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    Chapter 2819 Changes In The Twin Towers Kingdom

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    Chapter 2819 Changes in the Twin Towers Kingdom

    In a certain border town of the Fire Dragon Empire

    At this time, a 3,000-man team of Tier 3 players was resting in two bars on the main street. All the town residents, be they players or NPCs, were extremely afraid of this team.

    This was because the average level of this team was Level 125three levels higher than the average level of Tier 3 players in the Fire Dragon Empire.

    Meanwhile, leading this powerful team of Tier 3 players was a long-haired woman with a heroic air. When the players looked at this white-clad woman, their gaze held awe and respect.

    This woman was none other than the first player in Mythology to have gotten promoted to Tier 4, Cold Shadow, who was now Mythologys First Vice Guild Leader. In addition, she had even reached Level 133, 11 levels higher than the average Tier 3 player. The cold and sharp aura she exuded was so powerful that even Tier 3 players over a hundred yards away shuddered involuntarily.

    "Vice Guild Leader, news just came in from the Twin Towers Kingdom," White Feather, who was now a Level 130, Tier 4 Guardian Knight, reported to Cold Shadow. "Starlink suffered a tragic defeat. Moreover, because of Black Flames sudden appearance, with the exception of Lu Xingluo, none of the various superpowers experts escaped. Nearly 20,000 Tier 3 experts were penalized with ten days confinement in Sky Spring Citys prison."

    "Hes finally willing to show himself." Cold Shadow, who was resting quietly with her eyes shut, wasnt the slightest bit surprised when she heard White Feathers report. "Unfortunately, although Black Flame dealt a heavy blow to Starlink and the various superpowers, he still let the key person escape. Zero Wing will most likely face a lot of trouble after this. After all, the person standing behind Lu Xingluo isnt some random pushover. That person is also adamant in acquiring the Secret Covenant Tower."

    "According to our insider reports, Black Flame killed Hundred Ghostss Awakened Abyss," White Feather said in a quieter tone. "In fact, out of Hundred Ghostss team of several dozen players, only Vice Commander Jade Leaf managed to escape."

    This bit of news had Cold Shadow opening her eyes in shock. "Has Black Flame lost his mind? He actually killed Awakened Abyss? Does he not know Awakened Abysss identity?"

    Awakened Abyss was a talent Hundred Ghosts placed great importance on. The youth was so important that Hundred Ghosts had even tasked Jade Leaf, a Tier 4 expert, to accompany him as his bodyguard.

    Meanwhile, Hundred Ghosts was an existence that even the Five Great Super Guilds dared not offend. The power this mysterious Guild wielded simply defied common sense. At this point, the only thing the Five Great Super Guilds could do was form partnerships with Hundred Ghosts. They absolutely couldnt afford to make an enemy of the Guild. This was something Odin repeatedly emphasized. Hence, everyone in Mythology was currently doing their best to avoid Hundred Ghostss people. Yet, Shi Feng had done the exact opposite. Not only did he choose to oppose Hundred Ghosts, but he had even killed Awakened Abyss. When Hundred Ghosts learned of this, the Guild would definitely go into a frenzy.

    "In that case, should we take action now?" White Feather asked.

    Zero Wing was a Guild that Mythology had to destroy, no matter what. Now that Shi Feng had dealt a heavy blow to Starlink and the various superpowers, these Guilds definitely wouldnt just let the matter lie. In fact, they might even put everything on the line to fight Zero Wing After all, these superpowers had lost so many Tier 3 experts already. If they still couldnt secure the Secret Covenant Tower, recovering from this loss within a short period would be impossible.

    Not to mention, Hundred Ghosts would most likely retaliate against Zero Wing as well.

    At that time, a spectacular battle would definitely occur at the Secret Covenant Tower, which would be the perfect opportunity for Mythology to take action.

    "No, it still isnt time." Cold Shadow shook her head. "We have just recently completed that Inferior Legendary Quest and obtained a Mana Body Legacy. We need to digest this Legacy first. It wouldnt be too late to take action once we have improved our Mana Bodies. After all, when it comes to matters regarding the Mana Body, Black Flames side has already made significant progress. I doubt we are a match for him in this regard even now."

    "I understand. Ill notify the others about this and have them head to the Divine Cave," White Feather said, nodding. "Theres no need for us to head to the Divine Cave yet. We are merely learning a Legacy. We can learn it anywhere," Cold Shadow said. After reading a message one of her subordinates just sent her, she smiled faintly and continued, "Moreover, if we head to the Secret Covenant Tower now, we might get an opportunity to understand Hundred Ghostss strength."

    "Hundred Ghosts is taking action already?" White Feather was surprised when she heard Cold Shadows words.

    The strength Zero Wing had displayed thus far was incredibly terrifying. The Guild had not only five Tier 4 players but also two Tier 4 Personal Guards, who were far superior to the average Tier 4 NPC. At this stage of the game, even the Five Great Super Guilds could only resort to a war of attrition with Zero Wing. In a frontal confrontation, their chances of defeating Zero Wing would be zero.

    Hence, White Feather found it incredible that Hundred Ghosts would retaliate against Zero Wing right after losing several dozen of its top combatants.

    "Thats not entirely true," Cold Shadow said, chuckling. A hint of anticipation appearing in her eyes, she added, "Youll understand once we get there. If Zero Wing doesnt abandon the Secret Covenant Tower this time, itll most likely be doomed forever!"

    After Cold Shadow finished speaking, White Feather promptly organized a group of peak experts, and they accompanied Cold Shadow to the Secret Covenant Tower.

