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    Chapter 2816 Nobody Is Leaving

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    Chapter 2816 Nobody Is Leaving!

    Everyone couldnt help doubting their eyes when they saw the cloaked man.

    After all, Melt Kabara was a Level 162, Tier 4 NPC. Although he was only a Tier 4 Ranger, which wasnt a Strength-oriented class, he still possessed a massive advantage in terms of levels. He simply wasnt an existence current players could go up against.

    Nevertheless, Shi Feng had sent the Elemental Hunter flying with one hit. How frightening was his Strength?!

    "Hes actually that Black Flame?"

    Standing in the spectating crowd, the robust man from the Silver Lion adventurer team was astonished when he discovered Shi Fengs identity. His team members were similarly stunned. They never imagined that the stranger their commander decided to befriend would actually be a big shot. Moreover, it was even a big shot capable of shaking the entire Gods Domain. "Guild Leader?"

    Fire Dance and the others were also surprised when they saw Shi Feng approaching them. They hadnt thought that Shi Feng had already returned.

    "Brother Black Flame, youve really made us wait!" Unyielding Heart revealed a bitter smile when he saw Shi Feng.

    Although not much time had passed since they parted ways at the Ruined Mountain Range, it felt like months and years had gone by on their side as the pressure they faced from the various superpowers increased by the day.

    Fortunately, their peak experts had found several Tier 4 Legacy Lands while exploring Level 130 maps. As a result, their three Guilds managed to produce three Tier 4 players quickly, instantly alleviating the pressure they faced at the Twin Towers Kingdom by a large margin. They were also continuously obtaining complete Tier 3 Legacies from the Secret Covenant Tower, which allowed their Guilds to produce Tier 3 players rapidly. As a result, their three Guilds had managed to last until today, albeit by the skin of their teeth.

    Shi Fengs return had undoubtedly increased their staying power.

    When Illusory Words saw Shi Feng, she, too, heaved a deep sigh of relief. They had been fighting long and hard just to endure until this moment.

    Meanwhile, Shi Fengs appearance also caused a stir among the members of Starlinks faction. None of them had expected Shi Feng to reappear in such a sudden and powerful manner.

    "Black Flame, youre finally willing to show yourself!" Lu Xingluo laughed as he looked at Shi Feng. "Ive been waiting for a long time! Today, Ill let you see Zero Wing perish before your eyes! Everyone, attack!" In truth, Lu Xingluo was slightly surprised by Shi Fengs arrival. He never thought that Shi Feng would be able to return from the sealed Dragonheart City so quickly.

    Lu Xingluo had originally planned to use the annihilation of Fire Dance and the others to force Shi Feng to come forward. Now, he no longer had to trouble himself.

    As soon as Lu Xingluo finished speaking, Sword Demon, Wind Demon, and Tengu, who had all reached Tier 4, moved to surround Zero Wings members. Only, shortly after the trio exited the Residences entrance, two figures intercepted them.

    "Youll need to beat the two of us first before you proceed!" Lifeless Thorn said as he grabbed the spear slung on his back and swept it at the three enemies before him.

    At this time, Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine stopped concealing their life auras. Two more Tier 4 auras spread across the battlefield, stunning Sword Demons group. "Two more Tier 4s?!"

    "How many Tier 4s does Zero Wing have?!"

    The various major powers exclaimed in surprise when they sensed Lifeless Thorns and Solitary Nines auras.

    At this stage of the game, Tier 4 players were still as rare as a phoenixs feather. A superpower would be fortunate to have even one Tier 4 player. Yet, based on what they could see now, Zero Wing actually had five Tier 4 players already. Even the Five Great Super Guilds didnt have such a force yet.

    "You people from Zero Wing are indeed capable." After glancing at Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine, Lu Xingluo turned to Shi Feng and sneered, "Unfortunately, all of you are inside a Master Barrier right now. Even if you have more Tier 4s on your side, you still dont have a chance at victory!" Upon hearing this, the various onlookers snapped out of their daze and very much agreed with Lu Xingluos words.

    "March, you go as well!" Thousand Miles commanded as he looked at Silent March. "Make sure Black Flame doesnt leave this place alive! Well be in trouble afterward, otherwise!" "Yes, sir!"

    Nodding, Silent March took out her staff and joined Sword Demons trio.

    Seeing that Silent March, a Tier 4 Necromancer, was taking action as well, the spectating players sighed subconsciously. Although Starlinks side was still outnumbered, it had the help of a Master Barrier and three Tier 4 NPCs. Zero Wings side stood no chance at all.

    However, before Silent March could arrive before Lifeless Thorn and Solitary Nine, Shi Feng suddenly slashed at the sky.

    World Breaker!

    The next moment, a dazzling brilliance shot into the sky and instantly penetrated the magic barrier. Subsequently, the barrier shattered, and the overwhelming pressure Zero Wings members felt disappeared.

    "What Master Barrier?" Looking at Lu Xingluo, Shi Feng asked calmly, "Do you mean this broken thing?"

    At Shi Fengs words, silence enveloped the entire battlefield. Lu Xingluo, in particular, was utterly thunderstruck as he looked at the dissipating barrier.

    "Impossible! Even a Superior Mythic monster would have a difficult time breaking this barrier. How could he just"

    At this time, Lu Xingluo felt as if he was having a nightmare. Either that or the heavens were playing a trick on him. "Guild Leaderare youstill just a Tier 4 player?"

    At this time, let alone Lu Xingluo and the various superpowers members, even Fire Dance and the others gaped in shock at this scene.

    This was a barrier capable of trapping Superior Mythic monsters!

    Yet, Shi Feng had destroyed it with one slash.

    "Not good! They can run away now that the barrier is broken!" Reacting to the situation quickly, Thousand Miles looked at Lu Xingluo and urged, "Guild Leader Xingluo, we need to figure out a plan fast!" If a Tier 4 player wanted to escape, even Tier 4 NPCs would have trouble stopping them. Meanwhile, if their faction failed to capture Zero Wings members alive, they would have a much harder time dealing with the three Guilds afterward.

    On the other hand, Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words breathed out a sigh of relief at this situation.

    With the magic barrier gone, so long as they scattered and fled, the three Tier 4 NPCs wouldnt be able to capture them. Moreover, they were still inside Sky Spring City. If the three Tier 4 NPCs caused a commotion, Sky Spring Citys Tier 4 Magistrate would definitely intervene. At that time, the Magistrate would be able to pin down at least one of Secret Hands NPCs.

    However, before Lu Xingluo and Thousand Miles could issue commands, Shi Feng jumped into the air above Starlinks Residence and scanned the crowd beneath him.

    This situation confused the various spectating players. They couldnt understand why Shi Feng had approached Starlinks Residence instead of running away.

    "Run away?" Looking at Thousand Miles, Shi Feng laughed and said, "Do you think youre the only ones capable of summoning Tier 4 NPCs? Nobody is leaving today! All of you will stay here!"

    After saying so, Shi Feng took out two Summon Guard Scrolls from his bag and activated them.