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    Chapter 2817 Reversal

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    Chapter 2817 Reversal

    As Shi Feng chanted the incantation to activate the Summon Guard scrolls, two magic arrays appeared before him. One second later, two figures emerged from these magic arrays.

    Along with the appearance of these two figures, everyone present felt an unprecedented pressure weighing down their body.

    "Tier 4 Personal Guards?!"

    "How did he do it?"

    The various major powers members gasped when they saw the two new figures in the air. Many players owned Personal Guards in Gods Domain, but those capable of owning Tier 4 Personal Guards at this stage of the game could be counted on ones fingers.

    This was because NPCs had much more difficulty getting promoted to Tier 4 than players. Even Fine-Gold Guards had no more than a 25% chance of success. And in the event of failure, these Personal Guards would have to wait one whole month before they could challenge their Promotion Quest again. Moreover, the success rate wouldnt change in the slightest.

    Yet, now, Shi Feng had actually summoned two Tier 4 Personal Guards.

    Meanwhile, these two Personal Guards were none other than Kite and Anna.

    As the two NPCs had been busy challenging their Tier 4 Promotion Quests previously, Shi Feng had not summoned them for quite some time now.

    Fortunately, Kite and Anna possessed incredibly high Growth Potentials. Both of them had successfully gotten promoted to Tier 4, and their current levels even surpassed Shi Fengs by a large margin. At this time, Kite had already reached Level 146, whereas Anna was at Level 149. While their levels were still lower than the Secret Hand Associations three NPCs, the difference was negligible. After reaching Tier 4, the main factors that allowed Tier 4 NPCs to undergo qualitative improvements were Fragmented Legendary Weapons and Equipment, control over Mana, and the number of Tier 4 Skills and Spells learned.

    With Kite and Annas arrival, even a fool could tell that the tables had turned.

    Previously, after Starlink and the various superpowers lost the support of their Master Barrier, their disadvantage in numbers meant they could only rely on the Secret Hand Associations NPCs to overwhelm Zero Wings side.

    However, Kite and Anna could fend off at least two of the Associations Tier 4 NPCs. And with the growing commotion, Sky Spring Citys Tier 4 Magistrate would most likely come to help soon. Hence, Starlink and the various superpowers no longer had any advantages at this time. In fact, they were even at a disadvantage since Zero Wings side had three more Tier 4 players than they did. A difference of three Tier 4 players might not seem like much, but it was already more than enough to elicit despair in Starlink and the various superpowers.

    This was because even 10,000 Tier 3 players wouldnt be enough to go against three Tier 4 players. That would only result in a one-sided massacre. Moreover, with the seal over Sky Spring City still in effect, the only way players could teleport out of the city was through the Teleportation Hall. This situation was considerably disadvantageous for Starlinks side.

    When Lu Xingluo recognized the situation, his complexion turned indescribably ugly. He had never dreamed that Shi Feng would be able to reverse the situation and even put him in dire straits.

    "Guild Leader Xingluo, what should we do now? If it comes down to a fight, Im afraid our side" Thousand Miles asked anxiously as he looked at Lu Xingluo. Lu Xingluo had full responsibility for this operation. Miracle and the various superpowers were simply here to show support. After all, Lu Xingluo had repeatedly guaranteed that he would take down Zero Wing this time. Then, the various superpowers would divide the Secret Covenant Tower and the three Guilds territories among themselves.

    Now, before Miracle even took a cut out of Zero Wing, it had already lost Miracle Dragon. Moreover, at this rate, even Silent March and Thousand Miles himself would most likely perish.

    "I understand." Sighing helplessly, Lu Xingluo said, "I originally thought that these means would already be enough to take down Zero Wing. It seems I still have to request their help in the end."

    "Request their help?" At Lu Xingluos words, realization dawned upon Thousand Miles. He then looked at a nearby team of several dozen players and muttered, "Could it be"

    Thousand Miles had heard of the mysterious Guild known as Hundred Ghosts. This was a Guild that showed no respect or fear for even the Five Great Super Guilds.

    He never thought that Lu Xingluo would actually have such a deep connection with Hundred Ghosts.

