Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2804 - ROTSSG 2804

    Chapter 2804 Difference In Status

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    "Why did all these big shots show up?!"

    The players present gasped when they saw Kroos, Shera Veria, and Landrek at the entrance. They never thought that Shi Fengs fight would attract so many NPC powerhouses.

    After all, players normally couldnt meet even one of these big shots. Nevertheless, three of them now appeared.

    Protector Shera Veria, in particular, was one of the apex powerhouses of Gods Domain. In the absence of Tier 6 Gods, she would be part of the strongest group of existences.

    This was because not only was Shera Veria a Tier 5 NPC, but she even owned two Legendary items: the Galaxy Sword and Bulwark of Light. She had slain dozens of Demon Kings, Elven royalty, and Void Demons before. Even if a Tier 5 player existed now, they would simply be seeking death if they tried challenging her.

    The next moment, Blood Oath walked up to Vice City Lord Krooss side quickly, then pointed at Shi Feng and said respectfully, "Lord Vice City Lord, not only did this ruffian kill Vice Commander Sabrid, but he even killed my companions inside the city! You must punish this ruffian and protect Dragonheart Citys order!"

    Blood Oath spoke in a sonorous and powerful voice, his words echoing throughout the entrance. It sounded as if he was pronouncing the death sentence on Shi Feng.

    Upon seeing the arrival of the three NPCs, Ink Feather breathed out a deep sigh of relief. When she looked at Shi Feng again, a hint of glee appeared in her eyes. Lets see how you get out of this situation!

    When the other players present saw this scene, they couldnt help shaking their heads dejectedly. With three of Dragonheart Citys NPC powerhouses here, it was most likely impossible for Shi Feng to escape with his life.

    Just when everyone thought another battle would break out, Kroos, the white-bearded old man standing beside Blood Oath, spoke up. "A Dragon Slayer. I never thought I would get to see one in my lifetime, and such a young one at that," Kroos said, a faint smile appearing on his face. "It seems times are changing."

    The Vice City Lords words rendered everyone present stunned and confused.

    What Dragon Slayer?

    Blood Oath was similarly stunned by Krooss words. He couldnt figure out what the Vice City Lord was getting at. Instead of punishing Shi Feng as soon as possible, the NPC brought up the topic of Dragon Slayer out of nowhere. Just what was this NPC trying to do?

    "You overpraise me, Lord Vice City Lord." Turning to look at Kroos, Shi Feng said, "My friends and I just got lucky to slay a Dragon that had yet to enter adulthood."

    "No, no! A Dragon is a Dragon. Your accomplishment of slaying a Tier 4 Infant Dragon while being at Tier 4 yourself is something even Lady Shera never achieved," Kroos countered, shaking his head. "If not for you, Lady Shera wouldnt have left the World Tower to come here in person."

    Krooss words left Blood Oath dumbfounded.

    Shera Veria actually came here not because Shi Feng had killed Sabrid but merely to take a look at Shi Feng?

    At this time, let alone Blood Oath, most of the other players nearby were stupefied as well. What was going on with this situation?

    When Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame saw this scene, they were at a complete loss for words. They felt as if they were living in a completely different world from Shi Feng.

    Not only had Shi Feng killed the City Defense Legions vice commander, but he also had subsequently killed three of War Bloods peak experts inside the city. Nevertheless, Dragonheart Citys Vice City Lord was chatting with him as if none of these offenses had ever occurred.

    At this time, among the spectating players, only Lifeless Thorn, Solitary Nine, and Yu Luo knew why this was happening. The Dragon Slayer title wasnt just a title. It symbolized the accomplishment of a legendary feat in Gods Domain. With this title, no matter which NPC city one visited, one would enjoy a status close to that of the City Lord.

    For someone with such a status, killing a couple of provocateurs wouldnt be a problem at all.

    The only reason Sabrid had dared act rudely to Shi Feng was his low standard, which prevented him from seeing through the Black Cloaks concealment effects. Otherwise, let alone provoking Shi Feng, he wouldnt even have dared speak casually around Shi Feng, knowing that Shi Feng was a Dragon Slayer.

    After glancing at Lifeless Thorn and the other two Tier 4 players standing at a distance, Shera Veria turned to Shi Feng and asked softly, "Young Dragon Slayer, are you and your companions willing to serve as the Holy Star Legions honorary knights?"

    "Honorary Knights?" The Holy Knights words caught Shi Feng slightly off guard. However, a moment later, he replied without hesitation, "It is our honor!" In an NPC knight legion, the position of honorary knight was second only to the position of commander. In the absence of the commander, an honorary knight even had the authority to mobilize the legion. Moreover, despite not being bound to the knight legion, an honorary knight would still enjoy various privileges and benefits from the knight legion.

    Meanwhile, the Holy Star Knight Legion was the knight legion tasked with protecting the World Tower. Compared to other knight legions, one could gain even more benefits as an honorary knight of the Holy Star Knight Legion.

    In the past, countless Tier 4 and Tier 5 experts had sought to join the Holy Star Legion. However, due to the legions strict requirements, less than ten percent of the Tier 4 experts had gotten chosen and become an official member of the legion, let alone becoming an honorary knight. Hence, the fact that Shera Veria was offering to let them become honorary knights greatly exceeded Shi Fengs expectations.

