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    Chapter 2813 Powerful Showdown

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    Chapter 2813 Powerful Showdown

    Lu Xingluo spoke in a low tone, but his words echoed throughout the area. Everyone turned reflexively to look at Fire Dance and the others from the three Guilds.

    "A match? This is going to be interesting!"

    "I wonder if Zero Wing will accept it? If they dont, theyll embarrass themselves in front of the various powers Starlink invited."

    Although Zero Wing had arrived with great momentum, Starlinks side came prepared as well. Just by looking at the five Tier 4 players on Starlinks side, one could tell that Zero Wing held no advantage in this situation at all.

    Not to mention, the two sides had clashed with each other many times now and suffered severe losses. Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor had already begun living off their past gains. Their stockpile of weapons and equipment was dwindling, and they were starting to have difficulty compensating their members for their losses. Simply put, only morale was keeping the three Guilds alive now.

    However, if the three Guilds refused or lost in the match, morale in the three Guilds would plummet. At that time, the performance of the three Guilds members would definitely be affected greatly.

    Upon realizing this situation, the spectating crowd was in awe of Lu Xingluos clever move.

    Originally, everyone thought Starlink was merely trying to get Zero Wing to remove the seal on Sky Spring City. However, if Starlink got the three Guilds top combatants to remain in Starlink by winning a match, Sky Spring Citys seal would no longer be a problem.

    While the spectators were having a quiet discussion among themselves, Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, Unyielding Heart, and illusory Words briefly exchanged glances.

    "Fine!" Fire Dance answered as she looked at Lu Xingluo. "What kind of match do you have in mind, Guild Leader Xingluo?"

    Their original plan was to break into Starlinks Residence and rescue their captured members. However, now that Starlink had gained another Tier 4 combatant, the risk of their plan had undoubtedly increased. Not to mention, the Secret Hand Associations NPCs might be hiding inside the Residence.

    At that time, they would have to go up against not only those NPCs but also five Tier 4 combatants. This would truly put them in a tough spot. After all, anyone capable of reaching Tier 4 was no pushover. In fact, they were among the best in Gods Domain when it came to combat standards, weapons, equipment, Legacies, etc.

    "Simple. Both sides will each select one person for a duel, and we will decide the winner in one match!" Lu Xingluo said, smiling. "What do you think of this, Commander Fire Dance?"

    "Fine." Fire Dance agreed without hesitation.

    "Good." After hearing Fire Dances response, Lu Xingluo turned to Miracle Dragon and said, "Our side will have Miracle Dragon represent us."

    At Lu Xingluos words, Miracle Dragon leaped into the air and hovered above Starlinks Residence. He then looked down quietly at the Zero Wing contingent, evidently prepared for a fight.

    "Big Sis Fire, let me take him on," Violet Cloud volunteered. "I havent gotten a chance to fight against other Tier 4s ever since I reached Tier 4. I dont want to miss out on this." Fire Dance and the others exchanged looks at Violet Clouds words, hesitation appearing on their faces. The fact that Lu Xingluo dared let Miracle Dragon represent Starlinks side meant that he was confident of victory. Otherwise, he wouldve had a veteran Tier 4 player take to the field instead.

    Of course, Lu Xingluo could have made such a decision because the other Tier 4 players had long since exposed their cards during the past few battles. In contrast, Miracle Dragon had only gotten promoted to Tier 4 recently, so the moves he possessed were still unknown to Zero Wings side.

    "Alright, but be careful." In the end, Fire Dance still nodded and consented to Violet Clouds request.

    Their side couldnt afford to lose this battle. However, Zero Wings veteran Tier 4s faced a similar problem to Starlinks veteran Tier 4s. On the other hand, Violet Cloud was not the slightest bit inferior to the three of them in combat standards. Now that she had gotten promoted to Tier 4 as well, it went without saying her strength rivaled theirs. Hence, letting Violet Cloud represent Zero Wings side wasnt exactly a bad decision.

    Unyielding Heart and Crimson Emperor did not oppose Fire Dances decision. Instead, they warned Violet Cloud to stay out of melee range from Miracle Dragon. Otherwise, Miracle Dragons lightning-quick attacks would devastate a magical-class player like Violet Cloud.

    Afterward, Violet Cloud similarly leaped into the air and hovered 100 yards away from Miracle Dragon. "I lost to Gentle Snow last time because of my Basic Attributes, but you wont be as lucky as Gentle Snow!" Miracle Dragon said as he looked at Violet Cloud with a cold and arrogant gaze. "Because I will come at you seriously this time!"

