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    Chapter 2815 How Bold Of You

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    Chapter 2815 How Bold of You

    At Violet Clouds words, Lu Xingluos complexion turned ashen.

    Never did Lu Xingluo think that Miracle Dragon would lose. Moreover, the man had lost so miserably.

    Now, not only did Lu Xingluo fail to humiliate Zero Wing, but the morale on his side had even suffered a hit. This situation put him at a loss as to how to respond to Violet Cloud.

    Lu Xingluo wasnt the only one taken aback by this outcome. The various major powers were similarly stunned beyond belief. Everyone present could clearly tell that Miracle Dragon was monstrously powerful, yet Violet Cloud had actually displayed even greater strength. At this time, they even started to think that Violet Cloud could take on two or three Tier 4 experts simultaneously and still hold the upper hand.

    "So, this is Zero Wings strength?"

    "Amazing! With this, Starlink and the various superpowers will have to act more humbly."

    From how leisurely Violet Cloud had defeated Miracle Dragon, it was evident she still had strength to spare. This meant that even though Zero Wings side had one Tier 4 expert less than Starlinks side, the latter still wouldnt hold any advantages. "Beautifully done!" Unyielding Heart praised as he looked up at Violet Cloud. "Now that Starlinks side has one less Tier 4, even if Lu Xingluo goes back on his word, we still have a much greater chance of rescuing our people!"

    Illusory Words nodded in agreement with Unyielding Heart.

    This duel held great importance for both sides. If Lu Xingluo handled this matter poorly, he would become the laughing stock of Gods Domain. After all, Lu Xingluo had overreached himself. He had actually planned to rely on this opportunity to elevate Starlink into an existence on par with the Five Great Super Guilds. Only, his grand plan had already been foiled right at the very first step. If he werent standing in public right now, Lu Xingluo would have most likely spat out blood already.

    When everyone thought Lu Xingluo was going to lose his mind, the man actually smiled.

    "Good! Very good! As expected of one of Zero Wings peak experts. Your strength is truly astonishing," Lu Xingluo said, chuckling as he looked up at Violet Cloud. "Fine. Well let your people go." "Guild Leader?" Sword Demon, who had also reached Tier 4, was stunned by Lu Xingluos words. He never thought that Lu Xingluo would release Zero Wings people so decisively. "Theyll grow even more fearless if we let their people go!"

    "It doesnt matter," Lu Xingluo said as he glanced at Sword Demon nonchalantly. "Release them."

    Sword Demon had no choice but to release the three Guilds captured members.

    The next moment, Alluring Summer, Shadow Sword, Mu Lingsha, Blue Gown, and several other players were released from Starlinks Guild Hall. From the time they emerged from the building until they walked out of the Residences entrance, none of Starlinks or the various superpowers members stopped them.

    "Hes releasing them without a fight?" Unyielding Heart was stunned when he saw Mu Lingsha and the others free.

    Honestly, Unyielding Heart didnt believe any of the words Lu Xingluo said before. To his disbelief, Lu Xingluo had actually gone through with his promise and released the captured players without a fight.

    However, as soon as the bindings on Alluring Summer and the others were removed, Alluring Summer shouted, "Run! Commander, you guys need to get away fast! Its a trap!"

    Unfortunately, as soon as Alluring Summer finished speaking, a threefold magic array suddenly appeared in the sky above Starlinks Residence. The magic array instantly expanded and covered a 1,000-yard radius. Apart from Starlinks and the various superpowers members, everyone caught within the barrier felt their bodies growing heavier.

    Even Tier 4 players like Unyielding Heart found their Basic Attributes falling by 30%.

    "Run? You think you can run away today?" Lu Xingluo sneered as he looked at the members of Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor. "Ive released your people, so dont say I didnt abide by our agreement. However, whether you can leave this place alive is another matter altogether. Oh, by the way, this magic barrier is a Master Barrier. Let alone you Tier 4s, even a Superior Mythic monster cant break out from it."

    At the same time as Lu Xingluo finished speaking, three NPCs flew out of Starlinks Residence and looked down at the three Guilds members from the air. With the appearance of these three NPCs, Violet Clouds Starry Domain was instantly overwhelmed by a much stronger and violent Mana Domain. As a result, her Starry Domain contracted to only 50 yards away from herself.

    Meanwhile, upon seeing these three NPCs, everyone present gasped involuntarily.

    (Victor Palome (Secret Hand Association Elder)] (Tier 4 Great Wizard)

    Level 160

    HP 180,000,000

    (Claire Saviron (Secret Hand Legion Vice Commander)] (Tier 4 Sky Knight)

    Level 160

    HP 330,000,000

    (Melt Kabara (Secret Hand Legion Commander)] (Tier 4 Elemental Hunter)

    Level 162

    HP 270,000,000

    "Three Tier 4 NPCs?! How is this possible?!"