    Twin Towers Kingdom, Sky Spring City:

    "Guild Leader, were done compiling the list of items we got," Fire Dance reported as she approached Shi Feng. With an excited look on her face, she continued, "We obtained close to 20,000 weapons and equipment from this battle, including over 6,000 Level 110-plus Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment and over 2,000 Level 110-plus Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment. The rest are all Level 110-plus Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment. This harvest will mitigate a significant portion of the losses we suffered previously." Currently, Fire Dance, Youlan, and Melancholic Smile were managing the affairs of the entire Guild. Dealing with the Guilds weapon stockpile gave Fire Dance massive headaches.

    Previously, when she had merely been commanding Zero Wings main force, she hadnt known just how important it was for the Guild to have a sufficient stockpile of weapons and equipment. However, after taking over Gentle Snows and Aqua Roses responsibilities and repeatedly clashing with the various superpowers, she finally understood what a Guilds foundation referred to.

    Originally, she believed that a Guilds foundation referred to the number of experts a Guild possessed. However, after the various superpowers began waging war against Zero Wing, she realized that what truly served as a Guilds foundation were weapons and equipment.

    If not for the Candlelight Trading Firm having a sufficiently large number of Lifestyle players, Zero Wing wouldve long since run out of weapons and equipment. And if that happened, members would definitely withdraw from the Guild in droves. After all, nobody would want to fight for a Guild that couldnt even arm them with weapons and equipment.

    "Give half of the weapons and equipment to Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul," Shi Feng said, smiling. "I believe they havent been faring well recently, either. These weapons and equipment should help them cope with their troubles." Shi Feng had a very thorough understanding of the issues involved in Guild wars. When he led Shadow in his previous life, there had been instances when the Guilds warehouse had only Bronze Weapons and Equipment. Back then, Shadow had only been a small Guild. If a superpower were to face a situation where its warehouse had only Bronze Weapons and Equipment, everyone in the Guild wouldve long since quit.

    After all, even if Guild players died and lost levels, so long as they had sufficiently good weapons and equipment, they could quickly recover their levels. However, without weapons and equipment, they might as well be independent players. At the very least, hostile forces wouldnt persecute them.

    Before Shi Feng could issue any more commands, Illusory Words approached him with a grim look on her face.

    "Guild Leader Black Flame, a big problem appeared in Barren Forest City, near the Secret Covenant Tower!" Illusory Words said anxiously. "According to our scouts, over a million Faux Saint monsters have appeared there and are making their way toward the Secret Covenant Tower. The majority of them are Level 135 Great Lords, and there are also roughly 1,000 Level 140-plus Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters."

    "A thousand Mythic monsters?"

    Fire Dance was stunned when she heard what Illusory Words said. For a moment, she even wondered if her ears were working properly. Normally, it would be incredibly difficult to come across even one Mythic monster.

    Not to mention, monsters had gained the ability to think for themselves after the major system update. This had increased their combat standards by a large margin and improved their capacity for cooperation.

    Under normal circumstances, a Tier 4 expert would have to flee if they came across two or three Mythic monsters of the same level simultaneously. And with around ten Mythic monsters, one could even attack towns and cities.

    Nonetheless, she was being told that their opponent had 1,000 Mythic monsters?

    "A thousand?" Shi Feng was also surprised by this piece of news.

    The strongest monster tide he had come across out in the fields had only around 100 Mythic monsters. That monster tide had successfully destroyed a Guild City defended by several Tier 4 players.

    Now, the enemy had 1,000 Mythic monstersFaux Saint monsters possessing above-average combat standards. This was undoubtedly a devastating force.

    "Thats right. There are at least 1,000 of them." Illusory Words nodded, an ugly expression appearing on her face. "According to their Movement Speed, itll take them around ten hours to reach the Secret Covenant Tower. We should have enough time if we withdraw from the tower now."

    They didnt have any hope of defeating a force of 1,000 Level 140-plus Mythic monsters, even if they had a Guild City as support. Without a Guild City for protection, their only option was to give up. After all, players killed by those Faux Saint monsters would suffer heavy penalties.

    "No wonder Lu Xingluo was so confident even while retreating. It turns out he still had such a trump card hidden," Shi Feng said in sudden realization. Chuckling, he continued, "It seems they are really desperate this time."

    It would have been a different story if Saints Hand had mobilized this legion of Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters in a neutral map, but it was currently moving within the Twin Towers Kingdoms borders. The kingdom would definitely mobilize its army once it noticed the Faux Saint monsters.

    A kingdoms army wasnt an existence to be trifled with. This was especially true now that the NPC population in the game had skyrocketed. Once the Twin Towers Kingdom mobilized its army, even a force of 1,000 Mythic monsters would meet a tragic end.

    Meanwhile, this legion of Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters was probably close to everything Saints Hand had. The fact that Saints Hand was willing to go so far probably meant that Lu Xingluo and the various superpowers had paid it an astronomical price.

    Anxiously, Fire Dance asked, "Guild Leader, should we withdraw our members from the tower now?"

    "No!" Shi Feng shook his head. A manic gleam appearing in his eyes, he said, "Since these people wish to die, well fulfill their wish!"

    When Illusory Words and Fire Dance heard Shi Fengs words, their first thought was that he had truly gone mad. After all, he was actually still planning to engage the enemy in such a situation.

    A legion with 1,000 Mythic ranked Faux Saint monsters was something only NPCs could handle at present. It simply wasnt a force players could go up against.

    "Guild Leader Black Flame" At this time, Illusory Words suddenly thought of something, and a hint of shock flashed in her eyes. "That thing Have you completed it?" "Mhm. Its completed." Shi Feng nodded. "However, I still need to make some final adjustments. For now, Ill have to trouble you two to gather our manpower at the tower as soon as possible. Ill meet you there." After saying so, Shi Feng summoned the Thunder Eagle and flew straight to the Secret Covenant Tower.