    After Miracle Dragon finished speaking, energy rippled out from his body and instantly enveloped the vicinity. Meanwhile, those caught within his Mana Domain immediately felt their bodies become incomparably heavy; even Tier 3 players found it difficult to move their bodies.

    "A Supergravity Domain?" Fire Dance frowned subconsciously when she experienced Miracle Dragons Mana Domain.

    This was the first time she had experienced such a powerful Mana Domain. Although this Supergravity Domain didnt affect the Basic Attributes of players, the increased gravity would affect the players mobility significantly. In fact, Fire Dance estimated that her mobility would be halved because of this Mana Domain. Needless to say, magical-class players that didnt possess much Strength would fare even worse in this Mana Domain.

    Before Fire Dance and the others could recover from their shock, Miracle Dragon unsheathed the silver greatsword he carried. Immediately, not only did the intensity of the aura he exuded skyrocket, but another ripple of energy spread out from his body.

    Unlike the earlier energy ripple, this one caused the flowing Mana in the air to stagnate

    "Impossible!" Unyielding Heart couldnt help doubting his eyes as he looked at Miracle Dragon. "Two Domains?!"

    It was already incredibly difficult for a Tier 4 player to obtain even one Mana Domain. Hence, any Tier 4 player that succeeded in doing so would become a force to be reckoned with even among other Tier 4 players. Now, Miracle Dragon revealed that he actually possessed two Mana Domains. This completely shattered Unyielding Hearts understanding of Mana Domains.

    Meanwhile, Lu Xingluo and the others on Starlinks side who were standing at the Residences entrance, smiled when they saw the reactions of Fire Dance and the others from the three Guilds.

    "Commander Fire Dance, get ready to lose. Miracle Dragon has the Supergravity Domain and the Space Freezing Domain. He is the absolute bane of magical classes," Lu Xingluo said, smiling calmly as he looked at Fire Dance. "Of course, the outcome wont change even if you have someone else take to the field. Under the effects of these two Mana Domains, nobody can defeat Miracle Dragon in single combat!"

    A Dual Domain wasnt just a simple addition of two Mana Domains. Instead, the effects of the two Mana Domains would overlap and generate exponentially greater results. When Miracle Dragon activated both of his Mana Domains, he could take on two of Starlinks veteran Tier 4s simultaneously and still hold his ground.

    Meanwhile, the spectators also stirred at this scene. They never thought a person could have two Mana Domains.

    "As expected of the Sword Freak!"

    "Even Black Flame will most likely have trouble going up against Miracle Dragon!"

    "I know, right? Black Flame only managed to stand out because he was lucky to reach Tier 4 before everyone else. But in a situation where both sides are at Tier 4, nobody can tell who is truly the best at the sword without a fight. How can the Secret Pavilion just arbitrarily label Black Flame the strongest?"

    The rubberneckers were astonished by Miracle Dragons abilities. After all, this was the first time any of them had seen a Dual Domain. One could also easily determine the Dual Domains effects just by looking at the Tier 3 players enveloped within it. At this time, these Tier 3 players were already kneeling on the street from the overbearing pressure. This result was much greater than that of the Mana Domain Shi Feng had displayed previously.

    "Commander, should we intervene now?". Lifeless Thorn asked as he looked at Shi Feng. "This Dual Domain is going to be a tough nut to crack. If its just Violet alone, Im afraid"

    "No, well continue watching," Shi Feng replied, shaking his head and smiling. "If we take action now, everyones going to think that Zero Wing has no capable people to rely on."

    "But that Space Freezing Domain prevents the use of Instantaneous Movement. Miracle Dragon is also known for his speed and Strength. Her chances of victory are really slim," Lifeless Thorn argued. While he understood what Shi Feng was trying to say, Miracle Dragons Dual Domain was a perfect counter for magical-class players.

    "Relax." Chuckling, Shi Feng looked at Violet Cloud and said, "Having more Mana Domains isnt necessarily an advantage. Moreover, Violets strength is no longer the same as before."

    As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, they saw Violet Cloud take out Deaths Sigh. However, compared to before, the current Deaths Sigh released a much more terrifying aura. The instant Violet Cloud wielded it, an aura of death instantly spread into the surroundings.

    "A Dual Domain might be amazing, but a lone Mana Domain isnt necessarily inferior!"

    After saying so, Violet Cloud operated her Mana Body at maximum capacity. The next moment, energy rippled out from her body, instantly pushing back Miracle Dragons Dual Domain and preventing it from extending more than 30 yards from Miracle Dragon.

    The difference between the Mana Domains of both sides was instantly determined!