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    Chapter 2814 Astromancers Might

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    Chapter 2814 Astromancers Might

    "Whats going on?" "Why did a Dual Domain lose to a single Domain?"

    The various experts looking up at the sky were bewildered when they saw Miracle Dragons Dual Domain getting suppressed. They couldnt understand how a single Domain could win against a Dual Domain.

    After all, the Mana and pressure Violet Clouds Mana Domain radiated were both weaker than those of Miracle Dragons Dual Domain!

    "This is interesting. This little beauty has actually surpassed Miracle Dragon in knowledge and control over Mana by a large margin," a handsome youth wearing Hundred Ghostss Guild Emblem said, a faint smile appearing on his face as he looked at Violet Cloud. "I never thought there would be such a talent in Zero Wing."

    "Hmph. The people here think that just having high Basic Attributes is sufficient; they dont know that whats most important for Tier 4 players arent Attributes or combat standards but control and understanding over Mana," sneered the beautiful woman with short, blue hair standing beside the handsome youth. "A Mana Domain is the result of making an areas Mana into ones own. Miracle Dragon can operate the Mana of his two Mana Domains only at a basic standard. How can he possibly win against someone with better control over Mana?"

    Looking at Violet Cloud with fascination, the handsome youth said, "But this little beauty is quite the genius. We can have her join us and become one of our outer supporting members."

    "Abyss! Dont go acting on your old habits again! Dont forget why we came to this continent!" the short-haired woman warned.

    "Relax. I know what Im doing. Nobody on this continent is a match for me. Zero Wings alliance will crumble for certain this time. Nothing will change even if that Black Flame shows up. If this little lady wants to protect Zero Wing, shell have no choice but to beg me. Shell definitely take the bait at that time," the handsome youth said, smiling.

    The short-haired beauty carrying a battle axe did not refute the youths statement. After all, it was indeed true that they could keep Zero Wing alive with just a word.

    While the pair from Hundred Ghosts were conversing, Miracle Dragon had taken action. Unfazed by the fact that his Dual Domain had been suppressed, he flew within 50 yards of Violet Cloud and brandished his greatsword.

    Nine Extreme Slashes!

    Tier 4 Legacy Skill, Light Shatterer! Nine sword lights tore through space and instantly appeared around Violet Cloud. Moreover, as if to prove that Miracle Dragon had reached the Domain Realm already, the nine sword lights moved around Violet Cloud like a bunch of lively monkeys, their attack trajectories unpredictable. Facing this tricky move, Violet Cloud flicked her staff and activated Blink, instantly appearing 30 yards away and dodging the nine sword lights in the nick of time.


    A moment after Violet Cloud used Blink, the nine sword lights converged on her original location and exploded, transforming the area within a 20-yard radius into an empty void. The power of this attack practically rivaled that of Superior Mythic monsters of the same level.

    However, before Violet Cloud could catch her breath, several more sword lights appeared around her, to which she responded by using Blink again. This process repeated itself over and over, the sword lights hounding Violet Cloud like her shadow.

    This scene dumbfounded the spectating crowd.

    After all, at this time, Miracle Dragon looked more like a ranged player than a melee player. Every time he brandished his greatsword, several sword lights would appear around Violet Cloud. Despite the distance between the two players, it was as if Miracle Dragon were right beside Violet Cloud.

    "Miracle Dragon really isnt holding back." Thousand Miles, who was standing at the entrance, burst into laughter as he watched the fight in the sky. "At this rate, the fight will end in less than ten seconds."

    Miracle Dragon was a Magic Swordsman. His class perfectly combined magic with the sword. The class was proficient in melee combat as well as ranged combat. While it was indeed amazing that Violet Cloud managed to render Miracle Dragons Dual Domain useless, thanks to the Light Shatterer Skill, Miracle Dragon could still thoroughly exhibit the might of his godly fast attacks.

    "You might have a lot of Movement Skills, but while my Light Shatterer Skill is active, it wont matter where you run to, so just surrender obediently!" Miracle Dragon said, smirking as he watched Violet Cloud constantly dodging his attacks.

    Most people might expect him to be at a disadvantage when going up against magical-class players, but he was a Magic Swordsman. It didnt matter whether he fought at close quarters or range. He was proficient in both forms of combat.

    Meanwhile, Light Shatterer had a three-minute duration. Even if Violet Cloud had many Movement Skills, she definitely wouldnt have enough to last three minutes. And once she ran out of Movement Skills, all she could do was wait for death.

    "Thank you for your warning." Looking at the arrogant Magic Swordsman, Violet Cloud smiled faintly and said, "I might not be able to dodge them if Im alone, but what if there are multiple copies of myself?"

