Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2805 - ROTSSG 2805

    Chapter 2805 Fame Shakes Dragonheart City what Did You Say?

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    "Black Flame killed a Tier 4 NPC and even got Blood Oath imprisoned for 15 days?"

    When the various Guilds and adventurer teams operating in Dragonheart City heard of Shi Fengs miraculous feat, they were thunderstruck. They repeatedly pressed the reporting personnel for confirmation regarding the validity of this information.

    As if having expected such a reaction, the reporting personnel promptly sent a battle video of Shi Feng killing Sabrid to their respective superiors, as well as videos of Shi Feng killing three of War Bloods peak experts right in front of Blood Oath and of NPC soldiers dragging Blood Oath off to prison.

    Dragonheart City, Bloodstone Bar:

    A group of Level 123-plus, Tier 3 experts had gathered in this bar. Of the group, even the weakest person was at the Refinement Realm standard. There were also more than a dozen peak experts and four apex experts. Meanwhile, seated at the head of this group was none other than Elder Wu, one of Thirteen Throness founders.

    "Thousand, are you sure this information is correct?" Elder Wu couldnt help feeling skeptical as he read the report from a woman shrouded in a layer of black mist.

    This was because Thousand Livess report was simply too astonishing.

    After all, the reason their group was currently operating so secretively was War Blood. Nevertheless, Elder Wu was being told that War Blood was finished. Moreover, its destruction was due entirely to Zero Wings Guild Leader, Black Flame. How could he possibly believe this?

    "It is 100% true. Many powers already have designs on War Bloods territory. If not for War Blood still retaining some contact with Secret Hand, they wouldve most likely taken action already," Thousand Lives insisted in a determined tone. "Moreover, according to the information I collected, Heavens Blade appears to have formed a close relationship with Black Flame. If Zero Wing has Heavens Blades full support, Im afraid it wont be long before Zero Wing occupies a significant portion of Dragonheart Citys various resources."

    "What is Black Flame thinking? He actually has the leisure to come to Dragonheart City? Is he not worried about the deteriorating situation over at the Twin Towers Kingdom?".

    Elder Wu, who wore a somewhat haggard expression, was surprised by Thousand Livess words. Simultaneously, he was confused as to how Shi Feng had grown so terrifying this rapidly. The fact that Shi Feng had killed a Tier 4 NPC without any repercussions and imprisoned Blood Oath with just a few words proved that he already stood at the top of Dragonheart City in terms of status. He was now an existence that Dragonheart Citys various powers had to look up to. Yet, according to Elder Wus information, Zero Wings operations over at the Twin Towers Kingdom were in dire straits.

    At this stage of the game, complete Tier 3 Legacies were of utmost importance to the various superpowers. These Legacies would allow them to go up against the NPC forces. Hence, over 20 superpowers were currently harassing Zero Wings operations in the Twin Towers Kingdom with peak experts every day. While these superpowers were going up against the alliance of Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor at Sky Spring City, they had also dispatched many members to head to the Secret Covenant Tower from the neighboring NPC cities.

    To prevent these players from flooding into the Secret Covenant Tower, Zero Wings alliance had stationed a large number of personnel on the routes to the tower.

    Thus far, battles between both sides involving over 100,000 players had already occurred five times, while battles involving several tens of thousands of players had occurred more than 20 times.

    In the most recent battle, Starlink and Miracle had even joined in the fray and dispatched a total of four Tier 4 experts.

    Fortunately, Zero Wings side had dispatched three Tier 4 experts to counter. One of them was the commander of Zero Wings main force, Fire Dance, one was Unyielding Souls Vice Guild Leader Unyielding Heart, and one was Crimson Emperors Vice Guild Leader Illusory Words. As for Black Flame, he was nowhere to be seen. In regard to this situation, everyone was confused as to why Black Flame sat out this battle.

    This battle had thoroughly shaken the entire Gods Domain. It was the first one involving multiple Tier 4 experts since Gods Domains launch. By the end of this battle, a large portion of the Glacial Lake Plain, where the conflict took place, had been reduced to a barren wasteland.

    Although the fight had ended in Zero Wings victory, if not for Zero Wings powerful war weapons, such as the Crimson Dragon Flying Ships, Combat Puppets, and Advanced Barriers, the outcome wouldve been different. Moreover, the increasing rampancy of NPC forces had forced the various superpowers to conserve a significant portion of their forces.

    However, Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor were no longer in a good state. The three Guilds had suffered tremendous losses due to the protracted war. This was especially true for Zero Wing. After all, unlike Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor, Zero Wing had no background to rely on whatsoever.

