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    Chapter 2810 World Mirror

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    Chapter 2810 World Mirror

    Shi Feng had considered many possibilities for the items Sabrid dropped. He had even entertained the possibility that one of the disguised items might be a damaged Legendary item. After all, killing a Tier 4 NPC inside Dragonheart City was incredibly difficult. Had Sabrid not taken the initiative to leave the citys boundaries and stood inside the city instead, the odds of Shi Feng killing the NPC wouldve been zero.

    This was because Dragonheart Citys defensive magic array strengthened all allied NPCs within the city. Unless Sabrid violated Dragonheart Citys laws, the other NPCs within the city wouldve immediately come to Sabrids assistance as soon as Shi Feng attacked him. In fact, Shera Veria couldve saved Sabrid as Shi Feng was about to land the killing blow.

    After all, all Tier 5 NPCs were capable of World Creation. One shouldnt underestimate Shera Veria simply because she arrived at Dragonheart Citys entrance by flying to the scene slowly. If she wished, she could have moved from the World Tower to the citys entrance in the blink of an eye.

    Looking at the crystalline mirror in his hand, Shi Feng began speculating about Sabrids identity. This was because this item didnt belong in the hands of a minor character.

    Turning to the three other crystalline mirrors and the ink-black crystal ball, Shi Feng smiled involuntarily. According to rumors, only those who succeed in conquering an empire can obtain the World Mirror. Yet, I actually got it from a Tier 4 NPC. I doubt anybody would believe me if I told them about this.

    The World Mirror!

    Also known as the Space Mirror, the World Mirror was a treasure passed down since ancient times. It wasnt something the modern Gods Domain could produce.

    This was because the World Mirror originated from Ancient Gods. Even creating a replica of it was impossible.

    These items were treated as national heirlooms by the various empires!

    Without taking control of an empire, players wouldnt be able to obtain a World Mirror at


    Of course, the World Mirror Shi Feng acquired from Sabrid wasnt complete. The World Mirror was a set of 12 mirrors and one control core. He would have to gather all 13 components to complete it. A complete World Mirror could seal the sky, lock the earth, and move space itself.

    One shouldnt compare the World Mirror to a simple sealing barrier; the World Mirror was far more than that. It could not only seal a designated space but even transform the sealed space into a world of its own.

    Even Tier 5 existences shouldnt think of breaking out of this miniature world. Within the boundaries of this miniature world, a hostile existences strength would plummet. Tier 5 existences would be fortunate to exhibit 30% of their strength while subject to the World Mirrors suppression; existences below Tier 5 would fare even worse.

    The World Mirror possessed an incredible range. Once activated, it would have no problem sealing an area encompassing several large maps. In the past, unless a Tier 6 God-ranked expert took to the field, any player forces that possessed a World Mirror had been unstoppable within the territory protected by their World Mirror. Even Tier 6 experts had their combat power weakened significantly under the World Mirrors influence.

    This was also why Super Guilds with several Tier 6 experts had sometimes been helpless against the territories of top-ranking first-rate Guilds with only one Tier 6 expert defending them.

    The World Mirror Shi Feng possessed was incomplete, so it couldnt create a world of its own. Regardless, this incomplete World Mirror would still be considered a priceless treasure by any Guild. It was far more valuable than even Legendary items. This was because even an incomplete World Mirror boasted many incredible effects. One example would be its ability to move a Guild City to any desired location.

    Aside from that, if Shi Feng bound this incomplete World Mirror to the core magic array of a Guild City, the said Guild City would be immediately promoted to Basic Main City. A complete World Mirror could elevate a Guild City to the status of an Advanced Main City.

    Most imperial capitals were merely Advanced Main Cities. Holy Cities, one level above Advanced Main Cities, numbered less than a handful in the modern Gods Domain.

    Meanwhile, a Holy City was something that couldnt be conquered without Tier 6 Gods!

    Anyone who attacked a Holy City without a Tier 6 God on their side would only be seeking their own deaths. It wouldnt matter how many Tier 5s they had.

    This was because one of the conditions for promotion to Holy City was the World Mirrors protection. Even having multiple Tier 5 existences garrisoning a city wouldnt suffice to meet a Holy Citys defensive requirements.

    Now that Sabrid had dropped such a treasure, how could Shi Feng not be shocked and confused?

    Although I dont know who exactly this NPC is, now that I have the World Mirror, I can adjust my development plan. Various thoughts occurred to Shi Feng as he looked at the World Mirror.