    After saying so, Violet Cloud swung her staff and summoned several dozen identical copies of herself within her vast Starry Domain. Then, the figures of Violet Cloud and her copies turned blurry, becoming indistinguishable from one another.

    Doppelgangers? Miracle Dragon was momentarily startled. No, their auras are too weak to be doppelgangers. They should only be illusions, and there should only be one physical body.

    "Watch me break this move of yours!"

    Miracle Dragon began brandishing his greatsword wildly. Unlike before, his sword lights no longer converged on a single point. Instead, they scattered all around Violet Clouds Starry Domain, leaving empty voids wherever they passed and turning the Starry Domain into a place of death.

    After the series of rampant attacks, black voids filled the Starry Domain, which covered a 300-yard radius, this outcome thoroughly demonstrating the power of a Tier 4 Magic Swordsman.

    "You refuse to come out even in death?" Miracle Dragon was puzzled as he looked at the dark void before him.

    His attacks had left no corner untouched. While Tier 4 players could indeed survive inside the empty void, they could do so only for a short period. They would still die if they lingered.

    As soon as Miracle Dragon finished speaking, however, Violet Cloud came strolling out of the black void-entirely unscathed. It was evident that Miracle Dragons rampant assault just now did not affect her.

    She avoided everything? Miracle Dragon was surprised by this scene.

    He knew the speed of his attacks very well. Only by using Skills like Blink could magical-class players dodge them; relying solely on physical movements for evasion was impossible. Tanking his attacks would also be utterly foolish, and he would be more than glad to see Violet Cloud try. After all, her defense was bound to slip up against his swift and violent attacks.

    Nevertheless, Violet Cloud remained unscathed. Even her robe was intact. This proved that Violet Cloud had actually dodged all his sword lights.

    "Amazing! I didnt even have time to cast my Spells while dealing with those fast attacks! Thankfully, my Starry Domain just so happens to counter you. Otherwise, this really would be a tough fight." Violet Cloud sighed ruefully as she looked at the dark space around her.

    While the doppelgangers she summoned might seem like illusions, they were, in a certain sense, real. This was because she could freely shuttle her real body between these doppelgangers. This ability was much stronger than her Blink Skill. Moreover, while this ability cost Concentration and Mana to use, it didnt have a Cooldown. And once her control over this ability improved, she could potentially summon thousands of copies of herself within her Starry Domain.

    "Little girl, youre as arrogant as your Guild Leader! I refuse to believe you can dodge my attacks forever!" Miracle Dragon said. He then held up his greatsword in preparation for another round of attacks.

    However, before Miracle Dragon could brandish his weapon, shadow blades emerged from the dark void behind Violet Cloud, numbering 600.

    "Miracle Dragon, did you think I was hiding in the void just to dodge your attacks?" Chuckling softly, Violet Cloud said, "I spent a long time preparing to deal with you. Now, let me see how you block these 600 shadow blades!" As soon as Violet Cloud finished speaking, the 600 shadow blades carrying devastating power began raining down on Miracle Dragon like a hail of bullets.

    Miracle Dragon knew that there was no way he could dodge them all. Immediately, he activated his Berserk Skill, drastically increasing his Basic Attributes and doubling his attack speed.

    The next moment, he brandished his greatsword, blocking the shadow blades one after another in rapid succession.

    Boom Boom Boom

    A shadow blade would get sent flying away every time Miracle Dragon swung his greatsword. However, under Violet Clouds control, these shadow blades would quickly correct their trajectories and attack him once more.

    The space above Starlinks Residence transformed into a dark void, the shockwaves of the battle spreading throughout Sky Spring City. Rather than a clash between players, the duel between Violet Cloud and Miracle Dragon looked more like a clash between monsters.

    From watching this battle, the Tier 3 players present thoroughly understood how insignificant they were in front of Tier 4 players.

    Despite Miracle Dragons best efforts, there were just too many shadow blades. Moreover, Violet Cloud was also constantly making subtle adjustments to her attack patterns. As a result, roughly 20 seconds later, Miracle Dragon finally slipped up, and one shadow blade penetrated his defense.

    Just one hit took away one-quarter of Miracle Dragons HP. Moreover, within a few more seconds, he slipped up three more times.

    The next moment, the clash in midair came to an abrupt halt, and Miracle Dragons eyes closed reluctantly as his body fell into the compound of Starlinks Residence.

    Only Violet Cloud and her 600 shadow blades remained hovering in the air, the frightening aura they released instilling fear into everyone.

    "Guild Leader Lu Xingluo, you can release our people now!"