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    Chapter 2820 Sudden Appearance Of The Steel Fortress

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    Chapter 2820 Sudden Appearance of the Steel Fortress

    Barren Forest City, Frostrain Ridge:

    Frostrain Ridge was a Level 70 map. Snow blanketed the place all year round, and it was famous for Cryolite.

    In Gods Domain, Cryolite was one of the rare ores that could be used to manufacture alchemy tools. Hence, it had incredibly high demand. However, as its output was relatively low and the appearance of its deposits was random, its price was constantly high. Currently, one piece of Cryolite could sell for 20 Silver on the market. Hence, many newcomers in Gods Domain would choose to grind for levels in the Frostrain Ridge. Doing so earned them EXP and a considerable sum of money.

    However, the vast Frostrain Ridge was devoid of players and NPCs at this time. The entire map had become a land of death due to the invasion of Faux Saint monsters.

    Above Frostrain Ridge, a 20-meter-long Darkfire Crow flew through the sky and stopped before a 200-meter-long Ancient Demonic Serpent hovering in the air.

    The Ancient Demonic Serpent was like the king of the skies, overlooking all existences. Even the Extraordinary ranked Darkfire Crow was like an infant before the Ancient Demonic Serpent. In fact, despite being at the Tier 3 Peak standard, the Darkfire Crow actually bristled in fear when it arrived before the Ancient Demonic Serpent. If not for its master forcing it, the Darkfire Crow wouldve tried to stay as far away as possible from the Ancient Demonic Serpent.

    A total of 300 players rode on the back of the Ancient Demonic Serpent. These players were all at least Level 126 and radiated an aura similar to that of Tier 4 Mythic monsters. They wore black heavy armor, and their eyes gave off a bloody glow.

    In addition, leading these players were five bona fide Tier 4 players.

    If Shi Feng were here, he would recognize one of these five players, the short-haired woman Jade Leaf. At this time, though, she had a respectful and fearful expression on her face as she looked at the elderly man before her.

    "Elder Windshadow, I apologize for the long wait," said Lu Xingluo from the Darkfire Crow. At this time, Lu Xingluos appearance had undergone significant changes. If one looked past the gray cloak he wore, one would notice scarlet runes ringing his neck. The pupils in his eyes were now dark-gold reverse crosses. Smiling, Lu Xingluo said to the elderly man riding at the head of the Ancient Demonic Serpent, "I didnt expect Elder Windshadow to bring the Black Knights here. It seems that you really plan on making Zero Wing disappear." At this point, the various superpowers in Gods Domain knew very little about the Guild known as Hundred Ghosts. However, Lu Xingluo was quite clear about how powerful the Guild was.

    The Black Knight Legion was Hundred Ghostss trump card legion, and it was much more powerful than even the Five Great Super Guilds trump card legions. This was because the members of this legion could no longer be considered human. Not only did every one of them possess a special Bloodline, but even the weakest among them was at the Flowing Water Realm standard. Combined, their five senses, raw power, and reaction speed allowed them to surpass even the average Tier 4 player.

    The Black Knights equipment standard was even more amazing. Every member was geared in Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment. With this set, even an ordinary Tier 3 expert could hold their ground against Tier 4 Mythic monsters.

    Of course, this Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment wasnt something just anybody could use. This was because the set had an incredibly high Strength requirement, which was already at the Tier 4 standard. Even a Tier 3 Berserker who had invested all their Free Attribute Points into Strength couldnt meet this requirement; it was unrelated to the levels of players.

    Only these monsters the Hundred Ghosts nurtured could equip this Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment while still at Tier 3.

    In addition, Mana Equipment had a massive flaw. Unlike ordinary equipment, Mana Equipment couldnt be repaired. Every reduction in durability was permanent. Hence, using this Tier 3 Mana Set Equipment was incredibly costly; even an existence like Hundred Ghosts dared not resort to it frequently

    Hundred Ghosts had 1,000 of such monstrous players. Although the Guild had dispatched only 300 now, these players could already move across the main continent unhindered.

    "Its nothing. Since Zero Wing thinks we are pushovers, this old man will let everyone know what we are capable of," Windshadow said as he looked at Lu Xingluo, who appeared rather inhuman, with indifferent eyes. He then shifted his attention to the man behind Lu Xingluo and asked, "Guild Leader Xingluo, wont you introduce the expert behind you?"

