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    Chapter 2808 Shi Fengs Conditions

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    Chapter 2808 Shi Fengs Conditions

    "You cant agree?"

    "What do you mean by that, Guild Leader Black Flame?"

    Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard were confused when they heard Shi Fengs response.

    Similarly, the representatives of the other powers present were stunned by Shi Fengs words. Originally, they thought that they would see an intense clash between Thirteen Thrones and the Four Saints Society, and Zero Wing would decide how to settle the fight. Yet, Shi Feng had outright rejected both Guilds. What was going on here?

    "Is Black Flame trying to teach Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard a lesson for banding together?"

    "Probably. After all, Zero Wing isnt faring that well over at the Twin Towers Kingdom. It definitely needs a City Building Order."

    "If I were in Black Flames shoes, I would probably do something like this too. After all, thats half of the fourth floors resource spots as well as fortresses and Tier 4 Legacy Lands. Trading away all these things just for one City Building Order is simply absurd. Although the two Super Guilds offered to help garrison the resource spots, that kind of help is inconsequential. With Black Flames status and deterrence on Dragonheart Island, theres no way anyone would dare have any designs on War Bloods resource spots and fortresses."

    As the various representatives discussed Shi Fengs actions and realized his aim, they couldnt help admiring him for his wisdom. He had thoroughly placed both Super Guilds in a bind with this move of his.

    After all, both the Four Saints Society and Thirteen Thrones were incredibly desperate to produce Tier 4 players. This was because a few super-first-rate Guilds had already produced Tier 4 players, yet these two Super Guilds had not produced one even now. In terms of top combatants, the two Guilds had already fallen way behind their peers. Hence, the two Guilds desperation for Tier 4 players. Otherwise, with the status of these two Super Guilds, they wouldnt take the initiative to seek cooperation with Zero Wing at all.

    While the onlookers were discussing quietly among themselves, Shi Feng looked at Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard and said, "Please do not misunderstand. I see your sincerity in this matter. However, a City Building Order isnt particularly urgent for Zero Wing. In fact, you can even say that we dont need it." "Dont need it?" Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard smiled subconsciously when they heard Shi Fengs words. "May we know what you need most now, Guild Leader Black Flame?"

    The two of them felt that Shi Feng was basically treating them like three-year-old children.

    If he were the Guild Leader of any other Guild, they might actually believe these words. After all, a Guild City would only increase the number of strongholds a Guild owned by one. However, with NPC forces currently running rampant, having one additional stronghold meant that a Guild would have to spread its forces even thinner, which was indeed an incredibly troublesome matter.

    In the case of Zero Wing, though, these words were blatant nonsense!

    However, Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard knew that it wouldnt be appropriate for them to call Shi Feng out on his lie, so they decided to play along with him. "Manpower!" Ignoring the act the two people before him were putting on, Shi Feng laughed and said, "You two might not believe me, but what Zero Wing lacks now is only manpower. We do not lack anything else. If your two Guilds really wish to partner with Zero Wing and acquire World Towers fourth underground floors resource spots, take out some real sincerity."

    Truth be told, the City Building Order was something Shi Feng could do without.

    A Small Mobile Fortress was basically half a city. Not to mention, an ordinary Guild City wouldnt suffice to let Zero Wing exert complete control over the Secret Covenant Tower. Only a fortress could do that.

    This was because a Guild City was more focused on defense than offense. A Guild City mainly served as a place for players to rest and trade. At best, it could provide some benefits to the players heading into the Secret Covenant Tower. It couldnt actually prevent other powers from forcing their way into the tower. In the end, Zero Wing would still have to rely on its own strength to accomplish this feat.

    This just so happened to be something beyond Zero Wing right now.

    However, it was a different story for a Small Mobile Fortress.

    Mobile fortresses possessed great defensive capabilities and were top-tier war weapons. Otherwise, they wouldnt have been able to become the overlords of the sky.


    Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard nodded slightly at the same time. Although they found Shi Fengs words more agreeable now, they still felt he was putting on an act. The two of them then exchanged looks and came to a tacit understanding. Since Shi Feng insisted on acting, they would play along and see how long Shi Feng could keep doing so.

    Smiling, Intoxicated Drunkard asked, "May I know how you plan on having our two Guilds cooperate with you, Guild Leader Black Flame?"

    "Simple. I just need your two Guilds to supply me with 300 Advanced Forgers, 200 Advanced Alchemists, 500 Advanced Architects, 100 Advanced Magicians, and two Master Magicians. Ill also need 10,000 Tier 3 players. Lend these people to me for half a month," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "If you can agree to that, I will give you two of War Bloods Small Fortresses."

