Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2818 - ROTSSG 2818

    Chapter 2818 You Think Too Highly Of Yourself

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    Chapter 2818 You Think Too Highly of Yourself

    When Shi Feng finished speaking, silence enveloped the entire battlefield.

    Nobody had expected that Shi Feng would show no regard at all for Hundred Ghosts.

    A cold glint flashed in Awakened Abysss eyes at Shi Fengs response. "Guild Leader Black Flame, my suggestion is beneficial for both our sides. If Hundred Ghosts interferes, setting all else aside, just in terms of number of Tier 45, Zero Wing wont have much of an advantage," Awakened Abyss said coldly. "If you insist on remaining obstinate, Ill have to take it as Zero Wing having hostile intentions toward Hundred Ghosts." After saying so, Awakened Abyss stopped concealing his life aura. Immediately, a life aura rivaling that of the Secret Hand Associations Tier 4 NPCs spread across the battlefield.

    Simultaneously, Awakened Abyss revealed the glow effect of his equipment, the result making the surrounding spectators gasp. This was because Awakened Abyss was actually fully geared in Epic Equipment!

    Moreover, apart from a full set of Epic Equipment, Awakened Abysss longsword was also extraordinary, sporting six gleaming gemstones inlaid into it. And although the longsword looked old-fashioned, the aura it exuded was much stronger than that of the Epic Equipment he wore by a large margin.

    Meanwhile, the short-haired woman standing beside Awakened Abyss also stopped concealing her life aura and equipment. And like Awakened Abyss, she was fully geared in Epic Equipment and carried a battle axe that rivaled Awakened Abysss longsword.

    "Arent those two a little too well-equipped?!"

    "No wonder even the Five Great Super Guilds are wary of Hundred Ghosts. Even Starlink and the various superpowers cant afford to arm their members to the teeth with such excellent items."

    When the various major powers saw the dazzling glow enveloping Awakened Abyss and the short-haired beauty, they were startled.

    Everyone present had seen Epic Weapons and Equipment before. However, trying to fully gear a player with Epic items that suited them was incredibly difficult. Yet, Hundred Ghosts had managed to do so for two players. One could see just how powerful Hundred Ghosts was through this point alone.

    Hence, it was clearly unwise for Zero Wing to make an enemy of Hundred Ghosts at this time.

    "Hostile intentions?" Shi Feng laughed as he looked at Awakened Abyss. "You think too highly of yourself! Since you wish to stand on Starlinks side, then die with them!"

    After saying so, Shi Feng unsheathed the Light of Two Worlds and executed a downward slash at Awakened Abyss.

    First Sword, Lightshadow!

    An illusory greatsword over a hundred meters long appeared in the sky and descended toward Awakened Abyss and the short-haired woman. Space ruptured in the greatswords wake, and Awakened Abyss and the woman suddenly found themselves having difficulty moving.

    "How dare he?!"

    When Lu Xingluo and the various superpowers executives saw this scene, they gaped in shock. They never thought that Shi Feng would even attack Hundred Ghostss envoys.

    "Crazy bastard!"

    Awakened Abyss revealed a startled expression when he saw the illusory greatsword. He hadnt expected Shi Feng to take such prompt action. Moreover, he found the power of Shi Fengs attack stifling. Even the Tier 4 NPCs he had faced before couldnt execute such a powerful attack.

    Almost by instinct, Awakened Abyss took out a crystal and shattered it without hesitation.

    Two barriers instantly appeared before Awakened Abyss and the short-haired woman, protecting them.


    When the illusory greatsword came into contact with the first barrier, the barrier immediately cracked. Only after the first barrier had shattered completely did the illusory greatsword disappear.

    Awakened Abyss and the short-haired woman stared at this outcome in disbelief.

    This dual-layered barrier was the product of a Tier 4 Curse, a tool they carried for emergencies. Even Tier 4 NPCs couldnt break the generated barriers, yet Shi Feng had shattered one layer.

    In other words, Shi Feng needed only one more attack to destroy this Tier 4 Defensive Curse.

    "Were leaving!" Awakened Abyss commanded his team to retreat without hesitation. "His Mana Technique is too powerful! Only the Elders can deal with him! We wont be able to stop his third attack!"

    As soon as Awakened Abyss finished speaking, Hundred Ghostss members promptly scattered and fled. Awakened Abyss and the short-haired woman leaped into the air and made a beeline for Sky Spring Citys gate. They dared not try to put up a fight.

    "It seems youre not completely inept," Shi Feng commented indifferently as he looked at the remaining barrier before him. He then looked at Awakened Abysss and the short-haired womans fleeing figures and continued, "However, since you dare interfere in Zero Wings matters, Ill have one of you stay behind today to teach you a lesson!"

    After saying so, Shi Feng suddenly disappeared from where he hovered. When he reappeared, he was in front of Awakened Abyss.


    Shi Fengs appearance shocked Awakened Abyss.

    Shi Feng was too fast. His Movement Speed in the air practically rivaled a Flying Mounts.

    However, before Awakened Abyss could react to the situation, Shi Feng swung the Light of Two Worlds once more. It was evident he had chosen Awakened Abyss as his target of detention. Spatial Slash!

