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    Chapter 2821 Astonishing Mobile Fortress

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    Chapter 2821 Astonishing Mobile Fortress

    The metal fortress gradually descended from the sky, its whole figure eventually appearing before everyones eyes.

    Silence fell over the entire region.

    From a distance, the metal behemoth several kilometers wide and hundreds of meters tall hovering about a dozen meters above the ground looked like some kind of slumbering island monster.

    With the appearance of this metal behemoth, the Mana within a 10,000-yard radius began converging upon it. Even the players standing several hundred yards away could sense dense Mana flowing around them.

    Everyones eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. Even Flying Shadow, who had seen many spectacular sights throughout his career in Gods Domain, was dumbfounded. Only after a long time had passed did he manage to snap out of his daze.

    "A Sky City?"

    "No! This is a fortress! Moreover, its a Sky Fortress capable of movement!"

    "A Sky Fortress? I must be dreaming!"

    When the gathered players recovered from their initial shock, exclamations rang out one after another. As everyone gazed at the steel fortress in front of them, their minds churned with excitement, disbelief, and madness Unyielding Souls and Crimson Emperors members, in particular, eyed Zero Wings members with envy.

    At this time, Gods Domain had already become something like a real world. For many people, the game was an important part of their lives. Numerous fantastic sceneries that couldnt be found in the real world could be found in Gods Domain. Moreover, there were still countless unexplored maps and unknown sceneries awaiting discovery.

    In this wonderful world, everyone had their own dreams.

    Among these dreams, the biggest one would most likely be to gain the ability to fly freely in the sky. However, Flying Mounts were incredibly rare in Gods Domain, not something ordinary experts could get their hands on. Even the various superpowers only had a few Flying Mounts. Yet in an era where there were hardly any Flying Mounts, Zero Wing had actually obtained a Sky Fortress. Who wouldnt grow crazy and envious over this fact?

    Looking at the assembled players shocked expressions, Shi Feng chuckled and said, "Alright, Ive already granted entry access to everyone. You can now head inside. The magician team, follow me."

    In reality, even Shi Feng harbored a great yearning for the Mobile Fortress. In the past, he could only look at the various Super Guilds Mobile Fortresses from afar. As these Mobile Fortresses were generally deployed to strategic locations, such as Level 150-plus maps, they were never opened to the public. At most, those Super Guilds would allow their allies to visit their Mobile Fortresses. Everyone else was barred from entering

    Now, he had finally gained a Mobile Fortress of his own.

    As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, the gathered crowd promptly jumped into the fortresss open steel gate. The moment everyone entered the fortress, they sustained another shock.

    This was because the Mobile Fortresss interior was like a completely different world compared to outside.


    Not only did the fortresss interior have astonishingly dense Mana, but it also increased players affinity with Mana. Even those insensitive to Mana could feel their affinity with Mana improving significantly. The environmental effects of this fortress were far superior to those of any city they had ever visited.

    Most importantly, when inside the fortress, everyone could feel the foreign energy corroding their bodies vanishing rapidly. After making some rough calculations, they concluded that resting for one hour inside the fortress yielded the same recovery effects as resting for one day in the outside world. This benefit would greatly enhance their leveling speed.

    Moreover, the boost to Concentration recovery in the fortress was at least two or three times stronger than in the various Guild Cities.

    "Crap! If I can rest and train my Skills here, I can probably get twice the results Id get from training in Stone Forest Citys combat rooms!"

    "Youd probably get even better results if you train combat techniques here since combat techniques place much greater emphasis on Mana control. Meanwhile, the boost to Mana affinity this place provides would most likely improve ones Mana control by a significant margin."

    After everyone entered the Mobile Fortress, they quickly understood its hidden benefits, and their eyes glowed with excitement.

    Resting was an important part of a players life in Gods Domain. In fact, resting accounted for around one-third of the time most players spent in the game. Even combat fanatics spent at least one-fifth of their time resting. This was especially true for players grinding in Level 100-plus neutral maps, where foreign energies constantly corroded their bodies. After the corrosion reached a certain extent, players would have to rest even if they didnt want to. Otherwise, death would claim them.

    Hence, rest areas were incredibly important for players. So long as a player had a good place to rest in, their leveling speed and self-improvement speed would both improve significantly. This was especially true for expert players.

    Peak experts would even pay high prices to visit the capitals of kingdoms and empires just to recover quickly. This was because these cities sold foods and beverages that could greatly enhance recovery rates, as well as offer other buffs. If not for the high price tags of these delicacies, even ordinary experts would fight to buy them.

    After Shi Feng entered the Mobile Fortress, he led the magician team straight to the Fortress Lords Mansion.

    Looking at the 1,000-plus Advanced Magicians before him, Shi Feng said, "The fortresss magic arrays are fully operational now. What I need you to do is work in shifts of 300 to maintain the normal operation of these magic arrays. Do you have any questions?" The Mobile Fortress was mainly made up of Magic Crystals, and most of its operations relied on Mana. Hence, a lot of manpower was required to operate it. This Small Mobile Fortress needed 300 Advanced Magicians to keep its magic arrays fully operational.

    In addition, the Mobile Fortress consumed a lot more Magic Crystals than Guild Cities. Just its normal operation mode cost 50,000 Magic Crystals per day. If the fortresss offensive and defensive magic arrays were activated as well, this cost would zoom.

    It was fortunate that Shi Feng was incredibly wealthy right now. Even after deducting the Magic Crystals used in the Mobile Fortresss construction, he still had 5.8 million Magic Crystals left. Otherwise, even if he had completed the Mobile Fortress, he wouldnt have dared activate it. After all, Zero Wing still had many areas it needed Magic Crystals for.

    "Leave it to us, Guild Leader Black Flame. We will make sure nothing goes wrong with these magic arrays," the Advanced Magicians responded enthusiastically, none of them dissatisfied at getting assigned the menial task of maintaining magic arrays. This was because the benefits of working in the Fortress Lords Mansion were practically visible to the naked eye. The Mana inside the mansion was much denser than the Mana outside, and the boost in Mana affinity was much stronger as well. This place was not only an excellent rest area but also an excellent training environment for magicians like themselves. They couldnt find such a wonderful environment in the outside world even if they wanted to.

    Meanwhile, less than half an hour after the Mobile Fortress appeared, news of its existence spread like wildfire. In no time at all, word of it appeared on the Twin Towers Kingdoms official forums.

    Sky Fortress Appears beside the Secret Covenant Tower!

    For a time, players throughout the kingdom were in an uproar!