    The various major powers members gaped in shock at these three NPCs.

    Although they knew that Starlink had worked together with the Secret Hand Association to capture the three Guilds executives, they had thought that only one Tier 4 NPC was aiding Starlink. Now, three Tier 4 NPCs had appeared. Their combined combat power was enough to destroy even Sky Spring City!

    Melt Kabara, an elderly man apparently in his 50s who carried a crystalline bow, turned to Lu Xingluo and said, "Guild Leader Xingluo, youve done well this time. Our Association will help you take control of the Secret Covenant Tower as agreed."

    "Thank you, Commander Melt." Lu Xingluo beamed at Melt Kabaras words.

    Lu Xingluos goal since the very beginning had been the three Guilds Tier 4 members. The main reason he had Miracle Dragon partake in a duel was to create a distraction while the Secret Hand Association set up the magic barrier. After all, setting up such a powerful barrier would create powerful Mana fluctuations. Only a duel between two Tier 4 players could conceal these Mana fluctuations.

    Hence, Lu Xingluo never really cared whether Miracle Dragon won or lost the duel. "How vicious of Lu Xingluo! He was planning to wipe out the three Guilds top combatants all along!"

    "It seems Zero Wings side is finished. A force of three Tier 4 NPCs is basically unstoppable in the Twin Towers Kingdom." At this time, everyone already understood that this was a trap Starlink set up for the three Guilds. So long as the three Guilds top combatants got annihilated here, the three Guilds would be finished. They would no longer have the ability to resist Starlink and the various superpowers.

    The complexions of the three Guilds members darkened when they saw this situation.

    "How is this possible?! How did Lu Xingluo recruit the help of so many Tier 4 NPCs?!" Unyielding Heart couldnt help despairing as he looked at the three Tier 4 NPCs in the air.

    According to the information they obtained, only one Tier 4 NPC had been present when Mu Lingsha and the others were captured. They had originally planned for him and Illusory Words to work together to pin down this Tier 4 NPC, while Violet Cloud and Fire Dance went up against Starlinks Tier 4 players.

    Now, the number of Tier 4 NPCs they had to face had tripled. Moreover, they were even caught inside a Master Barrier. They couldnt escape even if they wanted to. While the three Guilds members were at a loss as to what to do, Melt Kabara glanced at them.

    "Capture Zero Wings members. Kill everyone else using soul attacks. I want to let Black Flame know the consequences of provoking the Secret Hand Association!" Melt Kabara commanded the two people beside him.

    In response, Elder Victor Palome chuckled and said, "Rest assured, Commander Melt, none of Zero Wings members will escape today!"

    Melt Kabaras words stunned the spectating crowd.

    "These NPCs are here for Zero Wing?"

    "Crap! What did Zero Wing do to have an NPC force aim for their lives?"

    At this time, let alone the various major powers, even Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words were stunned. An NPC force had actually mobilized such a powerful party just to take revenge on Shi Feng?

    However, before Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words could react to this piece of information, the three NPCs made their move, splitting up and charging at Violet Cloud and Fire Dance. "Zero Wing! This is the consequence of your sins!" Lu Xingluo burst into maniacal laughter when he saw the three NPCs taking action. "I didnt even do anything this time!"

    Previously, Lu Xingluo had still felt quite troubled by the three Guilds resistance. However, Shi Feng had offended the Secret Hand Association on Dragonheart Island, which, in turn, prompted the Association to seek a partnership with Lu Xingluo. He had nearly gone crazy from joy back then.

    Now that three of the Associations Tier 4 NPCs were taking action, there was no way Zero Wings members could escape. Now, all he had to do was wait for Zero Wings destruction and take over Zero Wings possessions.

    However, just as the three NPCs were about to reach Fire Dance and her companions, who were prepared to fight to the death, a sword light suddenly appeared out of nowhere on the battlefield.

    This lightning-fast sword light cut straight at Melt Kabara, who led the charge against Zero Wings members.

    However, Melt Kabara was no ordinary Tier 4 NPC. Quickly responding to the attack, he used his crystalline bow as a melee weapon and struck the approaching sword light.


    An explosion occurred, and space within a radius of several dozen yards shattered.

    The Elemental Hunter went flying over a hundred yards away, a damage exceeding one million appearing above his head.

    "Secret Hand Association, how bold of you! I didnt bother picking a fight with you in Dragonheart City, yet you actually have the gall to come and pick a fight in my territory? It seems you people are tired of living, just like Sabrid!"

    Before anyone could react to the sudden attack, a cold voice echoed throughout the battlefield. Everyone turned to the voices origin, curious to find out who had sent Melt Kabara flying.

    The next moment, what entered everyones eyes was a cloaked man walking out of the crowd. The man wielded a golden sword decorated with crimson runes, and his frightening aura made them feel as if the god of death had descended onto the battlefield.

    "Black Flame?!"