    If one were to say that Lu Xingluo currently resembled a Demonkin, then the mysterious, bandaged man sitting behind Lu Xingluo was a real Demon. Although the bandaged man did not reveal his aura, he still made Windshadow feel threatened.

    "Oh, right. I nearly forgot." Chuckling, Lu Xingluo said, "Let me introduce you. This person here is the real owner of Saints Hand, Guild Leader Beast Emperor!"

    Lu Xingluos introduction surprised Windshadow slightly.

    "I never thought that Saints Hand would actually be the claws of the Evil Gods Temple." Looking at the Faux Saint army on the ground below, Windshadow said, "If thats the case, these Faux Saint monsters should be special Evil Beasts in disguise, right?".

    "That is incorrect, Elder Windshadow. This isnt a disguise but an evolution!" Beast Emperor said, smiling. "Now that youve witnessed the power of the Faux Saint army, if you need its help in the future, feel free to contact me through Xingluo, Elder Windshadow."

    "That wont be necessary for Hundred Ghosts. However, it seems you have quite a grudge against Zero Wing, Lord Beast Emperor," Windshadow said as he glanced at the 1,000 Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters marching at the front of the Faux Saint army. "Such a large-scale operation will definitely attract the attention of the Twin Towers Kingdoms NPC army. If they move, I believe your Faux Saint army will suffer severe losses."

    "Youve misunderstood me, Elder Windshadow. I might have a grudge against Zero Wing, but I would very much like to thank Black Flame. If not for his help, I wouldnt have gotten this far. I am here now only to help Xingluo with his problem, as well as meet with my old friend Black Flame," Beast Emperor retorted nonchalantly. It was as if he placed no importance on the kingdoms army whatsoever.

    "I see. Since thats the case, do you mind leaving Black Flame and Zero Wings Tier 4 experts to us?" Windshadow asked.

    "No problem." Nodding, Beast Emperor said, "I only want their corpses."

    After Windshadow and Beast Emperor reached an agreement, they continued toward the Secret Covenant Tower.

    While the two powers were traveling to the Secret Covenant Tower, two people riding a Blazing Dragon were observing their movements from far away using a Magic Mirror.

    "Amazing! I never thought that Beast Emperor would actually be Saints Hands true Guild Leader!" Looking at Windshadows and Beast Emperors figures displayed on the Magic Mirror, Cold Shadow smiled and said, "With those 300 monsters from Hundred Ghosts joining in, Zero Wing really is doomed this time."

    "Should we still go to the Secret Covenant Tower, then?" White Feather asked.

    "No. Now that such a large army is heading to the tower, we might get dragged into the fight if we arent careful," Cold Shadow replied, shaking her head. "If Zero Wing doesnt concede the tower this time, it will definitely suffer a heavy loss. Right now, Hundred Ghosts and Beast Emperor pose more of a danger to us. We need to head back now and make the necessary preparations. The War of Worlds will be coming soon!"

    After saying so, Cold Shadow took out a Return Scroll and teleported back to the Fire Dragon Empire. She had no intention of watching the upcoming fight whatsoever.

    After all, the fights outcome was a no-brainer. Rather than watching a walkover, her time would be better spent improving her strength.

    In the meantime, the members of Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor who were grinding inside the Secret Covenant Tower had assembled outside the tower at the behest of their Guilds executives.

    After seeing that everyone was gathered, Flying Shadow approached Shi Feng and reported, "Guild Leader, everyone grinding inside the tower has come out. They are ready to be dispatched at any time." Nodding, Shi Feng said, "Good. Have everyone get ready. Also, place those at the Advanced Magician standard and above in a separate group." "Yes, sir!"

    Flying Shadow promptly executed Shi Fengs instructions.

    While Flying Shadow was sorting out the assembled players, Shi Feng flew several thousand yards away from the Secret Covenant Tower and began chanting an incantation.

    After he had chanted for 30 seconds, the region suddenly darkened as a gigantic magic array with a radius of several thousand yards suddenly appeared in the sky. This was undoubtedly the largest magic array anyone present had ever seen.

    However, before anyone could react to this situation, a metal fortress that was as large as a mountain slowly emerged from the magic array.