    "Black Flame!" Unwilling to take any chances, Awakened Abyss activated his Berserk Skill, boosting his Basic Attributes by a large margin. Now, he could go toe-to-toe against a Superior Mythic monster of the same level. "Dont go too far!"

    Awakened Abyss used his full strength to counter Shi Fengs attack, his longsword radiating a colorful brilliance as it swung to meet Shi Fengs Light of Two Worlds. Now, the power of his attack was not the slightest bit weaker than that of the Lightshadow Shi Feng executed before. Boom! Two sky-splitting spatial tears appeared when the two swords collided. Immediately afterward, Awakened Abyss crashed into the ground below like a cannonball, and his HP plummeted. In the blink of an eye, Awakened Abysss HP, which exceeded 20 million, fell to zero, and the youth became deader than dead.


    The short-haired woman was stunned when she saw Awakened Abyss killed.

    Awakened Abyss was one of the top three experts among Hundred Ghostss younger generation, yet he actually couldnt withstand even one attack from Shi Feng. When Lu Xingluo and the others standing inside Starlinks Residence saw this scene, they, too, were flabbergasted. They never thought Shi Feng would actually kill Awakened Abyss without hesitation, showing no fear of Hundred Ghosts whatsoever.

    "Run away!!!"

    Nobody knew who said these words. However, as soon as they appeared, the tens of thousands of players inside Starlinks Residence came to a tacit agreement and began fleeing immediately.

    Even the Secret Hand Associations NPCs had grim expressions when they saw Shi Fengs might.

    "Were leaving!" Melt Kabara commanded, understanding that the situation was no longer in their favor. With just the three of them here, they would be helpless against Shi Feng.

    Immediately afterward, the Secret Hand Associations three Tier 4 NPCs turned to flee Sky Spring City. "You want to escape? Dream on!" Looking at Kite and Anna, Shi Feng commanded, "Kill all of these people!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    Kite and Anna, who had remained on standby until now, responded respectfully. They then split up and took independent action. The next moment, Anna set out in pursuit of Melt Kabaras group. As for Kite, he joined Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine in dealing with Starlinks Tier 4 players.

    "You think you can stop us by yourself? You must be tired of living!" Melt Kabara was incensed when he saw Anna coming to block his group by herself.

    Although Anna was also a Tier 4 existence, she was merely Level 149. She would have trouble stopping even one of them, let alone all three. She was basically insulting their strength by coming at them alone.

    However, before Melt Kabara could say anything more, Anna unleashed her Mana Domain.

    Immediately, Annas Mana Domain enveloped the entire Sky Spring City, transforming the city into a world of black and white. Under the effects of her Mana Domain, Starlinks and the various superpowers Tier 3 players couldnt even budge. As for Melt Kabaras group of three, they felt immense pressure pressing down on them, subjecting the Mana within their bodies to a powerful suppression. The three of them could barely extend their own Mana Domains 20 yards from themselves. The might of Annas Mana Domain was simply unbelievable. Before Melt Kabara and the other two could react, countless pitch-black chains assaulted them from all directions. Simultaneously, innumerable holy swords appeared in the sky and shot at all three of them.

    Despite the trio working together and doing their best to fend off the attacks, they actually remained at a complete disadvantage. Anna thoroughly displayed her strength as an Epic Guard, and it was only a matter of time before she defeated the three hostile NPCs.

    "Lu Xingluo, you should follow your friends as well!" Shi Feng instantly appeared in front of Lu Xingluo and swung the Light of Two Worlds at him. He gave Lu Xingluo no room to even catch a breather.

    "Dammit! Dammit! Black Flame, Ill make you pay for this! Hundred Ghosts will make you pay for this too!" Lu Xingluo gritted his teeth and shattered one of the crystal rings he wore.

    The next moment, a strange, gray space formed around Lu Xingluo and thoroughly negated Shi Fengs attack. However, Lu Xingluo also let out an agonized scream in the gray space. It was evident that getting caught within this gray space wasnt entirely pleasant for Lu Xingluo.

    A second later, the gray space disappeared together with Lu Xingluo.

    "He sure knows how to run quickly."

    Shi Feng wasnt particularly surprised when Lu Xingluo escaped. After all, Lu Xingluo was Starlinks Guild Leader. It would be strange if he didnt have a few powerful lifesaving items.

    Fortunately, Shi Feng had already achieved his goal in coming here. After todays event, Starlink and the various superpowers would lose tens of thousands of Tier 3 experts and many Tier 4 experts. Moreover, even if these experts died, they would still be detained for several days in Sky Spring Citys prison once they respawned.

    Less than ten minutes later, with Anna and Kites assistance, Zero Wings members annihilated the Secret Hand Associations three Tier 4 NPCs and the various superpowers Tier 3 and Tier 4 experts.

    The spectating powers were awestruck to witness the deaths of the various superpowers experts.

    None of them had ever dreamed that the superpowers crusade against the Secret Covenant Tower would come to such an end. Zero Wings hidden strength also exceeded their imagination. The Guild simply wasnt an existence the various superpowers could go up against. This astonishing piece of news quickly spread all over the Twin Towers Kingdom. It even reached the neighboring kingdoms and empires, shocking the various player forces there.