    "Thats right. Its them." Lu Xingluo nodded. He then looked at the handsome youth leading Hundred Ghostss team and called out, "Brother Abyss, Im afraid Ill have to bother you for help. Once we get out of this predicament, Starlink will agree to all your conditions!"

    "Good! Ive been waiting a long time for these words, Guild Leader Xingluo!" Awakened Abyss smiled when he heard Lu Xingluos promise. "Since youve thought it through already, Hundred Ghosts naturally wont sit back and do nothing."

    "Thank you, Brother Abyss!" Lu Xingluo breathed out a sigh of relief.

    Shi Feng had really boxed Lu Xingluo into a corner this time. Since they were inside Sky Spring City, which also happened to be Zero Wings territory, Starlinks members would all end up jailed if they died or got captured inside the city. Meanwhile, the prison sentence could last anywhere from a few days to over a dozen days.

    This absolutely wasnt an outcome Lu Xingluo could tolerate!

    Now that Hundred Ghosts had agreed to intervene, though, Starlink would escape this predicament. Lu Xingluo knew very clearly what kind of power was backing Hundred Ghosts. It simply wasnt something the main continents superpowers could go up against.

    The various major powers present overheard the conversation between Lu Xingluo and Awakened Abyss. However, they couldnt understand why Lu Xingluo, Starlinks Guild Leader, would ask Awakened Abyss for help. Moreover, Lu Xingluo relaxed visibly when he heard the handsome youths positive response.

    "Who are those people? Lu Xingluo is actually begging them for help?".

    "How ignorant are you guys? Thats Hundred Ghosts! I never imagined that Starlink would manage to partner up with Hundred Ghosts. Starlink really hit the jackpot this time. I heard that even the Five Great Super Guilds have to show respect to Hundred Ghosts. Although the Five Great Super Guilds initially sent a lot of famous experts to pick a fight with Hundred Ghosts, none of those experts returned alive."

    Many of the major powers present were ignorant of Hundred Ghostss existence. After hearing the explanation of some well-informed people, they quickly understood how extraordinary an existence Hundred Ghosts was.

    On the other hand, Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words couldnt help making ugly expressions.

    "Dammit! Why would Hundred Ghosts partner with Starlink?" Frustration filled Unyielding Hearts eyes when he heard Awakened Abyss agreeing to Lu Xingluos request.

    After Hundred Ghosts made its debut on the main continent, his Guild Leader had received an astonishing secret message. Afterward, his Guild Leader warned everyone in the Guild not to provoke Hundred Ghostss members. Otherwise, there would be unimaginable consequences.

    Initially, Unyielding Heart thought that Hundred Ghosts had merely accepted Starlinks invitation so that they could challenge some of the experts here. It never occurred to him that Hundred Ghosts actually planned to partner with Starlink.

    Illusory Words was similarly filled with frustration. After seeing Shi Feng summon his Personal Guards, she thought they would be able to deal a heavy blow to Starlink and the various superpowers. However, now that Hundred Ghosts, an existence that even the Five Great Super Guilds feared, had agreed to step in for Starlink, if their three Guilds insisted on taking action against Starlink, they would make an enemy of Hundred Ghosts.

    The next moment, after Awakened Abyss agreed to Lu Xingluos request, he looked up at Shi Feng and said, "Guild Leader Black Flame, Hundred Ghosts has some dealings with Starlink. Can you spare Starlink out of respect for Hundred Ghosts? If Zero Wing needs help in the future, I, Awakened Abyss, will definitely lend a helping hand."

    As soon as Awakened Abyss finished speaking, everyone present turned to Shi Feng, who was still hovering in midair. They all wondered how he would answer.

    Although sparing Starlink here would mean losing an opportunity to deal a heavy blow to Starlink, Zero Wing would gain Hundred Ghostss favor. This wouldnt necessarily be a losing transaction. After all, Hundred Ghosts was a mysterious Guild that even the Five Great Super Guilds had to show respect to. Gaining the favor of such an existence could bring many benefits.

    "Respect? Favor?" Shi Feng laughed as he looked at Awakened Abyss. "When Starlink was pushing our three Guilds into a dead end earlier, why didnt I see you standing up for us at that time? Yet, now that Starlink is in a desperate situation, youre telling us to let them go? Do you think my respect is so cheap? What will you do if I dont give it to you?"