within a 10,000-yard radius, he could easily imagine how powerful they were.

    However, these magic arrays didnt cover just the Faux Saint Saboteurs. Even the Mobile Fortress itself lay within the magic arrays AOE. By deploying these magic arrays, Zero Wing was basically saying it intended to die with the Saboteurs.

    "Run! All of you, run away!

    Seeing the eight magic arrays panicked Beast Emperor into ordering the Faux Saint army to retreat because the Faux Saint Saboteurs werent the only ones caught within the magic arrays AOE. The magic arrays also covered one-third of the Faux Saint army on the ground. For a time, the Faux Saint Saboteurs in the air and the Faux Saint monsters on the ground all could be seen turning around and fleeing. However, the eight magic arrays in the sky were simply too massive. Before any of the Faux Saint Saboteurs could fly more than 1,000 yards away from the Mobile Fortress, a white light descended from the eight magic arrays. The next moment, everything within a 2,000-yard radius of the Mobile Fortress transformed into a world of white, the appearance of this white world bringing silence to the entire battlefield.

    Meanwhile, this white pillar of light was clearly visible even from tens of thousands of yards away. "Whats happening over there?" "That place should be where the Secret Covenant Tower is!"

    "We can see it all the way from Sky Spring City. Just how big is the coverage of that beam?" Most players in Sky Spring City were ignorant of the battle taking place at the Secret Covenant Tower, so they couldnt help growing curious when they saw a white pillar of light suddenly appear in the distance. As for the player forces who knew of the battle, because of their insufficient strength, they could only spectate from a safe distance.

    Shortly afterward, the light pillar gradually dissipated. The Faux Saint army on the ground had also disappeared, and in their place were craters several dozen meters deep.

    As for the Mythic ranked Faux Saint Saboteurs in the air, they fell to the ground one after another at this time. Although these Saboteurs were still alive, every one of them had fallen into a heavily injured state, and their current combat power was nowhere near what they had before.