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    Chapter 2812 Storm Brewing At The Residence

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    Chapter 2812 Storm Brewing at the Residence

    Sky Spring City, Starlinks Residence:

    At this time, Tier 3 experts were thronging to Starlinks Residence, which occupied an area equivalent to two sports stadiums.

    Before Shi Fengs group of three could arrive at the entrance of Starlinks Residence, they saw the players crowding the main street stepping aside and opening a path for a 100-man team.

    All the members of this 100-man team were at least a Level 125, Tier 3 expert. They were also equipped with Level 120 Dark-Gold Equipment and two or three pieces of Epic Equipment.

    The two people walking in the head of this team were even more eye-catching. Not only were they equipped with six or more pieces of Epic Equipment each, but both of them were actually Tier 4 players. One of them was a Level 129 Berserker Emperor, while the other was a Level 130 Sword Emperor. Just seeing their gear, levels, and tier made the surrounding players sigh in fascination. "Crap! Who are these people? Why havent I seen that Guild Emblem before?"

    "You dont know? Theyre from a Guild called Hundred Ghosts, an incredibly mysterious Guild that appeared recently. I heard that it has an incredible origin. Although the Guild has very few members, every one of them is an expert at Tier 3 or higher."

    "Thats right. That man and woman you see leading them are especially amazing. Before they got promoted to Tier 4, they secretly challenged the various superpowers monsters and won 49 out of 49 challenges. I never thought that those two would get promoted to Tier 4 after disappearing from the public eye for some time."

    "If they already had an undefeated record before reaching Tier 4, doesnt this make them nigh-invincible now that theyve reached Tier 4?"

    The surrounding players held heated discussions over Hundred Ghostss 100-man team. Simultaneously, they couldnt help admiring Starlink. Hundred Ghosts was a Guild that did as it pleased. It did not show respect to any superpower, yet it had actually accepted the invitation to participate in Starlinks crusade.

    Hundred Ghosts? Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he overheard the surrounding players conversations.

    In the past, he had heard a little of the Guild known as Hundred Ghosts. The Guild had been an incredibly mysterious existence even back then. Moreover, it had revealed itself to the public three years after the games launch, shortly after the first major system update. The moment this Guild made its existence known to the world, it had shaken the entire Gods Domain.

    This was because Hundred Ghosts had actually had over 30 Tier 4 experts at the time. Back then, even the superpowers only had around 30 Tier 4 experts, with stronger ones having around 40.

    In addition, after Hundred Ghosts made its public appearance, the Guilds Tier 4 experts began frenziedly challenging the various superpowers and took the continent by storm.

    However, for some reason, after Hundred Ghosts had finished challenging the various superpowers and proving its strength, it suddenly went silent. The next time it appeared, the Guild already had Tier 5 experts and began challenging the Five Great Super Guilds.

    Despite having the ability to challenge the Five Great Super Guilds, Hundred Ghosts did not possess even a single Guild Residence on the main continent. The Guild did not compete for resources, either. The only thing the Guild did was do combat. This situation had given the Five Great Super Guilds headaches back then. After all, the Hundred Ghosts Guild was simply too mysterious. It did not have any roots, so it was impossible to target the Guilds base of operations. On the other hand, the number of Tier 5 experts the Guild had was not the slightest bit inferior to the Five Great Super Guilds.

    In this life, Gods Domains first major system update had taken place two years ahead of time. And Hundred Ghosts had also appeared two years ahead of time. This situation put Shi Feng in a reverie.

    Could they be a Guild from an Interstellar Continent?

    If it were before he had visited the ancient Gods Domain, he probably wouldnt have any idea how such a strange Guild could appear out of nowhere. However, after visiting the ancient era, he understood that Gods Domain housed players not just from Earth but from the several Interstellar Continents as well.

    Just like the ancient Gods Domain, Hundred Ghosts could be from another version of Gods Domain, only this version of Gods Domain overlapped with the modern Gods Domain much more closely than the ancient Gods Domain. Hence, Hundred Ghosts could bring so many players to the modern Gods Domain.

