Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2823 - ROTSSG 2823

    Chapter 2823 Fortresss Abilities

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    The 1,000 Faux Saint Saboteurs flew across the sky with their ten-meter-tall bodies. From the Mobile Fortresss perspective, they looked like a dark cloud flowing toward it.

    In addition, over a million Faux Saint monsters marched toward the fortress on the ground.

    The ground shook with every step these monsters took, the spectacular sight stupefying the players standing guard on the Mobile Fortress.

    "It seems we cant underestimate this Beast Emperor, after all. Despite being only a puppet of the Evil God, hes actually capable of mobilizing so many Mythic monsters. With this, even if we dont make a move, Zero Wing probably wont last very long," a five-meter-tall, middle-aged man atop the Ancient Demonic Serpent said. Laughing, he continued, "We wont even get to teach Zero Wing a lesson now."

    Although this golden-armored Giant only spoke normally, his deep voice made the surrounding space tremble.

    If Shi Feng were here, he would definitely be shocked to see this golden-armored Giant.

    This middle-aged man was not only a bona fide Giant but also a Level 133, Tier 4 Berserker. The surrounding space already grew heavier just from the aura he exuded.

    "That isnt necessarily a bad thing. With this, we can avoid exposing our strength and reduce the Black Knight Legions expenditure," Windshadow said as he looked at the Faux Saint monsters above and below him. "Dont forget that our goal this time is to rescue that good-for-nothing brat from Sky Spring Citys prison. Dealing with Zero Wing is secondary." "I guess youre right. Lets hope Sky Spring Citys Magistrate can let me stretch my muscles a little," the golden-armored Giant said, nodding

    While Windshadow and the golden-armored Giant were conversing, Jade Leaf, who sat at a side, dared not utter a word, shame filling her face.

    Protecting and rescuing Awakened Abyss shouldve been her job, yet she had to turn to Elder Windshadow and Long Day, the vice commander of Hundred Ghostss main force, for help. This was a severe dereliction of duty on her part. She was very likely to get removed from the priority list for training when she returned to the Guilds headquarters. After all, not only was Awakened Abyss one of Hundred Ghostss top talents, but his status was one that even Elder Windshadow dared not offend.

    Inside the Mobile Fortress, Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words saw the overwhelming army of Faux Saint monsters and couldnt help gasping in shock.

    Although they had long since known that their enemy consisted of over a million Faux Saint monsters and 1,000 Faux Saint Saboteurs, this terrifying scene still frightened them.

    The Faux Saint army on the ground aside, just the 1,000 Faux Saint Saboteurs in the air already posed a massive threat. Such a large force of Mythic monsters could easily break through even the defensive magic arrays of NPC cities.

    Generally, fortresses possessed significantly stronger defensive magic arrays than cities. However, the Mobile Fortress was different from a stationary fortress. To gain the convenience of movement, the Mobile Fortress sacrificed a portion of its defensive capabilities. Hence, while the Mobile Fortress was still capable of blocking the attacks of these Faux Saint Saboteurs, it was unknown how long it could continue doing so.

    Once the defensive barrier broke, these Faux Saint Saboteurs would slaughter the players inside the fortress. Even Tier 4 players like themselves wouldnt be able to stop these monsters. After all, the difference in numbers was simply too massive.

    "Everyone, get ready! Attack with everything youve got once these Faux Saint monsters enter within range!" Unyielding Heart shouted. "Remember! Do not hold back anything! Fight with everything youve got right off the bat! Only by removing these Mythic monsters as soon as possible will we have a greater chance of victory!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    When the players stationed atop of the fortress walls saw the approaching Faux Saint Saboteurs, they couldnt help gulping nervously.

    The outcome of the upcoming battle would be decided by whether they managed to finish off these Faux Saint Saboteurs before the latter destroyed the fortresss defensive magic array.

    This would be a race against the duration of the defensive barrier!

    Meanwhile, on the Fortress Lords Mansions top floor, which was also the highest point in the fortress

    "Guild Leader, theyre here," Fire Dance reported. When the Faux Saint Saboteurs were less than 1,000 yards away from the fortress, she asked nervously, "Should we start attacking now?"

    "No, let them come closer," Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

    The Mobile Fortress had 26 Large Magic Elven Cannons and eight Magic Charging Towers. Its overall firepower exceeded that of Guild Cities by leaps and bounds. However, this frightening firepower came at an equally frightening cost.

    Every shot the Large Magic Elven Cannons fired cost 6,000 Magic Crystals, and they had a Cooldown of one minute.

    As for the Magic Charging Towers, they cost 20,000 Magic Crystals to fire each time and had a Cooldown of three minutes.

    Although Shi Feng had over five million Magic Crystals on hand, he still couldnt afford to employ these weapons freely. Hence, they had to make the most of every shot. Meanwhile, a distance of 1,000 yards was practically nothing to the Mythic ranked Faux Saint Saboteurs. Just three seconds later, they appeared before the Mobile Fortresss defensive barrier. Immediately afterward, all 1,000 Faux Saint Saboteurs raised the various weapons they held and launched a barrage of ruthless attacks on the defensive barrier.

    The next moment, deafening noises came from outside the Mobile Fortress. Numerous spatial tears also appeared around the fortresss defensive barrier. The barrier itself trembled violently, and even the players inside the fortress could clearly sense the power of the attacks.

    Outside the Mobile Fortress, the thunderous assault was audible even from over 10,000 yards away.

    "What powerful attacks! If it were a Guild Citys defensive magic array, it wouldve most likely crumbled at the first wave of attacks," Long Day exclaimed in astonishment.

    The simultaneous attacks of 1,000 Mythic monsters were simply earth-shattering. Even a Tier 5 large-scale destruction Spell would pale in comparison to this barrage!

    Jade Leaf also nodded in agreement. Even an NPC Main Citys defensive magic array would suffer tremendously before this combined attack, let alone a measly Mobile Fortress.

    However, when the attacks ended, Hundred Ghostss members and the players standing atop the Mobile Fortresss walls were all stunned.

    "Its fine?"

    At this time, not only were there no cracks on the defensive barrier, but the magic power oscillation from the barrier also remained frighteningly smooth and steady. It was evident that the Faux Saint Saboteurs attacks failed to reach the barriers defensive limit.

    Meanwhile, at the Fortress Lords Mansion, Fire Dance goggled in shock.

    "Isnt this barrier a little too strong?!"

    She had a clear view of the defensive barriers energy level right now. Let alone 1%, the barrier barely lost 0.01% of its Mana reserves after the Faux Saint Saboteurs first wave of attacks.

    Given a depletion rate of 0.01% per second, the Faux Saint Saboteurs would take 166 minutes to break the barrier. However, the barriers Mana reserves could be replenished at intervals of 30 minutes, with each restoration costing 100,000 Magic Crystals.

    In other words, so long as they had sufficient Magic Crystals, the 1,000 Mythic monsters before them wouldnt be able to destroy the Mobile Fortresss defensive magic array, no matter what.

    "Not bad," Shi Feng said calmly.

    Inwardly, though, he, too, was surprised by this outcome. He never thought that the Mobile Fortresss defensive capabilities were so amazing. No wonder the Mobile Fortresses I saw in my previous life were capable of blocking the attacks of even Tier 5 players.

    The next moment, Shi Feng turned to Fire Dance and said, "Have the ones below start testing the power of the Magic Elven Cannons!"