    Even though this World Mirror was incomplete, it could still exhibit astonishing effects. He couldnt create a Holy City now, but he could still create a Main City.

    If Zero Wing gained a Main Guild City at this stage of the game, it would do wonders for the Guild.

    The footprint of a Main City was three times that of an Advanced City. In terms of defense, a Main City could easily withstand the attacks of Tier 4 existences.

    Most importantly, at the Main City standard, a Guild City would have no problem establishing itself almost anywhere in Gods Domain, aside from forbidden lands. It wouldnt have to worry about defending against monster tides.

    While Shi Feng was debating which of Zero Wings cities he should bind the World Mirror to, he suddenly received a message from Intoxicated Drunkard.

    "Guild Leader Black Flame, both our Guilds have already gathered the people you require in Dragonheart City." In a slightly eager tone, Intoxicated Drunkard asked, "When will you come to receive them?" "Already?" This news surprised Shi Feng. Looking at the time, he saw that only half a day had gone by since the contract signing with the two Super Guilds. With Dragonheart City still sealed, teleporting into the city was impossible; hence, traveling to Dragonheart City would be difficult for players. Needless to say, assembling so many Lifestyle players in Dragonheart City would be even more difficult.

    He had anticipated having to wait at least two days, yet the two Super Guilds had fulfilled their end of the bargain in just half a day. Their efficiency was truly superb. "Of course." Smiling proudly, Intoxicated Drunkard said, "You shouldnt forget that our two Guilds have focused on maritime development, Guild Leader Black Flame. This much is still within our capabilities." "Okay. Ill head over right away." Nodding, Shi Feng stored the World Mirror and promptly left the Wanderers Shop to receive the two Super Guilds people.

    A group of 20,000 Tier 3 experts and several thousand Lifestyle players would attract anyones attention. However, as Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard understood Shi Fengs thoughts very well, they did not conduct the handover in Dragonheart City. Instead, they chose to do it outside the city. This way, the transaction would be sub rosa, and Shi Feng wouldnt have to worry about his intentions getting exposed.

    "Guild Leader Black Flame, all of the manpower you requested is here. These people will follow your command for the next half-month. Moreover, they have also signed a contract that prohibits them from leaking information on the task they have to do," Intoxicated Drunkard said, smiling as he pointed at the tens of thousands of players standing in the valley behind him. "Now that weve fulfilled our end of the contract, may we know when our two Guilds can head to the World Tower?"

    Their two Guilds urgently needed the fourth underground floors Small Fortresses. After all, the sooner they occupied the fortresses, the sooner they could start searching for Tier 4 Legacy Lands. Otherwise, they wouldnt have expended so much effort to bring all these people to Dragonheart City in such a short time.

    Looking at the anxious expressions of Intoxicated Drunkard and Thousand Lives, Shi Feng chuckled and said, "You can begin capturing the fortresses now. I have already notified Yu Luo about it. She is also an honorary knight, and she will keep an eye out for War Blood and Secret Hand inside the World Tower. If Secret Hand dares to try anything, they wont get away with it. So, you can do as you wish inside the tower."

    "In that case, thank you, Guild Leader Black Flame." Intoxicated Drunkards eyes glowed brightly when he heard Shi Fengs reply. "I still have matters to attend to, so Ill take my leave first."

    Thousand Lives similarly departed in a hurry after thanking Shi Feng.

    After the two Guild executives left, the remaining members of the two Super Guilds looked at Shi Feng in a daze, wondering what Shi Feng planned on having them do afterward.

    "Everyone, follow me. Im afraid youll be very busy for the upcoming period."

    After glancing at the tens of thousands of players in the valley, Shi Feng nodded and led them to a nearby island. He then set up a sealing barrier there to prevent anyone on the island from contacting the outside world. This barrier also prevented players from going offline. Anyone who wished to log out of the game would have to leave the barrier first.

    Three days later, on a barren island nearby Dragonheart Island

    With a face full of excitement, Solitary Nine flew up to Shi Feng, who was drawing a magic array inside a humongous steel fortress. "Commander, I just received news from Dragonheart City. Starlink and Miracle have begun taking action. Should we head over now?"

    After completing the core magic array, Shi Feng breathed out a deep sigh.

    "Those guys sure moved quickly," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "Fine. Im done here as well. Have Thorn get ready on his side. Were returning to the eastern continent now!"

    "Yes, sir!" Solitary Nine nodded, his eyes shining with excitement.