    When Shi Feng finished speaking, Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard were stunned. They couldnt understand Shi Fengs purpose

    Not only did he not want their City Building Orders, but he was even asking for a large number of Lifestyle players. Although Shi Feng had also asked for 10,000 Tier 3 experts, the various superpowers already had around 50,000 Tier 3 expert players on average at this stage of the game. Lending 10,000 Tier 3 experts wouldnt be a problem for their two Super Guilds.

    On the contrary, the conditions Shi Feng offered were incredibly advantageous to their two Guilds.

    With a Small Fortress on the World Towers fourth underground floor, their two Guilds could reside on the fourth floor in the future. Simultaneously, they would have the necessary foundation to explore the fifth underground floor.

    "May I know your thoughts on this?" Shi Feng asked, smiling. City Building Order?

    The fourth underground floors Small Fortresses?

    Tier 4 Legacy Lands?

    These things were inconsequential to his present self. So long as he had the Small Mobile Fortress, nobody in Gods Domain would be able to threaten Zero Wing. Not even Tier 4 players!

    The only problem was the massive scale of the Small Mobile Fortresss construction, which required a considerable amount of manpower. It wasnt something he could accomplish easily by himself.

    Initially, he had been considering having all of Candlelights Lifestyle players halt their work and focus on constructing the Small Mobile Fortress. He never imagined that two Super Guilds would send themselves to his doorsteps.

    "Is what you say true, Guild Leader Black Flame?" Intoxicated Drunkard asked skeptically.

    "You can rest assured on this point. We can sign a contract for this. Your two Guilds will be free to capture the two promised fortresses, and Zero Wing will not lay a finger on them. I can even stop Secret Hands NPCs from interfering with your two Guilds," Shi Feng said with a sincere smile on his face.

    Upon hearing Shi Fengs words of assurance, Elder Wu said without hesitation, "In that case, I agree to your offer on behalf of Thirteen Thrones, Guild Leader Black Flame."

    What Super Guilds lacked the least was manpower. Even though Shi Feng was asking for quite a lot of manpower, it was well within their tolerance.

    "The Four Saints Society has no problem with this arrangement, either!" Intoxicated Drunkard said, an indescribably happy smile appearing on his face.

    For the Four Saints Society, being able to gain one of War Bloods Small Fortresses just by loaning some manpower was an incredibly profitable trade. It was much better than surrendering a precious City Building Order.

    As for the threat of the Secret Hand Association, just one word from Shi Feng would most likely prevent any of the Associations Tier 4 NPCs from setting foot in the World Tower. After all, the Holy Star Knight Legion was both the protector and manager of the World Tower. Prohibiting NPCs that attacked players from entering the World Tower would be an easy task for the knight legion.

    Without the Secret Hand Association, the only Tier 4 combatant War Blood would have on its side would be Autumn Plant. While he would still pose a problem, the Four Saints Society and Thirteen Thrones could handle him.

    S was

    Upon seeing this situation, the other powers representatives grew envious. They never thought that Shi Feng would offer such loose conditions to the two Super Guilds. Nonetheless, fulfilling these conditions was still impossible for the other powers. Setting aside the large number of Lifestyle players Shi Feng sought, just the condition of 10,000 Tier 3 experts was already beyond them. Only the superpowers had the ability to do so.

    Elder Wu and Intoxicated Drunkard signed a contract with Shi Feng on behalf of their respective Guilds right away. According to the contract, Thirteen Thrones and the Four Saints Society would lend the stated manpower to Shi Feng for half a month. Moreover, all operations for this half a month had to be kept a secret.

    After signing the contract, the two Super Guilds promptly summoned the necessary manpower to Dragonheart Island. This was because the contract would take effect only after all the required manpower was assembled and transferred to Shi Feng. Before that, their two Guilds shouldnt even think of capturing War Bloods Small Fortresses.

    Having concluded negotiations with the two Super Guilds, Shi Feng finally had some free time to himself.

    Inside the quiet third floor, Shi Feng took out the several items he acquired from killing Sabrid and began inspecting them.

    Previously, he had been too busy to inspect Sabrids loot. Now that he had finished his tasks, he could finally take a proper look at them.

    Sabrid had been the vice commander of Dragonheart Citys City Defense Legion, a Level 160, Tier 4 NPC, and an executive of the Secret Hand Association. Nobody would believe that he had only one Fragmented Legendary item on him.