    In fact, Shi Feng even suspected that the mysterious area Lifeless Thorn and the others fell into previously was Hundred Ghostss home world. However, Lifeless Thorn and the others had been repatriated to the modern Gods Domain before they could learn much about this other version of Gods Domain.

    This would also explain why Hundred Ghostss members gave off a similar, but more subdued, sense of abnormality as the ancient Gods Domains players.

    Another thing that surprised Shi Feng was that Starlink had actually managed to connect with Hundred Ghosts. This never happened in Shi Fengs previous life.

    "Now that so many powers are gathered, Im afraid Zero Wing will have it tough later."

    "I know, right? The experts from Starlink, Miracle, and the other superpowers aside, just the number of experts gathered here is still more than enough to make Zero Wing suffer." "I wonder if Zero Wing even dares come? Starlink has obviously set up a trap."

    "I doubt it will. Since this is Starlinks Residence, even if Starlinks experts take action inside, the citys NPC soldiers wont care at all. Zero Wings experts can only rely on themselves."

    The players on the main street couldnt help worrying for Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor as they watched the various powers experts enter Starlinks Residence one after another.

    Although Zero Wing had the home ground advantage in Sky Spring City, how could the three Guilds possibly beat more than 20 superpowers when it came to expert count? Not to mention, a bunch of experts from the various major powers had also come to support Starlink.

    If it came down to a fight, the three Guilds wouldnt stand a chance at all.

    So long as the three Guilds experts dared show up, only death would await them.

    Yet, if the three Guilds did not show up, their reputation would most likely go down the drain. After all, if news of this matter spread, everyone would definitely think that the three Guilds have grown timid. If the three Guilds didnt even dare accept a challenge, their aim of becoming titans in Gods Domain was an utter joke.

    While the rubberneckers were conversing among themselves, a team of several dozen players suddenly appeared on one end of the main street, their arrival startling the gathered crowd.

    This was because these players were members of the three Guilds. Leading this team of players were none other than Fire Dance, Unyielding Soul, and Illusory Words. Moreover, aside from these three, there was actually another Tier 4 expert with them. The aura this fourth Tier 4 player released was so terrifying that the gathered crowd gasped reflexively. "What?! Another person from Zero Wing reached Tier 4?!"

    "That person should be Violet Cloud, right? The feeling she is giving off is completely different from before!"

    Everyone fell into a daze as they looked at the lithe figure standing at the head of the three Guilds team.

    Violet Cloud wore a mages robe that resembled the starry night sky, and she had her hair tied into a ponytail with a matching ribbon. She looked nothing like a sacred Cleric but more like a wise and pure goddess. Her level had even reached 131, which was higher than any other Tier 4 player they had seen thus far.

    Shortly afterward, Violet Cloud and the other members of the three Guilds arrived at the entrance of Starlinks Residence.

    As if expecting their arrival, Lu Xingluo and his entourage appeared at the entrance at this time. Compared to Zero Wings group, Lu Xingluo had five Tier 4 players on his side, of which two were from Miracle; that was one more Tier 4 player than his side had previously.

    The new addition was Miracles Sword Freak, Miracle Dragon. At this time, Miracle Dragon had already reached Level 130, and the oppressive aura he exuded was not much inferior to Violet Clouds.

    Looking at Lu Xingluo, Illusory Words said coldly. "Lu Xingluo, weve come. You can let them go now!"

    "Your courage is praiseworthy, Vice Guild Leader Illusory. However, Ive changed my mind." Smiling nonchalantly, Lu Xingluo said, "We went to great lengths to capture these people. If we just let them go so easily, wouldnt we superpowers suffer a hit to our reputations?

    "How about we have a match in the Residence? If you win, you can take them and leave. If you lose, all of you stay here. Do you three Guilds dare accept this challenge?"