    Knowing this, the various superpowers had also put in a lot of effort to whittle Zero Wing to death as quickly as possible. The actions the various superpowers took included poaching Zero Wings experts and cutting off Zero Wings income sources. Zero Wings loss of income sources in the real world had put the Guild in an especially difficult position.

    Most importantly, the various superpowers had also blocked Zero Wings equipment and material sources. Although it wasnt a complete embargo, the various superpowers had jacked up the prices of equipment and materials to absurd levels. Now, just producing a piece of Level 120 Mysterious-Iron Equipment cost 30 Gold Coins. If it were before, 30 Gold would already have been more than enough to produce a piece of Level 120 Secret-Silver Equipment!

    In addition, the various superpowers also purchased all of the Level 110-plus Secret-Silver Equipment and above from the market, leaving nothing for Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor.

    After the many battles fought, the equipment stockpile of the three Guilds should already be bottoming out.

    Meanwhile, without good weapons and equipment, how were their members supposed to fight?

    A player fully equipped in Secret-Silver Equipment would have more than a 20% advantage in Basic Attributes over a player fully equipped in Mysterious-Iron Equipment. Needless to say, the gap with players fully equipped in Fine-Gold Equipment would be even greater.

    Moreover, without proper weapons and equipment, the three Guilds members would also have more difficulty grinding in the Secret Covenant Tower.

    At this time, Thousand Lives suddenly received a message from one of her subordinates. After reading it, she said, "I just received insider information from War Blood. It seems Black Flames actions have affected even Secret Hands control over the World Tower, so Secret Hand plans to teach Black Flame a lesson. However, since Secret Hand cant do anything against him on Dragonheart Island, it plans on partnering with Starlink to wipe out Zero Wings forces in the Twin Towers Kingdom."

    "Interesting! Black Flame really knows how to cause trouble! However, this is also a good opportunity for Thirteen Thrones!"

    "A good opportunity?" Thousand Lives parroted, confused by Elder Wus words.

    Looking at Thousand Lives and the male Ranger standing beside her, Elder Wu said, "Thousand, Rain, you two follow me. Everyone else, continue resting here and wait for our return."

    "Yes, sir!" everyone responded respectfully.

    Afterward, Elder Wu secretly left the Bloodstone Bar together with Thousand Lives and Modern Rain.

    "Elder Wu, where are we going? Shouldnt we be heading to the fourth underground floor as planned?" Thousand Lives asked curiously as she looked at the pleasantly smiling Elder Wu.

    "We wont be going there for now. We have something more important to do," Elder Wu replied.

    "Something more important?" Having thought of something, Thousand Lives asked in surprise, "Are we going to partner with Zero Wing?"

    "Partner?" Shaking his head, Elder Wu said, "We dont need to partner with Zero Wing. We will just be giving Zero Wing an opportunity to defend the Secret Covenant Tower!"

    "Defend the Secret Covenant Tower? How is that possible?" Thousand Lives couldnt help doubting Elder Wus words.

    It might be fine if Starlink and the various superpowers were the only ones targeting Zero Wing. However, the situation was different now that the Secret Hand Association had joined the fray. At that time, who knew how many Tier 4 NPCs the Association would send to deal with Zero Wing? With the forces Zero Wing currently had in the Twin Towers Kingdom, defending the Secret Covenant Tower would be utterly impossible. Seeing Thousand Livess doubt, Elder Wu smiled and asked, "But what if Zero Wing has a City Building Order?"

    "Elder Wu, do you plan on selling that City Building Order to Zero Wing?" Realization immediately dawned upon Thousand Lives.

    The City Building Order was an incredibly rare item. Thus far, even Thirteen Thrones had managed to acquire only two. And as the Guild had already used one of these two orders, it only had one left.

    With the City Building Order, players could construct a Guild City in any kingdom or empire they wished.

    If Zero Wing could establish a Guild City right beside the Secret Covenant Tower, then its ability to control the tower would increase significantly. Combined with its Tier 4 combatants, Zero Wing would have a much better chance of defending the tower.

    "Whether I sell it or not will depend on Zero Wings sincerity!" Elder Wu said, smiling.

    Upon hearing Elder Wus words, Thousand Lives shook her head and smiled. At the same time, she also pitied Shi Feng slightly. Since Elder Wu grasped Zero Wings lifeline, he would definitely take a huge bite out of Zero Wing. This was especially true now that Shi Feng stood at the apex of Dragonheart City.

    "Elder Wu, according to our investigation, Black Flame is currently inside that Wanderers Shop," Modern Rain said as he pointed at a tattered, three-story Shop some distance ahead.

    "Good. Well go meet with Guild Leader Black Flame now." Elder Wu nodded. He then made his way to the Wanderers Shop together with Thousand Lives and Modern Rain.