    "Good! You are now members of the Holy Star Knight Legion! Fight to protect the rules of the World Tower!" Shera Veria nodded approvingly as she looked at Shi Feng. "You can head to the World Tower to collect your honorary badge afterward."

    As soon as Shera Veria finished speaking, she vanished from everyones sight.


    Blood Oath was dumbfounded by this situation. He never thought that Shera Veria had come here just to meet Shi Feng. Moreover, she hadnt even mentioned a single word about Sabrid, as if Sabrid was merely an insignificant insect.

    Before Blood Oath could snap out of his daze, Vice City Lord Kroos walked up to Shi Feng.

    "Congratulations, Young Dragon Slayer," Kroos said happily. "It has been 50 years since Lady Shera last conferred the Holy Star Legions honorary knight position to anyone. Even Commander Landrek is still challenging for that position."

    Upon seeing Kroos speaking with Shi Feng so amicably, the surrounding players felt their world views fragmenting. They simply couldnt figure out what exactly Shi Feng had done to garner the appreciation of these NPC powerhouses, so much so that they even ignored the killing of Sabrid, the City Defense Legions vice commander.

    The next moment, just as Blood Oath was about to say something, Shi Feng cut him off, saying, "Lord Kroos, when my companions and I were trying to enter the city before, this person here accused me of being suspicious and instigated Vice Commander Sabrid to provoke my group. May I know if it is possible to imprison him as punishment?"

    "Black Flame! Youre slandering me!" Blood Oath panicked at Shi Fengs words. Hurriedly, he explained, "I have done no such thing! It was Lord Sabrid himself who decided to do so! The people around us can testify for me!"

    At this time, Blood Oath already understood that Vice City Lord Kroos had no intention whatsoever of pursuing Shi Feng for Sabrids murder. Moreover, now that Shi Feng had gained a very high position in Dragonheart City, if Blood Oath did not withdraw from this place immediately, he would definitely suffer.

    "Do you mean that I, an honorary knight of the Holy Star Legion, am lying?" Shi Feng asked, smiling as he looked at Blood Oath.

    As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, Kroos nodded and looked at Blood Oath. He then said sternly, "Regardless of whether your words are true or false, you have slandered one of the Holy Star Legions honorary knights. For this offense, you will be imprisoned for 15 days as punishment!"

    "No! This is unfair! He clearly attacked first!" Blood Oath was startled by this turn of events. He never thought that Shi Feng would play such a hand. However, it was useless to resist. Glaring at Shi Feng, he bellowed, "Black Flame, Ill make you pay for this! The Secret Hand Association wont let you off, either!"

    "Get out of prison first, then talk." Smiling nonchalantly, Shi Feng said, "Rest assured, once you get out, everything outside wouldve already ended."

    The Secret Hand Association indeed possessed a lot of Tier 4 NPCs. On the other hand, he was no pushover, either. This was especially true now that he was an honorary knight of the Holy Star Knight Legion. The Association would have to think twice before they tried anything against him. The Holy Star Knight Legion was both the manager and protector of the World Tower. The Secret Hand Association would be suicidal to attack him inside the World Tower. As for Dragonheart Islands surrounding sea zones, he rarely visited these areas normally. At most, he would be sailing by. Moreover, once the seal on Dragonheart Island was lifted, he could outright teleport to and from the island.

    Before Blood Oath could say anything more, a squad of Level 160 soldiers came and escorted him away. "How ruthless!"

    "Is this the status and influence Tier 4 powerhouses possess?"

    "Tier 4! I must get promoted to Tier 4!"

    "So, this is Zero Wings Black Flame? Hes even more amazing than the rumors. I wonder if Zero Wing is recruiting Tier 2 players? If I can join such a Guild, I wont have to worry about anything in Dragonheart City."

    When the surrounding players saw NPC soldiers bundling off Dragonheart Islands most feared man, they were taken aback by Shi Fengs capabilities. They also understood why Shi Feng had not killed Blood Oath outright.

    Compared to the penalty of dying once, the consequences of getting imprisoned for 15 days were much more severe. This was especially true now that Shi Feng had gained such a high status in Dragonheart City. For him, 15 days was more than enough to bring down the War Blood adventurer team. Meanwhile, all Blood Oath could do was watch as all of this happened.

    At this time, everyone present could already foresee Zero Wing standing at the peak of Dragonheart Island.

    "Our problem has been resolved." After watching Blood Oath getting taken away, Shi Feng returned to Divine Shadow and the others. Smiling, he said, "We can enter Dragonheart City now."

    In response, Divine Shadow and Cleansing Flame nodded their heads stiffly. Even now, they still found it difficult to believe what had happened.

    Just a moment ago, War Blood had been at the apex of its power. Yet, with only a few words from Shi Feng, it now faced the threat of dissolution.

    Meanwhile, news of this situation spread like wildfire. In only a matter of minutes, it entered the ears of everyone in Dragonheart City. The news caused an especially large commotion among the citys various Guilds and adventurer teams.